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Project Purge: COMC and Other Fun

COMC Submission
The Four Major Sports Groups
Updated: 29 FEB 2024

A little background: I've been on COMC (Check Out My Cards) since 2009. Over the years I've sold 67 cards there averaging 4 to 5 cards/year. That first year I sold 9 cards for a total of $24.90, the most I've sold in a year was 10 cards in 2015 for $4.45. Last year I sold 6 cards for a total of $6.55, this year so far I've sold my yearly average of 4 cards for only $1.45 total. One was a flipper card I bought from the site to test flipping (along with another card that I still have listed there). It took a little less than 3 years and I only made about 12 cents or less off of it. 

 I have bought a bunch of cards there as well. Interestingly enough I noticed that when I paid with a credit card vs paying with the site credit, the details of my order including the cards I bought are not included in my purchase/shipping history on the site. 

Now onto the regularly scheduled post content:
I recently shipped 364 cards to COMC to add to the 150 cards I have there for sale already. It is only the second time I've sent stuff there to sell. The estimated processing finish date is in May. This batch of cards covered the four major US sports Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey. It included some chrome/refractor type cards a few Hockey relics, maybe an auto card or two. Half of the cards were basketball or at least a third. I used two small card boxes and put them in a larger box that was about the size of a medium USPS flat rate box of old. There were also some Topps Baseball dupes that I had from  the years 1978 to 1980 (50 cards maybe?). Some of the cards I sent were still on my collection page over at TCDB. I tried to delete them from there as I was preparing the lot of cards to send. Soon I will be adding more cards to my trade list over at TCDB. I also plan on semi-regularly submitting cards to COMC, not lots as large as this last one. I don't want to spend a fortune everytime I submit cards. I Just have to keep track of my credit balance over there to cover submission costs.

I checked the population of some CCG cards over at COMC. Specifically from 1995 Cardz Hyborian Gates. Years ago I had bought a large starter deck/box and some packs because I liked the art work. Never played the game, but planned on collecting the card set. I don't play any of those card games. For ages I thought I would save a handful of them that I really liked the art work on and try to sell the rest as a lot via Ebay, in looking at what is already at COMC I noticed there were only 16 of the cards (from 4 sellers). I think that will be the next batch of cards to send to COMC. "Com Cee" as some Youtube vloggers call it. I just call it "checkoutmycards". Com-Cee sounds strange to me, like a communications network company. 

Over at TCDB my trade list there is my collection titled "Traders and/or For Sale".

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Project Purge: Football (NFL) Team Lots

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Football (NFL) Team Lots
Published: 17 FEB 2024 Updated: 04  MAR 2024
Marx Brothers from "Horse Feathers" football scene from internet.

I am currently in the early stages of a huge collection purge or partial purge at least. I kicked things off on 16 Jan (2024) with a post for some Basketball Team Lots that I had prepared and put into a monster box. I put a post up at and then was going to post the offer up here on my blog near the end of the month, however, the response was so intense I rushed to make an updated blog post. Most of the claims came from the database no surprise there. I was a bit surprised that team sets of mostly 1990s base cards with doubles and multiples would be claimed so fast. A little more than a day and a half after the original posting time and ALL the lots were claimed. A TCDB member claimed the last 5 teams and some of the random type card lots. Needless to say his was the biggest package BOX I had to send out. About the size of a USPS med sized flat rate box.

As I did with the Basketball lots I am only shipping to USA addresses. Sorry international postage is just too expensive and there is no practicle package tracking systems.
It is time for some Football. Like the Basketball lots they are mostly base cards and some inserts. For the Basketball I didn't specify the cards were almost exclusively just common base (some of the teams have an insert or two but no "hits"), By saying most of the cards were 1990s (the "Junk Wax") years I was sort of implying the lots were all common base cards. I'm sorry if some people thought there might be more precious gems in the lots.

I had been in a Football team traders group for a long time. To get trade fodder for the group I ripped open some packs and boxes of newer product and often purchased team lots from Ebay. These Football lots may contain some autos or relic cards. No guarantees though as most teams will have neither. The year ranges are also a little larger than the 1989 to 2007 range the Basketball lots had. Some of these team lots go up to 2019 or 2020, with many teams, but not all, including 2014-2017 cards.

Not all teams in the league will be available at this time. I will try to ship things out in a timely manner but with the lessons learned from the Basketball Lots I will not try rushing everything all at once. Some people will have to wait for a little while. I also plan on shipping most lots in the small flat rate boxes. I had tried avoiding those but many of the basketball lot packages ended up costing over $10 to ship (I had only asked $6 for shipping costs) and small flat rate boxes ship for around $10.50 now.

Some team lots will include an auto card or relic card but there is no guarantee of getting either. Most team lots will just contain common base cards with maybe some inserts, but no "hits".

Most cards will be in EX condition, but not all. Spome cards may have creases and maybe some dings or ware on the corners or edges. Not as badly as many vintage cards but they still maybe noticable.

Shipping for team lots will be $11 per lot. You can request more than one team but be advised that shipping might be delayed as I search for a larger box to ship. Teams with fewer cards I might be able to ship for cheaper but that isn't guaranteed, and if requesting multiple teams it will most likely be $11 to ship anyway.

49ers 79 cards 1990-2016 - CLAIMED
Bears 30 cards 1989-2016
Bengals 168 cards 1990-2019
Bills 81 cards 1991-2016
Broncos 17 cards 1991-2016 
Browns 197 cards 1990-2019
Buccaneers 408 cards 1990-2019 - CLAIMED
Cardinals 394 cards 1990-2019 - CLAIMED
Chargers 48 cards 1990-2019
Chiefs 67 cards 1995-2019
Colts 77 cards 1992-2019
Dolphins 242 cards 1990-2019
Eagles 251 cards 1990-2019 - CLAIMED
Falcons 227 cards 1990-2019
Giants 28 cards 1990-2016
Jaguars 297 cards 1995-2019
Jets 11 cards 1992-2016
Lions 53 cards 1990-2019
Packers 53 cards 1990-2019
Panthers 121 cards 1995-2019
Patriots 72 cards 1988-2019 - CLAIMED
Raiders 228 cards 1992-2019 - CLAIMED
Saints 15 cards 1991-2016
Seahawks 266 cards 1990-2016 - CLAIMED
Steelers 17 cards 1990-2019
Texans 17 cards 2003-2016
Titans 84 cards 2000-2019

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Purging Project: Basketball Team Lots ALL LOTS CLAIMED


UPDATE: 18Jan2024 4:50 PM
ALL TEAM LOTS have now been CLAIMED.

Thank you to all the TCDB members, and my blog readers who made claims for the lots. I am still waiting on a few addresses and shipping payments. A Big thank you to the TCDB member who grabbed the last 5 teams, the checklists and the remainder of the Classic lots.

In a long needed effort to purge excess stuff from my card collection and related paraphernalia. I have thought of purging things before, but times have gotten more desperate. An apartment inspection woke me up to my cluttered housekeeping of over 15 years. I decluttered lots of things and made a small dent but didn't purge any trading cards. I made the panic mistake of purging a ton of comic books (without going through what I had), magazines and even some computer floppy discs that a few weeks later I realized some of the files on some of the discs might have been important for various aspects of my life and maybe some original writings. But OH Well Stuff is Stuff.

I will soon start prepping some of my Trading Cards for purging. Way back when I used to belong to some team trader groups I had a fantasy of having one monster box filled with trade fodder for each of the four major US sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey) even though I only belonged to team trader groups for Baseball and Football. For the football group I did have a monster box filled with trade fodder for each team in the league. As I would make the monthly trades I would replenish the teams that I was out of or low on. As part of the organization I used those worthless "card savers" as divider tabs. I use a simple file folder label w/ the team nickname written on it in sharpie and put that on the top of the card saver and load that team's cards behind the card saver divider. I now have a Basketball monster box set up and ready for the cards to find a new home. I currently have most of the current teams available. I plan on Purging by team lots.

For interested parties I can send you a nice team lot of NBA cards. All I ask for in return is $6 for first 2 teams. Please add $1 for each additional team after that..  Sorry I'm only sending to USA addresses. For Basketball I have team lots of about 90% of the teams in the league. I even have some draft cards of college guys who were "free agents" and never made the NBA, a handful maybe went pro overseas. Unfortunately for me most of the cards are from the decade of the 1990s. Yes like a ton of other card collectors I have a problem with super overstock of "Junk Wax" cards. Year ranges for team lots are from 1989 to around 2007 with most teams having cards from 1990 to 1996 or 97. Not many 1992 or 93. Some brands and years will only have 1 card, some might have a dozen or more. There are duplicates and in some cases multiples some 3 or more copies. Sorry I don't have time to go back over the lots to cherry pick for specific players, brands or years. Some lots may have a super star and some may not. These lots are excellent for trade fodder if you are in a team trading group. 

I have even been toying with the idea of signing up to sell on Sportlots (been buying from there for years), but I am a bit leery about selling there. Mostly due to the high fees they charge especially if you have low sales. Plus I would have to make sure I had close to a 1,000+ cards ready to roll there to start seeing some results. I would also open my sellers account under a different user name. I'm already "captkirk" as a buyer, hmm but not "captkirk42". If I mess up as a seller there I don't want to be banned from buying there. If I were to have a huge selling day of buyers buying more cards than can fit in a PWE or small bubble mailer I don't have many small boxes or larger mailers on hand right now.. That fear is also what keeps me from adding more listings and larger items onto Ebay.

Current status of my Basketball Monster box, the card counts are approximate and for some of the teams might be off by a few cards as I added some rookies and draft cards of guys where the card doesn't mention the team they were drafted to but the player eventually went pro and I had to do a Google search to see if they ever played pro ball. 


Note: Since I only have 3 Knicks cards available right now I'll waive shipping costs and send in a PWE.

76ers 1989-2006 116 cards CLAIMED
Bucks 1990-1999 141 cards CLAIMED
Bulls 1989-2004 151 cards CLAIMED
Cavaliers 1990-2000 115 cards CLAIMED
Celtics 1989-1999 160 cards CLAIMED
Clippers 1989-2000 152 cards CLAIMED
Grizzlies 1995-2000 50 cards CLAIMED
Hawks 1990-2000 179 cards CLAIMED
Heat 1989-2007 133 cards CLAIMED
Hornets 1990-2000 106 cards CLAIMED
Jazz 1990-2006 109 cards CLAIMED
Kings 1990-2000 133 cards CLAIMED
Knicks 1991 & 1994 3 cards PWE SPECIAL CLAIMED
Lakers 1990-1999 132 cards CLAIMED
Magic 1990-1999 93 cards CLAIMED
Mavericks 1990-1999 127 cards CLAIMED
Nets 1989-2007 135 cards CLAIMED
Nuggets 1990-1999 165 cards CLAIMED
Pacers 1989-1999 126 cards CLAIMED
Pistons 1990-1998 78 cards CLAIMED
Raptors 1995-2003 51 cards CLAIMED
Rockets 1990-2007 147 cards CLAIMED
Spurs 1990-2007 161 cards CLAIMED
Suns 1989-2007 165 cards CLAIMED
Supersonics 1990-1999 133 cards CLAIMED
Timberwolves 1990-2006 163 cards CLAIMED
Trailblazers 1990-2000 72 cards CLAIMED
Warriors 1990-1999 124 cards CLAIMED
Checklists, Ads and Filler Cards 36 cards CLAIMED
College and Undrafted Players with a few college coaches 31 cards CLAIMED

1991 Classic Basketball Draft Picks 26 cards multiples CLAIMED
1992 Wild Card Basketball 1st Edition Lot of approx 233 cards with multiples not complete set. CLAIMED
1993 Classic Basketball Draft Picks Full Set 110 cards (2 sets) both sets CLAIMED. Plus I have multiples of most cards in the set but no more complete sets.  I could make about 3 or 4 partial sets and still have a few individual cards. CLAIMED

First come first serve. If interested in one of the team lots please email me klandersen at yahoo.

I am updating this post as I get requests for team lots in an effort to have it as current as possible.

Last Update: 31 Jan 2024

Sunday, December 31, 2023

A Bit of A Rant And An A&G Comedian With My Name

 Wow I should do Blogiversary posts every other month. My Blogiversary post got over 400 views (414) in the first week. I olny have 116 followers so that is a lot of either new people or people who unofficially follow. Amazing!. Actually some of my numbers are helped a little bit by being on the blog roll at TCDB that tracks whenever I make a new post on my card blogs.

Now onto whatever this post is going to be about.

Lately more pressing things in life have forced my blogging to take a back seat. At times I'm not even sure if I'll get around to doing any blogging from now on out. I used to bust my butt trying to make sure I had a monthly post for all 3 of my blogs. Now I can't even guarantee that for myself let alone even one of the blogs. Life goes on and now maybe sometimes the blog.

Enough about that here is a card I got from a group box break. I wonder if it was a legit random card or if the host remembered that I collect cards of people with my name (and similar names) either way I like this card.

2023 Topps Allen & Ginter - 221 Daniel Van Kirk Comedian

One thing I don't like about this card is the pattern of the shirt Daniel is wearing. I didn't notice it at first, it was only when I looked at the scanned image that I noticed how the shirt design looked like the scan was bad. This time it wasn't the scan image doing crazy things. It is probably time to get a new scanner I forget how many decades I've had my current Epson flatbed scanner. But it continues to work well enough and I hate having to get new electronic and computer equipment. 

Monday, October 23, 2023

COTW: 1936 Carreras Film Stars Fred Astaire

It is time for another "Card of the Whenever" this episode we soft shoe our way back almost 90 years to 1936. We meet the King of dance Mr. Fred Astaire. OK enough of the tacky description that sounds like AI or a travel agent wrote it here is the card I decided to show this post.

1936 Carreras Film Stars 3 (in a series of 50) Fred Astaire


Monday, October 16, 2023

Happy Blogiversary To Whatever I Call This Blog With The Long Title



Today marks the 14th Blogiversary of "CaptKirk42's Trading Card Blog"  I am composing, drafting this post a few months early, late April, to make sure I get this posted and don't miss the Blogiversary.

As is my tradition I am timing this post to be published at the same time of day that my very first post on this blog was posted.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Happy Anniversary The Wrapper Magazine

 I was going to make this post my September post, but I decided on the afternoon of the last day of the month (yesterday 30 Sep) to do something else because I wanted to show some cards. This post doesn't show any cards because it talks about a card magazine. So...

October 2023 marks the 45th Anniversary of the non-sport trading card magazine The Wrapper and their current issue #350. The magazine is published quarterly and still has the feel of the late 1970s, early 1980s when it first started. With the exception of the outer covers that usually have 3 colors the magazine is black & white. Very simple format and low budget as it has been self published by the same guy Les Davis.

Each issue starts with a feedback section/news section "Non Sport Talk". Then there are three or four (I haven't actually counted for each issue) nice articles on some non-sport set from the past usually vintage and often sort of rare and sometimes all but forgotten.

Each issue also has a giveaway/contest called "Wrapper Drawing" that I usually forget about a couple of days after skimming through the issue. Some of the prizes I had been interested in, but never got around to entering or sometimes even checking on the entry details.

Most of the content of magazine is ads and sales lists, maybe some of them are want lists of the dealers. There is also a cartoon, comic on the last page that sneaks an advertisement for some monster related thing or the magazine itself. I didn't scan that. The size is usually 70-some pages.

As I said the overall feel of the magazine is the late 1970s low budget homemade newsletter style. It is informative and the writers of the articles for the sets featured are usually quite enjoyable. I forget when I first found the magazine, but I do think some years back I had to look for it again because I had let my original subscription end, forgot about it and thought like many hobby related sources from the 1970s it had ended.

Again HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (Cardiversary, Wrapperversary) to THE WRAPPER Magazine.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

1966 Lyons Maid Famous People Cards

I think I got these 5 cards from sportlots in an auction lot, maybe as individual cards because I seem to recall individually picking the Danny Kaye and Gilbert & Sulivan cards maybe even the Walt Disney.  I forget exactly when I got them. Any way this group of cards is from a 1966  set of "Famous People" by Lyons Maid an ice cream maker from England. There are 48 cards in the set I got these 5:

Cards # 19 William Shakespeare, #23 Danny Kaye, #33 Gilbert and Sullivan, #42 Walt Disney and #46 Pablo Picasso.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Card Of The Whenever: The Return?

 Yes you guessed it I started this post on the 30th of the month with absolutely NO idea on what card(s) I was going to blab er BLOG about. This is always fun at the end of the month.

Hey I have a wacky idea. I'll revisit an old feature I just remembered I used to do on this blog... "The Card of the Whenever". Hmm lets see where did I put that logo?

This card is appropriate in many ways a childhood hero on a card from my childhood showing the hero in his childhood. How cool am I now?

The card is from 1972 Topps Baseball "Boyhood Photos Of The Stars" subset, card number 498 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles. I got it for a whopping 25¢ from a Sportlots auction a few months back. I should hunker down on this subset, heck even the full set.

1972 Topps Baseball #498 Boyhood Photos of the Stars Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles

The card has offcentering problems most noticeable on the back.

Monday, July 31, 2023

A Canadian Canvas Legend Cutie

 Time for a quickie. This card came from sportlots from a quarter auction. It is an Upper Deck Tim Horton's card. Now I don't normally pursue Tim Horton cards mostly because they are Canadian imports and hard to find here in the US. Anyway here it is.

2023 Upper Deck Tim Horton's Hockey - UD Canvas Legends CL-15 Manon Rheaume Team Canada