Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sports Collectibles New Link

Do you like Sports equipment, Sports Memorabilia, Sports, Sports, Sports and MORE Sports? Of course you do. I was recently contacted by a site called Sports Collectibles to participate in a link exchange program. They even featured my blog on their Blog page. How cool is that?

Anyway they sell mostly sports memorabilia, and autographed sports memorabilia collectibles. They also have autographed cards as well but specialize in the other stuff. All their signed autographed items come with a COA.

Their prices look to be in the standard competitive range for new stuff. They have occasional discounts and giveaways so please check them out. They currently have a 10% discount going on, limited time. I'm not sure how long that will last. Some of the signed stuff is a bit high for my liking but then hey I'm real cheap.

I have them linked on the right hand sidebar in the Links to Other Stuff section.