Sunday, June 30, 2019

Monthly Deadline: Card Off Line

1977 Miscut Makes The Monthly Cut

Well surprise surprise we arrive at the end of a month and I am burning the midnight bridges, OK so I'm not THAT close to this month's deadline but it feels real close. It is so close that when looking for a card or two to blog about I came across this mid to late 1970s Topps card that is really miscut in my "to be blogged" card queue in monster boxes.

The subject card is Topps 1977 Baseball card number 516 Bake McBride of the St. Louis Cardinals. I'm fairly sure I have a normally cut version of this card but I didn't look in that part of my collection. So if you look carefully at this poor card you will see they miscut it REAL GOOD. Not only can you see that the next card below is some Cubs card you can see that off to the right is the slightest sliver of the card that was on the right of this card on the sheet. I should probably research sometime which cards those were. I probably won't though as it is a bit of an effort to research that type of stuff. Also the back side miscutting shows the edge of the card on the right (since the back is landscaped it would be the card "below" from the front side point of view) and also just the slightest of a sliver of the card on the "bottom" left (or "right" if it were the front side)

1977 Topps Baseball: 516 Bake McBride Cardinals

I know there are some collectors who go GA-GA for miscut cards and a few of them are fellow bloggers. Well Sorry this miscut isn't for trade or sale at this time. I'll still enjoy it a bit more.