Friday, May 29, 2015

Blog Group Box Break: Recap 2012-13 Past N Present Hobby

Blog Group Box Break: Basketball
2012-13 Panini Past & Present Basketball Hobby

BONUS: 1 Kobe Anthology Pack: 5 Cards All Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian) This time I didn't open the pack so Brian can do it himself. Most of the time these packs are just base cards.

Review Recap:
120 Cards - 0 Duplicates
31 Teams
35 Inserts
2 Headbands
Billy: Nets, Chad: Cavaliers

2 Raining 3’s
Brian: Trail Blazers, Lakers

20 Rise N Shine
 Billy: Thunder, Knicks, Warriors

 Brian: Spurs, Lakers
Chad: Cavaliers, Unclaimed: Suns

Unclaimed: 76ers, Hawks
Unclaimed: Jazz, Kings, Pacers
Unclaimed: Pistons, Rockets

3 Shattered (2 Player Standout)
 Unclaimed: Hawks

Unclaimed: Rockets
Chad: NO Hornets

5 Treads
Mike: Raptors, Billy: Nets, Warriors
Brian: Lakers

3 Winning Touch Banners
Chad: Heat, Mike: Celtics, Unclaimed: 76ers

23 Rookies (includes 3 hits shown at end)
 Billy: Thunder, Nets, Knicks
Chad: Cavaliers, 
Mike: Raptors, Timberwolves

 Brian: Lakers, Trail Blazers, Trail Blazers
Brian: Mavericks, Spurs

Unclaimed: 76ers, Bobcats, Magic
Unclaimed: Pacers, Pistons, Rockets
Unclaimed: Rockets

1 Parallels – 1 SP Parallel
Billy: SuperSonics (Thunder)

3 Hits - 3 Rookie Signatures
Chad: Cavaliers, Mike: Timberwolves, Brian: Trailblazers

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blog Group Box Break: Box 7 Part 2

Blog Group Box Break:
Basketball Box 7 Part 2
(Packs 11-20)
2012-13 Panini Past & Present Basketball Hobby Box
20 Packs - 6 Cards per pack
3 Autographs

Pack 11:
110 Nate Archibald Kings
75 Danny Granger Pacers
Headbands 9 Anderson Varejo Cavaliers (Chad)
151 Pablo Prigioni RC Knicks (Billy)
Rise N Shine 40 Isaiah Thomas Kings
48 Paul Millsap Jazz

Pack 12:
141 Eric Gordon NO Hornets (Chad)
108 Dell Curry Charlotte Hornets
Shattered Player Standout 7 Steve Francis Rockets
222 Bismack Biyombo RC Bobcats
Rise N Shine 60 Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian)
16 Tyreke Evans Kings

Pack 13:
137 Kris Humphries Nets (Billy)
84 Brook Lopez Nets (Billy)
Treads 16 David Lee Warriors (Billy)
179 Terrance Ross Raptors (Mike)
Rise N Shine 84 Nick Young 76ers
21 Marcus Thornton Kings

Pack 14:
90 Chris Mullin Pacers
127 Mario Chalmers Heat (Chad)
212 Nolan Smith RC Trail Blazers Signatures on-sticker blue sharpie (Brian)
236 MarShon Brooks Nets (Billy)
Rise N Shine 41 Jrue Holiday 76ers
2 David West Pacers

Congrats to Brian for getting our 2nd Rookie Signature Hit of the box. Just one more to go. Who will get it?

Pack 15:
144 Stephen Curry Warriors (Billy)
111 Alex English Nuggets
Winning Touch Banner die-cut 25 Paul Pierce Celtics (Mike)
194 Reggie Jackson RC Thunder (Billy)
Rise N Shine 98 Tony Parker Spurs (Brian)
39 Steve Blake Lakers (Brian)

Congrats to Mike for getting the 3rd Winning Touch Banner of the box. Sadly those Silly English K-Nuggets kept us from sweeping the pack.

Pack 16:
105 Bernard King Knicks (Billy)
120 Hakeem Olajuwon Rockets
Raining 3’s 4 Damian Lillard Trail Blazers (Brian)
152 Will Barton RC Trial Blazers (Brian)
Rise N Shine 56 Iman Shumpert Knicks (Billy)
30 Glen Rice Charlotte Hornets

Pack 17:
76 Dwyane Wade Heat (Chad)
148 Al-Farouq Aminu NO Hornets (Chad)
Treads 3 Dwight Howard Lakers (Brian)
210 Chandler Parson RC Rockets
Rise N Shine 14 Alonzo Gee Cavaliers (Chad)
49 Jerry Stackhouse Nets (Billy)

Pack 18:
69 Carlos Boozer Bulls (Mike)
94 Toni Kukoc Bulls (Mike)
250 Alexy Shved RC Timberwolves Signature on-sticker blue sharpie (Mike)
234 Arnett Mooultrie RC 76ers
Rise N Shine 71 Josh Smith Hawks
31 Drazen Petrovic Nets (Billy)

Last card stuff by Billy kept Mike from Owning the pack, but Mike pulled the final box Rookie Signature Hit.

Pack 19:
114 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lakers (Brian)
123 Shaquille O’Neal Magic
Headbands 23 Reggie Evans Nets (Billy)
191 Robert Sacre RC Lakers (Brian)
Rise N Shine 28 Brandon Knight Pistons
6 LeBron James Heat (Chad)

Pack 20:
54 George Hill Pacers
133 Metta World Peace Lakers (Brian)
80 JaVale McGee Nuggets
248 Malcolm Lee RC Timberwolves (Mike)
Rise N Shine 85 Serge Ibaka Thunder (Billy)
34 Clyde Drexler Trail Blazers (Brian)

The Recap post will be coming for this soon.

Blog Group Box Break: Box 7 Part 1

Blog Group Box Break:
Basketball Box 7 Part 1
(Packs 1-10)
2012-13 Panini Past & Present Basketball Hobby Box
20 Packs - 6 Cards per pack
3 Autographs

This post (and the other ones related to this box) were delayed because my scanner decided to have a freezing and stalling problem while I was in the process of scanning the cards for this box. It was because I had too many previously scanned fullbed images in the just scanned queue but not yet saved. I had to rescan the cards I had already scanned.

Pack 1:
68 Ricky Rubio Timberwolves (Mike)
93 Michael Cooper Lakers (Brian)
Shattered Player Standout Black 32 Anthony Davis NO Hornets (Chad)
160 Kyrie Irving RC Cavaliers (Chad)
Rise N Shine 97 Metta World Peace Lakers (Brian)
14 Rasheed Wallace Knicks (Mike)

Hey a fully claimed pack. Yay Us!

Pack 2:
147 Tiago Splitter Spurs (Brian)
107 Sidney Moncrief Bucks
Treads 24 Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian)
218 Nando De Colo RC Spurs (Brian)
Rise N Shine 55 Thomas Robinson Rockets
19 Derrick Rose Bulls (Mike)

Pack 3:
53 Paul George Pacers
132 Anderson Varejao Cavaliers (Chad)
164 Tristan Thompson RC Cavaliers Signature on-sticker auto blue sharpie (Chad)
176 Thomas Robinson RC Kings
Rise N Shine 13 Goran Dragic Suns
24 Elton Brand Mavericks (Brian)

We pulled the first of our 3 Rookie Signature Hits. Congratulations to Chad for this pull. 2 more to go.

Pack 4:
122 Wes Unseld Bullets (Kirk)
71 Chris Kaman Mavericks (Brian)
Winning Touch Banner die-cut 21 Chris Bosh Heat (Chad)
233 Meyers Leonard RC Trail Blazers (Brian)
Rise N Shine 70 Russell Westbrook Thunder (Billy)
5 Carmelo Antony Knicks (Billy)

Cool we swept another pack. Only 6 cards per pack helps. Congrats Breakers.

Pack 5:
140 Ersan Ilyasova Bucks
65 Chris Bosh Heat (Chad)
39 Gary Payton SuperSonics SP Variation (Billy)
164 Triston Thompson RC Cavaliers (Chad)
Rise N Shine 1 James Harden Rockets
10 Samuel Dalembert Bucks

Pack 6:
57 Raymond Felton Knicks (Billy)
136 Taj Gibson Bulls (Mike)
Winning Touch Banner die-cut 13 Moses Malone 76ers
221 Maurice Harkless RC Magic
Rise N Shine 10 Kevin Durant Thunder (Billy)
15 Luc Mbah A Moute Bucks

Pack 7:
89 Reggie Theus Bulls (Mike)
126 Chris Paul Clippers (Mike)
Shattered 2 Josh Smith Hawks
178 Khris Middleton RC Pistons
Rise N Shine 68 Kevin Martin Thunder (Billy)
20 Ty Lawson Nuggets

Pack 8:
83 Antawn Jamison Lakers (Brian)
143 Ryan Anderson NO Hornets (Chad)
Treads 31 DeMar DeRozan Raptors (Mike)
235 Jae Crowder RC Mavericks (Brian)
Rise N Shine 26 George Hill Pacers
1 Shawn Marion Mavericks (Brian)

Almost another pack sweep stopped by the Pacers, but Brian and his Mavericks almost did it.

Pack 9:
104 Jamal Mashburn Mavericks (Brian)
119 David Robinson Spurs (Brian)
Raining 3’s 9 Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian)
193 Kawhi Leonard RC Spurs (Brian)
Rise N Shine 83 Mo Williams Jazz
38 Evan Turner 76ers

Brian Owned this pack.

Pack 10:
72 Ronnie Brewer Thunder (Billy)
97 Connie Hawkins Suns
Treads 28 Deron Williams Nets (Billy)
206 Orlando Johnson RC Pacers
Rise N Shine 43 Harrison Barnes Warriors (Billy)
44 Manu Ginobili Spurs (Brian)

A last card steal from Brian kept Billy from Owning this pack.

Part 2 of this box coming soon.

Blog Group Box Break: Recap 2013-14 Hoops Jumbo

Blog Group Box Break: Basketball
2013-14 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball Jumbo Hobby
Part 1 - Part 2 - Break Video: Part 1 - Part 2- Recap Video

Review Recap: Due to the amount of cards and the size of this post the images will be small on this post page. To save some space I will not add the card descriptions/names those can be found on the actual pack-by-pack posts anyway.

500 Cards - 0 Duplicates
30 Teams - All teams represented
140 Inserts:
20 Action Shots
Action Shots: Brian, Mike

Action Shots: Chad, Billy

Action Shots: Unclaimed

20 Dreams
Dreams: Billy, Brian, Kirk

Dreams: Chad, Mike

Dreams: Unclaimed

20 Board Members
Board Members: Claimed Teams

Board Members: Unclaimed 

20 Class Action
Class Action: Billy, Brian

Class Action: Chad, Mike

Class Action: Unclaimed

20 Hall of Fame Heroes
HOF: Brian, Kirk

HOF: Mike, Billy

HOF: Unclaimed

20 Courtside
Courtside: Unclaimed

Courtside: Chad, Mike

Courtside: Brian, Billy

20 Spark Plugs
Spark Plugs: Billy, Brian, Chad

Spark Plugs: Unclaimed

Spark Plugs: Mike

41 Rookies (Parallel rookies are listed in their own parallel set)
Rookies: Billy, Brian, Kirk

Rookies: Chad, Mike

Rookies: Unclaimed
82 Parallels:
50 Gold
Gold: Billy, Brian

Gold: Mike

Gold: Kirk

Gold: Unclaimed

30 Red Back
Red Back: Billy

Red Back: Brian, Mike

Red Back: Kirk, Chad, Billy

Red Back: Unclaimed

2 Artist’s Proof - 1 was a Bonus only one Artist's Proof is promised per box.
Artist's Proof: Base on left, Proof on right: Mike, Unclaimed

3 Hits:
Hits: Unclaimed, Mike, Chad

2 Autographs (on-sticker blue sharpie)
Kyle O'Quinn Magic on-sticker Auto blue sharpie: Unclaimed

Mickael Pietrus Raptors on-sticker Auto blue sharpie: Mike 

1 GU Material relic all-white
GU Materials All White Chris Bosh Heat: Chad