Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Promo Pimping Secret Santa

I tend to not promo pimp much. The reasons are mostly because I tend to forget the various deadlines or I'm too lazy to come up with some zinger of a post that hopefully sends people to the subject of the pimping (Usually a cool contest with tons of cool prizes). Well this time I thought I'd give it the "old college try". So...

Jon of the blog A Penny Sleeve for Your Thoughts is hosting this year's Bloggers Secret Santa 3.0 he is taking on the torch from retired blogger Matt of Bob Walk the Plank fame who was Secret Santa host the previous two winters. Jon asked for help promoting the gift exchange since his readership isn't as big as Matt's was.

This type of gift exchange is real fun. Half the fun is the mystery of who your Santa will be and what sort of cardboard goodies they will send you. You can check out my haul from last year here. The other half of the fun is shopping for your good little collector and hoping they will enjoy what you sent.

St. Nick nicked from Jon's Secret Santa Post

Anywho check out the details over at Jon's blog. Sign up and maybe even become one of his followers.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Strive For '65 Saturday: 3 From The DataBase

03 Nov 2018
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
Current card count: 281/598 (283/600) 47.3%

Here is the link to my last update from only Oct. Not too bad.

Tuesday 30 Oct 2018:
On the Trading Card DataBase (TCDB) on their forums there is a thread about collecting goals for 2018. In one of the updates to it I did a little rant about this set build and how slowly it was going. One of the members Bill (aka minibbcards) sent me a PM mentioning he had a few cards from the set and if I would want them. I said yes and sent my mailing address. Long story short he sent 3 cards for this 1965 set build and 2 Team Rookie Star cards from 1970 Topps. All the cards were in great condition even the one 1970 card that has some creasing. Many thinks to Bill in helping me make some progress on this build. Every little bit helps.

The 1965 Trio err Quartet from late October:

124 Tom Satriano Angels

168 Dick Green Athletics

194 Angels Rookie Stars: Bill Kelso and Rick Reichardt

The Latest Additions:
Tuesday 30 Oct 2018:
124 Tom Satriano Angels
168 Dick Green Athletics
194 Angels Rookie Stars: Bill Kelso and Rick Reichardt

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Strive For '65 Saturday: 7 The Card Way

20 Oct 2018
Strive for '65 | 1965 Set Build | Master Want List
Current card count: 278/598 (280/600) 46.8%

Here is the link to my last update from May. I thought I was getting better with updating this project, but seem to be running about the same every 5 or 6 months or so a handful of new cards. At this rate I won't even be 3/4 finished by the 75th Anniversary. The next milestone though is the half way mark. Any bets on if I'll make that in the next 2 months? I really wanted to get this posted last week (Sat 13 Oct), but barely got the cards scanned then. Now I will barely get it out on this Saturday. On with the cards.

Thursday 04 Oct 2018:

I got 5 cards from the 1965 set from a Sportlots auction for $2.25 plus shipping $1.99 I knew from the start that a couple were duplicates, but I need the rest and the needs outnumbered the haves.

81 Don Buford White Sox

112 Derrell Griffith RC Dodgers

199 Bob Heffner Red Sox

269 Frank Bolling Braves

358 Albie Pearson Angels

Yes the bottom edge on the back of the Albie Pearson card is off-center there is just a little blue on the bottom. Eek I actually did crop a little too much as well, but not a whole lot.

Friday 05 Oct 2018:

One Sportlots Auction 2 card lot one team $1.25 plus 99¢ shipping. Both cards were needed.

418 Johnny Edwards Reds

530 Jim Maloney Reds

The Latest Additions:
Friday 05 Oct 2018:
418 Johnny Edwards Reds
530 Jim Maloney Reds

Thursday 04 Oct 2018:
81 Don Buford White Sox - Dupe
112 Derrell Griffith RC Dodgers - Dupe
199 Bob Heffner Red Sox
269 Frank Bolling Braves
358 Albie Pearson Angels

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Washington Wednesday: By The Classic Numbers

Washington Wednesday: By The Classic Numbers
10 Oct 2018

When I first noticed this pair of cards on Ebay I was a little leery of their authenticity. What with the odds of one seller "pulling" these specific numbers from a pack and the sellers other auctions for cards with some of the more sought after serial numbers. D'oh OK so one of the special things about the cards I purchased were they are serial numbered. Another thing that chased the warm fuzzies away was the auction title calling them 1/1s. This seller has a bunch of listings using the 1/1 keyword. Even though the auction title also had the actual serial numbers shown it was titled as a "1/1 lot" indicating each card in the lot is a 1/1. OK semantics I guess. Even with the red flags and warnings going off I decided to grab this pair before anyone else did.

2018 Panini Classics Football: Timeless Tributes Gold: 188 Joe Theismann Redskins #d 07/99 and 99/99

The pair of cards I got are these 2018 Panini Classics Football: Timeless Tributes Gold 188 Joe Theismann Redskins #d 07/99 and 99/99 from Ebay for $14.99 Free Shipping. Like I said the seller titled the auction using their serial numbers and using the old "Ebay One of One" labeling trick. The serial number is on the front hard to see left hand side under the "Classics" logo near the top.

2018 Panini Classics Football: Timeless Tributes: Gold 188 Joe Theismann Redskins 07/99

2018 Panini Classics Football: Timeless Tributes: Gold 188 Joe Theismann Redskins 99/99

The dealer also sent these 5 Chiefs cards as a bonus. ?Redskins and Chiefs? Guess it is an Alex Smith connection, or the Indians Connection, or the seller just got confused and thought they were all the same team.

That one is vintage so it is a keeper by default.

1974 Topps Football: 34 Elmo Wright Chiefs

Then we have a card from the "Wave of the Future" insert set of 6 cards to the 1994 Fleer Flair Football set. I was going to toss this into the tradebait pile but in checking the player's team history saw he played for the St. Louis Rams in 1998 so it is a keeper.

1994 Fleer Flair Football: Wave of the Future: 3 of 6 Greg Hill Chiefs

Next up one of those annoying "two sided" cards that is a card with two players sharing the card one player on each side. Confusing the collector as to which face is the "front". Not really since this is a serial numbered insert and at the time the serial numbers were put on the back of the card, but that practice varies from company to company and from set to set it seems. I don't normally like this kind of card so again it is one of these was going to toss in the tradebait pile card but one of the players was a Redskin in 2001. The "front" player Donnell Bennett.

2000 Donruss Quantum Leaf Football: Double Team: DT-13
Donnell Bennet and Elvins Grbac Chiefs #d 0475/1500

The final two cards are tradebait and technically are the "same" card. You can't tell from the scans since they are separate scans but one is the mini variant of the other.

2014 Topps Chrome Football: Fantasy Focus: FF-JC Jamaal Charles Chiefs

2014 Topps Chrome Football: Fantasy Focus: Mini FF-J Jamaal Charles Chiefs

Out of five cards I originally didn't want to keep I am keeping 3 of them for now. The vintage one will be added to my 1974 set build (if I don't already have it). The other two "keepers" are just keepers for right now. 

Sunday, September 30, 2018

CK42 Trade Post: It's Baaaaaaaaaack

It's Baaaaaaaaaack
30 Sep 2018
Trade Info Master Want ListTrade ListWhat I Collect

OK so this series has never really left in the first place. I just needed some catchy post title. I'm not sure what all will be included in this post, so read on to see what ended up on it.

New Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

First up two packs of 2018 Leaf Draft Football 5 cards per pack. These Draft sets are usually of the current NFL draft class players shown in their college uniforms with some stats info but are usually printed up before the actual draft so they never have the NFL team that drafted the players on the cards if the player was even drafted. That is one of the reasons I don't like the brand I have never been a prospector. Unfortunately for me these packs are usually included in those Fairfield repack boxes that I like to get at Target. Fortunately for others I am willing to part with them by sale or trade. $1 per pack.

Next another pair of packs 1990 Collegiate Collection: Notre Dame Football 1st Edition Football  8 cards per pack. This set has some NFL greats as seen in their college days with the Fightin' Irish. For trade or sale $1 per pack.

Previous Offerings:
Previous posts/offers are listed here.

CK42 Trading Posts:
Walking Dead and Hoops: Walking Dead Cards and 2015-16 Complete Basketball cards.
A Lot of Oilers: A 50-some card lot of Houston Oilers cards.
Previously Trading Thursday: A couple of pack lots. One 6 packs one 9 packs.

Trading Thursday Posts:
A Set and Singles: 1993-94 Classic Draft Basketball
The Return?: 2015-16 Donruss Basketball from pack pulls
This One is on Eleven: Basketball, Football and Non-Sport tall boy sized
A Fifth of February: Mixed bag of Baseball, Basketball and Football
Experiment Number One: 3 cards total 2 hockey relics, 1 baseball auto
CFL Trading: 2015 CFL Football cards from a single box break

The cards listed in this series of posts are for trade or sale. If I don't mention a price feel free to give a reasonable offer. In some cases I might just feel like giving the cards away to a good home that will appreciate them. Not that I don't appreciate them, but the cards I list no longer fit into the scope of my collection. I don't "trash" cards anymore. It makes me cringe when I hear people talking about throwing trading cards into the garbage. If I can't find a home for cards I no longer want, I will have to toss them into the recycle bin. I can't have them cluttering up my trading card hoard.

Friday, August 31, 2018

COTW: Benchwarmer Dreamgirls Jessa Hinton

2015 Benchwarmer Dreamgirls 15 of 18 Jessa Hinton

Another end of the month, another Non-Sport Update Magazine Promo card featuring some random babe. The featured card is 2015 Dreamgirls Benchwarmer a promo card numbered 15 of 18. It seems to indicate that instead of just one lone promo card there were quite a few for this, so instead of collectors hunting down a single promo card they need to hunt for several for this set. I'm just guessing and speaking out of my you know where on this one. So here is the sexy woman on the pretty little trading card that was a bonus for subscribing to a silly magazine.

2015 Dreamgirls Benchwarmer Non-Sport Update Promo 15 of 18 Jessa Hinton

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

COTW: James Bond Classics Non-Sport Update Promo

Another month another quickie Card of the Whenever post. This one is from a 2016 Non-Sport Update I'm not sure exactly which one I don't think I had recorded it in my mail day posts specifically. Too many times I've just mentioned there were some bonus cards without naming specific cards. Then again this one was in a stack of cards that I had long ago freed from it's NSU plain envelope prison. This card a from Rittenhouse. NO not the evil secret organization from the now cancelled TV show Timeless the Non-Sport Trading Card maker.

The card is from the 2016 James Bond 007 Classics 72 card set. Actually it is a promo card for the set from Non-Sport Update Magazine numbered P2. It features Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones from The World is Not Enough.
2016 James Bond 007 Classics - P2 Non Sport Update
Denise Richards as Doctor Christmas Jones

Saturday, June 30, 2018

COTW: 2017 Topps Now Jodie Whittaker

2018 Topps Now: 1 Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who

As with my Curly W cards blog I find myself at the end of the month having to do a quick and dirty post for this blog on the very last day of the month in the afternoon. I hate when I do this. OK so when I need to whip out a quick and dirty post I default to a Card of The Whenever aka: COTW post. 

This episode I am showing a card about a subject from last July that I posted on over at my regular Kirk's Knook blog. Specifically the announcement of the new "actor" to take over the title role in the BBC Sci-Fi series Doctor Who.This card marks one of the first if not the first Non-Sport Topps Now cards.

2017 Topps Now 1 Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who