Friday, May 31, 2019

Topps Now: Harper Now

I did a little Topps Now splurging on Ebay a little while back. I purchased a total of 8 Topps Now cards from this year and last year. The ones from last year I've been sitting on for a little bit. You could say they were all technically Washington Nationals related, but yeah, technically these cards I'm about to show are not Nats cards they are Phillies cards with Bryce Harper. Huh? Oh yeah that tiny contract thing.

Now that Bryce is on a different team any new cards of him I get in his Philly uniform I'll yak about here on this my main blog. Old Nats Hawper cards I'll chat about on my Curly W Cards blog. I suppose I could also post the Harper Phillies cards on my Nats blog but I don't want to. Occasionally I will post Nats Alumni in team uniforms from their post-Nationals career, but I probably shouldn't. Then again these are my blogs my rules.

Before I get into the two new Harper Now cards I'll show the two copies of the technically first Bryce Harper as a Phillie card. Another blogger showed a new Bowman card which is the first released in packs product so he considers that one Harper's Philly debut card I hear that one is another dang super short print. UGH first 2012 Topps Archives SSP RC and now this? ACK! Anyway my "first" Bryce as a Phillie card I posted about on Curly W Cards when I ordered the two copies and gave the pertinent details of the order. The images I showed there were from the Ebay listing the images here are the actual copies in hand.

 I might eventually purge down to just one copy someday.

2019 Topps Now Baseball: ST-3 Bryce Harper Phillies

Now onto the other Now cards. Both I got from Ebay two different sellers. The first one is his Spring Training Debut with the Phillies I got for $7.50 Free Shipping.

2019 Topps Now Baseball: ST-4 Bryce Harper Phillies

The other card I got for $8.00 Free Shipping it is from the regular season. Harper's First Home Run as a Phillie.

2019 Topps Now Baseball: 24 Bryce Harper Phillies

I don't like the Now backs with no description of the event. Sometimes the card title on the front is not enough. And NO I will not pursue Bryce's "First Homer vs The Nationals" or "First Grand Slam vs Old Team".  You have to draw lines somewhere sometimes.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

CK42 Trade Post: White Sox Lot Topps 2018

2018 White Sox Lot
30 Apr 2019
Trade Info Master Want ListTrade ListWhat I Collect

For those who are interested in continuity or something here is the previous trade post. Yeah there was nothing to fancy there just some packs of Draft Football. Yes this is another quick and dirty get it out the door the last minute of this month self appointed posting quota post.

New Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

This lot offering is a batch of South Chicago cards aka White Sox from 2018. I've got 15 Topps Flagship and 2 Topps Stadium Club. The whole lot is $5, $3 for just the Topps Flagship and $2 for the 2 Stadium Clubs. Or will trade for comparable lot of Nationals cards.

2018 Topps Baseball: ALL WHITE SOX

101 Avisail Garcia
195 Avisail Garcia AL League Leaders
232 Nate Jones
264 Carlos Rodon
280 Jose Abreu
306 Nicky Delmonico RC
386 James Shields
417 Yolmer Sanchez
495 Aaron Bummer RC

98 Chicago White Sox Team Card
258 Tyler Saladino
579 Carson Fulmer
496 Leury Garcia
645 Wellington Castillo
695 Matt Davidson

2018 Topps Stadium Club Baseball:  ALL WHITE SOX

84 Nicky Delmonico RC
84 Nicky Delmonico RC Red Parallel

Previous Offerings:
Previous posts/offers are listed here.

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A Lot of Oilers: A 50-some card lot of Houston Oilers cards.
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The cards listed in this series of posts are for trade or sale. If I don't mention a price feel free to give a reasonable offer. In some cases I might just feel like giving the cards away to a good home that will appreciate them. Not that I don't appreciate them, but the cards I list no longer fit into the scope of my collection. I don't "trash" cards anymore. It makes me cringe when I hear people talking about throwing trading cards into the garbage. If I can't find a home for cards I no longer want, I will have to toss them into the recycle bin. I can't have them cluttering up my trading card hoard.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Strive For '65 Saturday: A Little Help From Sportlots Stores

30 Mar 2019
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
Current card count: 294/598 (296/600) 49.2%

Here is the link to my last update from November of last year. Once again I am slipping slipping with this ACK ACK ACK ACK ACK! Procrastination is making this post closer to being a Sunday post than a Saturday, not quite though still a few hours before that happens.

I made a big jump with some purchases from Sportlots stores. But Ouch not yet at 50% but oh so much closer. I also got some 1965 OPC cards (2 Senators and 1 Orioles Rookies pair) on 25 Mar. I really need to get all the Senators from that set, as well as the Orioles (for both sets), the team cards, some of my PC players, and the World Series cards. I might as well build the OPC set also. Right now I only have 4 of those though.


Thursday 21 Mar 2019:
Got two packages (a large PWE and a small bubble mailer) that had a total of 16 cards 13 of which are 1965 Topps (plus the three 1965 OPCs and a 1970 OPC card). Total shipping for the two packages was $5.50 card prices ranged from 49¢ to $1.99 with most being between 75¢ and 99¢.

Here are the cards:

192 Jim Coker Reds

213 Jim Davenport Giants

223 Dan Osinski Braves

227 Bobby Klaus Mets

229 Lou Clinton Angels

230 Ray Sadecki Cardinals

235 Chuck Hinton Indians

237 Bernie Allen Twins

251 Billy Herman Red Sox Mgr

283 Fred Whitfield Indians

287 Gary Kolb Braves

288 Jack Hamilton Tigers

392 Bob Friend Pirates

Interesting the back of Bob Friend's card does not have a cartoon/comic making the back of his card look almost like a manager's card.

The Latest Additions:
Thursday 21 Mar 2019:
192 Jim Coker Reds
213 Jim Davenport Giants
223 Dan Osinski Braves
227 Bobby Klaus Mets
229 Lou Clinton Angels
230 Ray Sadecki Cardinals
235 Chuck Hinton Indians
237 Bernie Allen Twins
251 Billy Herman Red Sox Mgr
283 Fred Whitfield Indians
287 Gary Kolb Braves
288 Jack Hamilton Tigers
392 Bob Friend Pirates

Bonus 1965 OPC Cards:
I already have the Topps versions of these, even the 1965 Orioles Rookies card. These '65 OPC cards count into my Senators PC, Orioles PC and Kirk/Curt niche PC

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Batting Around: Questions


A semi-recent Bat-A-Round got me to thinking about a few things. I decided not to participate in that particular Bat Around at this time maybe later, but it got me to thinking. At first I was going to ask others Why they participate in these blogiverse Bat Arounds? Then I thought about When do they participate? Well then I decided to cancel that idea since the answer(s) is(are) obvious. The reason "why" is they like the subject or idea of that particular BBA. As to the "when" it is at the time they decide to do one. Some people bloggers seem to participate in all the BAs, others only on the rare occasion. I'm somewhere in between. It depends on the subject for me, the level of difficulty, and quite frankly if I feel like making the effort to come up with a slightly entertaining response. Sometimes if the BA is just a sort of question then instead of participating by making my own post I will just make a comment of my views or thoughts on the idea on whichever BA post I saw from that question/round. Some bloggers intentionally start a Bat-Around, while others just make a post that inspires someone else to blog about the same subject or idea. Then a third person will make their own take on the idea and you have a Bat Around. So my original stupid questions I managed to answer just now.

I have another question or two about Bat-A-Rounds.

... and just because he says "I've Got Some Questions" Howie Mandel - Do The Watusi
Screen capture from end of "Do The Watusi" video by Howie Mandel

Anyone know who made the post that became the first Bat Around?

Which blogger coined the term Bat Around? - Had to be a baseball fan, as are most card bloggers especially from when it first appeared. If a football (American Football NFL) fan had coined it the title would be something like Ball Return, or the End Around, Basketball would be Rebound Around, Pass Around? (Good for almost any sport), Hockey Skate Around?

Who made the graphic that has become the BBA logo?

Has anyone thought about keeping track of the Bat Arounds and making a Bat Around Blog? - I think if one is started, it should be sort of an all hands style like "A Pack to be Named Later" so it would live beyond the person who starts it up. I don't blog often enough and have 3 blogs to begin with so I'm not volunteering to tackle that monumental task.

Life is just filled with little mysteries ain't it?

I probably should show a card shouldn't I?

1992 Upper Deck Baseball: 250 Billy Ripken Orioles

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Catching A White Whale: 1968 Style

Well "Thar She Blows" I snagged a White Whale for my vintage PC on Wednesday 26 September 2018. [OK this post has been sitting in the queue a while]

The Classic Tale of a White Whale

This particular Ivory sea monster is the rookie card of a huge superstar and a childhood hero. When I was in elementary school from about 3rd grade to 6th grade the school principal had a yearly school-wide "write a book" project. Long story short my first year of that project my book had a cameo of this childhood hero. A children's book written by a child that reads like a child wrote it. Maybe one day I'll blog about it on my regular blog ( I started a draft for the post). One year, I think it was that same year, a kid wrote a story about "Charlie's Angels" but misspelled "Angels" as "Angles" so it might have been a math book.  but I digress...

This featured card is a card that easily starts over priced at over $50 at beginning bid on Ebay with BIN fixed rate prices of $100, $200 or more depending on condition and occasionally which variant it is. Yes this card has an Error version and a Corrected version. I got the corrected version. It would be nice to one day get the error version but I'm not going to hold my breath on it as it goes for at least twice what this version goes for.

I got my reasonably good conditioned copy for a nice price, not quite a steal but hovering around the high end of my comfort range. Not quite to my Maximum but getting close around the starting to sweat zone. I got it from Ebay at the opening bid price of $29.95 with $2.95 shipping. Around the same time I won this copy looking at completed/sold auctions I saw a miscut copy (listed as being "mint") that went for $18.51 with only 2 bids. Some reprints have gone for $2 to $12. So I didn't too to bad.

Smart collectors can tell that I am delaying the identification of the card for dramatic reasons. If this were an episode of Pawn Stars we would cut to a commercial break for even more suspense.

The White Whale Card I harpooned back in September of 2018 is:

1968 Topps Baseball: 247 Cincinnati Red 1968 Rookie Stars:
Johnny Bench and Ron Tompkins

I mentioned I had the corrected version. Some may wonder what the "error" of this card is. On the back the mini bio for Johnny starts off  "Johnny impressed the Reds..." the error misspells the word "the" as "tne" using an "n" instead of an "h". As I said I have the corrected version.

BTW: I still have another White Whale post in my draft queue that has been sitting there for years. My biggest procrastination delay for it of course has been not scanning stuff (The white whale plus some related cards from it's set). That White Whale was a more determined to catch it than this one was. Sort of. I had been watching this card off and on for several years at Ebay. I also had it as number 3 on my Capt K's Coveted 10 list and forgot it was on it til around 10 Jan of this year 2019.