Saturday, July 31, 2021

1993 Upper Deck Football Team Checklists Sub-Set


As part of my recent Sportlots shopping spree back in May or June whenever it was I concentrated on some sub-sets to complete one of them was this set of team checklists from 1993 Upper Deck Football. The backgrounds suggest they are paintings but I think they are photographs altered to look like paintings. Anyway there are 28 cards in this sub-set as there were 28 teams in the NFL in 1993.

The Team Checklist subset are card numbers 63 to 90 and are in alphabetical order by team nickname

The team checklists have a big star from the team on the front The Redskins card has Earnest Byner on the front and the team checklist is as shown below:

Here are the other 27 team cards fronts only