Saturday, October 16, 2021

Almost Forgot To Mention (Missed it last year UGH)

Well I almost missed something this year that I missed last year. Good thing I didn't miss it in 2019. What am I talking about? I am talking about the Anniversary or BLOGIVERSARY of this here Trading Card Blog. It has now been 12 years since I started this 2nd blog of mine, the first one to be mostly trading card oriented.

So what? What is so special about 12 years? Ye Got Me.

HMM? Maybe I should have waited before showing this Namath Gem? 
(from last post)

All Righty Then.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Golden Flying Hall Of Fame Ram

 OK so the title of this post is a little vague but hints somewhat about the player. This is a case of a very well known player who played 99% of his career on one team and then in his final season played for another team before calling it quits. As a result there are no trading cards from his playing days showing him in the second team uniform. It doesn't help that he only started 4 games his final season.

So Who is this mystery player? It is none other than "Broadway" Joe Namath. Who finished off his NFL career playing for the Los Angeles Rams with a wimper. So "Hollywood" Joe wasn't as successful as "Broadway" Joe.

Here is one of the rare cards that shows "Hollywood" Joe in his Rams uniform. It is from the 2011 Panini Gold Standard Football set. The "Black Gold" variant that is serial numbered to only 10. I wish the picture on the front was in color instead of the black and white. I think Panini did that for all the cards in this set. The whole showing "Legends" in glorious Black and White to make them seem more vintage I guess. I probably should try to get the other variants of this card sometime.


2011 Panini Gold Standard Football 127 Joe Namath Los Angeles Rams
Black Gold Variant sn# 8/10

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

WWE Eve Sportlots Quarter Card

 I don't normally collect wrestling cards, WWE or Mixed Martial Arts MMA, MME cards but I do like beautiful women and scantily clad and leather clad lady wrestlers. So there is that I guess. Anyway while checking the 1, 2, 3 auctions at Sportlots I saw this card and bid on it and won it for the quarter starting price. I liked the photo for some reason That is all there is no special reason. I don't follow wrestling. This card is 11 years old and the wrestler on it retired back in 2013 two years after this card was released. OH Well.

2010 Topps WWE RAW 63 Eve

Saturday, July 31, 2021

1993 Upper Deck Football Team Checklists Sub-Set


As part of my recent Sportlots shopping spree back in May or June whenever it was I concentrated on some sub-sets to complete one of them was this set of team checklists from 1993 Upper Deck Football. The backgrounds suggest they are paintings but I think they are photographs altered to look like paintings. Anyway there are 28 cards in this sub-set as there were 28 teams in the NFL in 1993.

The Team Checklist subset are card numbers 63 to 90 and are in alphabetical order by team nickname

The team checklists have a big star from the team on the front The Redskins card has Earnest Byner on the front and the team checklist is as shown below:

Here are the other 27 team cards fronts only 

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Steven Jackson Rookie Gum Card

 For this post I was going to talk about a sub-set of Team Checklists that I had gotten fairly recently from my May Sportlots Spending Spree from their Seller's Stores (no Auctions). I used to have a huge list of cards that I was "watching" for several months and ended up purchasing 100+ cards (120 some or 140 some?) from 15-20 different sellers, averaging at roughly the 18¢ starting price. I ended up completing a few little sub-sets or making a dent in some others, plus I got a few cards for my Strive for '65 Set Build. I have enough to make a few posts on this blog and on my Curly W Cards blog. I have tons of other cards in my collection/hoard so don't worry about me not having any post content. It is more a matter of wanting to post about it and how easy it will be to do the scanning, or when I can do the scanning in relation to how close the end of the month is. Anyway I didn't feel like scanning the 20 some almost 30 cards for the post I was planning. Fortunately for my usual cutting it close to the deadline for the month I had this card available to yack about.

So here is the card I decided to talk about a 2004 Bazooka Football Rookie Card for Steven Jackson. Well one of the 100zillion Rookie Cards of his. Now days a single player has more dang RCs from just one of the dozens of sets from just one of the dozens of brands ironically made by only a handful of manufacturers than most players had total cards for their lifetime of cards back just a few decades ago.

Enough of the Yakety Yak here is the young super running back.

2004 Bazooka Football: 215 Steven Jackson RC St. Louis Rams

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Strive For '65 Saturday: From Mom & Pop At Ebay

29 May 2021
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
Current card count: 300/598 (302/600) 50.2%

Here is the link to my last update from March of 2019. WOW. Somewhere I have a card I got between then and this batch, but I didn't record it here. I'm pretty sure it was in one of my COMC orders. That single card itself didn't get me past the half-way point, and it isn't in the official tally yet. However these six cards from Mom & Pop Cards on Ebay did put my percentage collected over the half-way mark. Yes that is the name of their Ebay store "Mom & Pop Card Shop". Some of their prices are a bit steep but man do they have a great selection of stuff. I also got some football cards from them, but I will only discuss the 1965 Topps Baseball I got from them in this post of course. The prices ranged from $3 to $6 and averaged at $3.83 per card. Not bad and the shipping was FREE.

Friday 23 Apr 2021:
Got a small Priority Mail box filled with some goodies including these 6 cards for my Strive For '65 Set build. As I mentioned above.

Here are the cards:

117 Wes Stock Athletics

126 Los Angeles Dodgers Team Card

271 Don Wert Tigers

299 Jerry Zimmermann Twins

352 Jerry Lumpe Tigers

378 Chuck Estrada Orioles

To the best of my knowledge Chuck Estrada is not related to actor Erik Estrada in any way. When I first saw the back of the card I thought there was some paper loss on the comic image, but it was part of the flames coming off of the fast ball.

The Latest Additions:
Friday 23 Apr 2021:
117 Wes Stock Athletics
126 Los Angeles Dodgers Team Card
271 Don Wert Tigers
299 Jerry Zimmerman Twins
352 Jerry Lumpe Tigers
378 Chuck Estrada Orioles

Since getting this lot I have gotten a few other cards for this build through a Sportlots stores splurge. They will be in my next update sometime soon. Not all those next batch of cards are in yet.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Buccaneer Brothers O' 1954

 Here is a vintage card that has had a rough life upon the high seas of cardboard collecting. Before I show it here is a brief bit of it's story. I got it at auction from Sportlots for $1.75 plus $2.80 shipping. If the overall poor to good condition wasn't bad enough there was one annoyance that I managed to take care of. It took some patience lots of determination and accepting that there would be a little more damage in the end, but I think I kept the additional damage to a minimum. 

I should have taken a "before" scan to show what it was but I didn't. There is still a bit of debris marks in the final scan that shows where it was. For some reason a previous owner of the card, could have been the seller, or an owner before them, had attached some black Velcro, photo album sticker attachment or fuzzy padded non-skid "foot" felt-like thing to the back of the card covering the card number. It was about 1/2" by 3/4" rectangular with rounded corners. Using a hair dryer and tweezers, lots of patience and a whole heck of a lot of determination I managed to get the thing off the card. It wasn't easy and took many short hair dryer sessions and a little minor non-scar finger burning. I also tried using the microwave with short 10 seconds or less sessions but that didn't seem to do anything. With older cards such as this one since there is no foil, or plastic coating that "nuking" the card won't melt or burn or short out your microwave. The idea to get the glue or "gum" hot enough to loosen via a microwave isn't too crazy, but it takes a lot of heat. You need to make sure the card won't get burned or materials in it melt or explode. I was dealing with some paper loss to begin with and trying to pull that sucker off w/out heating the "glue" would have created much more paper loss. Like I said lots and lots of determination and patience. 

It was uglier than "Butt-Ugly" and really annoyed me because there had been no mention that any sort of "sticker" was attached to the back of the card in the auction description. As with a majority of  Sportlots listings there we no real mention of the condition of the back. I often just have to take it on faith, that there is little to no paper loss on low conditioned cards. There was no photo of the back either, yes I know that probably should have kept me from bidding on it, but I didn't have a copy of this card and I wanted it because it was a two player card and those can be hard to find sometimes.

1954 Topps Baseball 139 Ed & John O'Brian Pittsburgh Pirates

Those black marks on the back just under and partly over the card number on the left is where that "pad" sticker was. Some of the paper there just under the card number and where the baseball "stitching" is is the location of some just hanging on there paper. I could have lost a good portion of the card number and the "Home" and "Born" info if I had tried removing the thing just buy pulling straight off with no attempt at melting the adhesive from the sticker pad.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

NCIS Rittenhouse Promo Cards

OK this is another very last minute day of the month type posts. I scanned the images of the cards in this post last night 30 March 2021 and  then did the drafting, writing of this post later today Wednesday 31 March 2021. An odd note: when I first started scanning the 4 promo cards (Oops Spoiler of what the post is about. LOL) for some reason my scanner was set for "automatic" scanning and I saw the rarely seen (by me) automatic scanning screens. I first was alerted when I saw the scanner's beginning prep screen was different than normal and was saying it was scanning image 1/3. UGH. It also had a note saying the scanner was in automatic mode and if you wanted to operate in manual mode hit "cancel". I probably should have kept the first scan image to show but I didn't. The scanner made 3 scans of the 4 cards laid out on my scanner's glass bed 2x2. The first image was of 2 cards one from the top row and one the bottom row since the cards were not properly squared on the bed they were at an odd angle and the scan only had partial images of the two skewed  cards. The other two scans were just of one card each and were well cropped and sized images of those cards that I could have used if I wished. Anyway I then started the scanner up again and switched to manual mode which I am used to and where I can make adjustments to how the scanner is scanning the images.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post and the top image this post is about the promo cards from the television show NCIS. The cards are from 2012 made by Rittenhouse. I do not have the set nor any of the star's autograph cards. I do have the Gibbs and Abby box topper cards that I blogged about ages upon ages ago. I don't have any other inserts other than these promo cards that I will now show. The second promo card P2 was from the trade magazine Non-Sport Update which I got from my copy of the magazine and was at one time the only promo card I had from this series. I then hit Ebay to acquire the other 3 cards and a dupe. Since I have the dupe I either got a full 4 card promo set or I got a couple of lots of one or two cards to get all 4. On a side note I do have the JAG set, a promo card from that set, and some auto cards from that set. I plan on someday blogging about those, but trying to decide how much of the set to scan and show.

Anyway lets see these cards: I have also noted how the promos were distributed according to Cardboard Connection

2012 Rittenhouse NCIS Premiere Edition Promo Cards

P1: General Distribution

Non-Sport Update Magazine

Binder Exclusive

P4: Philly NonSport Show Spring 2012

That is it for now guys and gals.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Rittenhouse Continuum Promo Cards 2014-15 Seasons 1-3

For this quick and dirty post I am showing some promo cards that I got a few years back from Ebay in I forget how many different lots. I originally started this post thinking I only had one of the cards silly me. I wasn't sure if I had posted about these cards before. Looks like I haven't. I don't think I have the sets they are promoting. That could be part of why I held off on posting about them. They are for a Sci-Fi television show that lasted 4 seasons (I have seasons 1 and 2 on DVD need to find and get the other two). Fortunately when the series was cancelled the producers had time to write a series conclusion. Some series don't get that luxury as they get cancelled between production times. 

The series is Continuum a Sci-Fi series about a police officer from the future that finds herself in the past (our present) hunting down some terrorists from her time. The 2014 Rittenhouse Continuum Seasons One and Two card base set has 69 cards. There are a few insert sets including cast autograph cards. The 2015 Rittenhouse Continuum Season 3 set has 60 cards with the card numbers continuing from the previous set. For Season 3 I need promo cards P2 and P3. I'm not sure if they got around to do a Season 4 set. They might have but it isn't on Trading Card DataBase.

So here are the 4 promo cards I have out of six promo cards for Continuum:

2014 Rittenhouse Continuum Seasons 1 and 2: Promo P1

2014 Rittenhouse Continuum Seasons 1 and 2: Promo P2

2014 Rittenhouse Continuum Seasons 1 and 2: Promo SD1

2015 Continuum Season 3: Promo P1

NOTE: I somewhat fidgeted the timing of this post. I wrote up most of the text at around 9:30 PM on Sunday 28 February. Scanned the cards Between 11:30 PM to about 12:10 AM on Monday 01 March. I also worked on my Curly W Cards blog February post and scans along with this post.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Charmed Auto Alyssa Milano Times Two

This is a super duper quick post as I have less than 10 minutes to publish. OK I'll do a publish and then edit later to make my self appointed monthly deadline. I also had to do this with the January post for my Nationals "Curly W Cards" Blog. It is cheating a little bit as the meat of the post was not published just basically the title and a little bit of blah, blah, blah to get in under the wire.

Phew now my archived postings will not have a blank for January 2021. Where was I? Oh yeah a couple of Alyssa Milano on card Autographed cards from the television series Charmed. These were not pulled autos but after market signings probably done in mass before or after some convention through the company that produced the COAs for them Alpha Memorabilia. Both cards have a matching COA and a holograph sticker with certification number. Yeah, yeah an autograph with a COA big deal, doesn't mean it is legit. Maybe they are maybe they aren't for these I don't care. I got them from Ebay a few years back I forget exactly when or the exact cost of them. I know because of my cheapness I would not have paid more than $30 a piece not including shipping (shipping might have been free but I'm not sure as I don't recall exact prices here or when I got it. I might be able to research it and track down that stuff but I don't want to it isn't necessary. I think they were actually $20 or less I think possibly even $15. The cards the autos are on are not huge sought after cards from the series so I doubt they were too much. People want the certified autos that have the "A-#" numbers. The certified autograph cards of Alyssa and the other sisters from these Charmed sets that were distributed in the boxes and packs go for way way way too much usually at least 3 digits sometimes auctions start at OK price so it might be possible to get one for maybe $50 sometime, but I doubt it the way autograph prices for anything on cards are now-days. 

Both are from the 2006 Inkworks "Charmed Destiny" card set. The set consists of 72 base cards, which these cards are from, 11 Autograph cards, 9 Costume cards ("jersey"/Relic), 6 "Bad Karma" cards looks to be villians, 9 "Unforgettable" cards, which is a 9 card puzzle picture, 3 box loaders cards, a 1 card case loader autograph card of Brad Kern Executive Producer, and 5? Promo cards which I have a few of (at one time I had planed on making a post of those promo cards I do have. Maybe sometime I will). I might not have all the promo cards I'm not sure it's been a while since I've looked at what I have and TCDB doesn't list promo cards very well anymore. I have some promo cards from the television series Warehouse 13 that used to be there but are not there anymore. But I digress.

The first card is card number 20 Ask Phoebe

2006 Inkworks Charmed Destiny - 20 Ask Phoebe

Second card is number 25 On Ice

2006 Inkworks Charmed Destiny - 25 On Ice

Here are the backs of the cards with the backs of the COAs

So yeah it took me about 1/2 an hour to actually compose this post. I started the scanning of cards for this post (and my "Curly W Cards" January 2021 blog post) at about 10:30 PM on Sunday 31 January 2021 and it was 10 til Midnight when I was ready to start drafting these posts.