Niche Collections

Not sure how I'm going to present this page. I have found myself being a bit more conscious of some of the card niches that I collect than I  used to. I briefly mention niches on my What I collect page. These are categories that are other than my Homie DC and Baltimore sports teams or even PC Player collections some of which are covered in the vintage category and 1970s guys.

My Niche PCs:
My First Name Kirk and variants: Kirk, Kurt, Curt, Curtis, Kirkpatrick, Kirkland
My Last Name Andersen and variants: Andersen, Anderson, Anderssen, Andersson, maybe even Anders.
For either of my names it could be first or last name, or even middle name. Curtis for a last name or Anderson as a first name. However collecting any "Andy" is too far, too ambitious and would make the overall collection too damn big. It is already big enough.
Birthday 04 April
University of Maryland: For example NFL players: Boomer Esiason, Steve Ingram, Jeff Dugan, Torrey Smith and many more in football and other sports.
Shared Names: For example Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers
Strange and Odd Names: Chip Glass, Bear Woods
Serial Number 42: Sort of says it all, except if it is a relic card it should be a team or player I collect. For autographs and insert or parallels I don't mind random folks too much. Even SNs with 42 in it somewhere like 142, 420, 1429

Niche PC Posts: 001

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