Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Basketball Blog Group Box Break: One

I'm in the mood to attempt to host a Basketball Blog Group Box Break. I know the end of the season, end of March Madness is NOT the best time for a box break for Hoops cards, but hey its cards. Back two years ago I held a Baseball Blog Group Box Break with 2007 products that was somewhat successful. I'm more of a Baseball and Football guy than Basketball so I might make some big time mistakes with this thing. I hope I don't leave out any needed details, the whole Charlotte/New Orleans Hornets thing is kind of confusing enough (like the Winnipeg Jets thing in Hockey). I'm going to do this a little different this time. For the Baseball break I drove myself nutty by keeping to a semi-rigid schedule of when I did stuff, and by assigning ALL the unclaimed teams. With only 6 or 7 people that meant each person had 3 or more teams and I had to ship most stuff out in boxes not the originally planned bubble mailers. One person got two packages/boxes. I should have used flat rate priority boxes instead of the randomly scavenged boxes I used. I was trying to keep the shipping costs down. This time I won't random the unclaimed teams, the base anyway. I will randomize any hits and possibly inserts but not base. I'll try to keep things real simple this time. Hopefully I can get a least 10 people, 15 or more is preferred.

I will record videos of the break but because of my limited capabilities (Ustream not being able to save live broadcasts anymore. Correction Ustream deletes videos older than 30 days old. So no permanent storage anymore) and unknown break times they will not be live. I will post links to the videos on my YouTube account. I will post the pack results old school on the blog for those who prefer just reading and to list the pulls. All hits and most inserts will be scanned. Some base will be scanned but not all.

I have chosen some recent Basketball Product from years 2012-present and ordered it via Dave & Adams CardWorld.
It is already in hand and based on the plain brown paper that they used to cushion the boxes with, it acts like one of those spring loaded snakes in a nuts/snack can, it is ready to bust out. I paid a little extra to have the boxes shipped next day instead of the standard 3-Day UPS Free Shipping I was eligible for.  When I placed the order I already had the next day off so I could insure I would be available when the delivery was made. Surprisingly it was delivered about 10-20 minutes earlier than the stated 10:30 am delivery time.

The Boxes:
2012-13 Panini Prestige Basketball Hobby Box:
24 packs - 8 cards a pack
4 Hits: 3 Autographs 1 Memorabilia card per box
24 Rookies

2012-13 Panini Hoops Basketball 11-Pack Box (3):
11 Packs per box - 5 cards per pack
Hits: ? Autos are possible but not very likely with a retail "blaster". No guaranteed hits.

2012-13 Panini Past & Present Basketball Hobby Box:
20 Packs - 6 Cards per Pack
Hits: 3 Autos
2013-14 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball Jumbo Box:
10 Packs - 50 Cards per Pack
Hits: 2 Autos 1 Memorabilia card
50 parallels per box

2014-15 Panini Hoops Basketball Hobby Box:
24 Packs - 12 Cards per Pack
Hits: 2 Autos, 1 Memorabilia Card
36 Rookies
FREE: 2012/13 Panini Hoops Basketball Retail Pack:
7 Packs - 5 cards per pack.
These packs I will open as a teaser for the break before it is filled to test the video aspect of this break. The cards from these seven packs will be included in the break loot.

Some Break Guidelines:
- Cards will go to team the Player is listed on. If player is pictured in a uniform that doesn't match the team named, the card will go to the team named on card not the uniform shown.
- Cards with players from multiple teams (league leaders, rivalries etc) will be randomized between the owners of the teams on the card. 
- Checklist Cards with no specific team listed will be randomized.
- Cards showing players in college or minor league uniforms will be assigned to the team the player was drafted to or was on for season the set is from.
-Cards depicting defunct teams (as in the case of Past & Present) will go to the current team from that franchise if still in existence. If no current team then the card will be randomized.
- All cards for the team will be shipped out including duplicates. The exception is with Past & Present since I am building that set I will take one of the duplicates and ship the rest.

Here are the sign-up details. First you should be a follower of my blog. Next the cost will be $10 per team for the first team. Each group member will get a chosen team of their choice (first come first serve). Additional teams are $5 per team. NO Random teams will be assigned. Payment should be made via Paypal (as gift if possible but not necessary) my Paypal payment email is klandersen at aol dot com. I usually prefer using my yahoo email same handle but when I signed up for Paypal ages ago, when it was mostly an Ebay only thing (but before Ebay bought it), I only had the AOL account. Contact me via email (either AOL or Yahoo) for alternate payment methods BEFORE signing up if you can't do Paypal or if you have any questions about the break itself.

To sign up:
  1. Be a follower of my blog.
  2. Comment on this post with the team(s) you want.
  3. Send Payment to my Paypal account.
  4. Email me your mailing address. Include your team(s) and online name so I can match people up with their payments.
The base cards of all unclaimed teams will go into my tradebait tradefodder piles/boxes. Hits and possibly inserts from unclaimed teams will be randomized open to all in break.

I am taking break host's prerogative and have bought the Washington Wizards.

The Teams:
Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics - Maple19 (Mike) - PAID
Brooklyn Nets (New Jersey Nets)- Bill K - PAID
Charlotte Bobcats (Charlotte Hornets)
Chicago Bulls - Maple19 (Mike) - PAID
Cleveland Cavaliers - Chad Baker - PAID
Dallas Mavericks - Play at Plate (Brian) - PAID
Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors - Billy K - PAID
Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers
LA Clippers - Maple19 (Mike) - PAID
LA Lakers - Play at Plate (Brian) - PAID
Memphis Grizzlies
Miami Heat - Chad Baker - PAID
Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota Timberwolves - Maple19 (Mike) - PAID
New Orleans Pelicans (New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets) - Chad Baker - PAID
New York Knicks - Billy K - PAID
Oklahoma City Thunder (Seattle Supersonics) - Billy K - PAID
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia Sixers
Phoenix Suns
Portland Trail Blazers - Play at Plate (Brian) - PAID
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs - Play at Plate (Brian) - PAID
Toronto Raptors - Maple19 (Mike) - PAID
Utah Jazz
Washington Wizards- CaptKirk42 - PAID

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Contest Procrastination 101: We Have A Winna

Some regular readers of this blog may recall that I held an Anniversary Contest about a million years ago Internet time which is about five to six months ago in real time. YAY ME! Well finally the blog monkeys have ignored tallied all the results and picked a winner. Picked isn't the proper word since it was a landslide win identified is more like it. Since it was my 5th Anniversary I downed a fifth of Rum and randomized 3 runner ups. Wait? What? Wasn't it 4 runner-ups? Well one person made a valiant effort so I decided to award them 1st Runner Up and random the remaining three runner up spots. Now I plead The Fifth on that and Chug-A-Lug the rest of the bottle of *burp* Excuse me Rum. Just kidding about the Rum. On second thought I could have used a bottle for this.

It was a fun contest but I admit I think I was a bit intimidated by having to do all that tallying, so I don't think I'll ever do a contest of this nature again. You really need to keep up with things as they happen. Unfortunately I waited until the final day to say "I'll tally the points up later" intending to do it the next day but kept putting it off and putting it off. You know how that goes.

Before I get to the winner and runner ups here are the answers to the Bonus Questions. Of the 20some entrants only six people attempted the bonus questions. I didn't expect anybody to get Question 1 correct. That was a little cruel on my part, but there were some creative answers I should have awarded bonus points for a few of them but in retrospect those bonus points wouldn't have mattered much unless it was a huge amount of points. Question 2 had several correct responses but nobody got all five correct. A couple of people guessed a related show so I gave them an extra point for that. Questions 3 through 5 also had some correct answers. Question 4 one person got both, and only one person didn't get either show.

The Answers:
Question 1: During my college days I participated in an extra curricular activity. I also had a nickname that was associated with the activity. What was that activity and my nickname?

During my three year attempt at college I majored in BROADCASTING and was a DJ for the school's radio station. During my first on-air shift, (which was a short notice substitution for the regular jock a day or two before my first scheduled shift and I had to be given a Reader's Digest Nickel Tour on the job training session for the equipment) about half an hour into the shift I played "The Ewok Celebration" by Meco. I talked up the song with a Yoda impersonation saying "Yoda says it's time for the Ewoks" and played the entire song, it might have been the extended dance mix. Well the next day during dinner mostly in the cafeteria some of the radio station staff and management called me "Ewok". At first I was a little offended by it and slightly confused. It quickly dawned on me that they thought I was introducing myself as "The Ewok" when I was introducing the song. They continued to call me that and I used "Ewok" as my on-air handle. So the answer is: Broadcasting Radio DJ "Ewok"

Bonus: link to a video of the novelty song Ewok Celebration - Meco That is the short version that runs 3m20s (with the "rap" from the single starting at about 1m20s) there is a longer "Club Mix" that runs over 6 minutes.

Question 2: Top FIVE All-Time Fave TV shows: From a list of  many shows from the mid 1960s to today. The order doesn't always stay the same but lately (and at the time of the contest) they are: Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Quantum Leap, NCIS, Stargate SG:1.

There were some good guesses that included: JAG, Star Trek (and Star Trek Next Generation), The Big Bang Theory, The Black Adder, ALF and Monty Python's Flying Circus

Question 3: Wow the only Trading Card related question: True of False: I would pay upwards of $100 for a NM/M 2012 Topps Archives Baseball 241 Bryce Harper RC Super Short Print?

Quick Answer NO. Although it is true Harper's SSP RC card is on my want list(s) I would NOT pay $100 or more for it or any single card. Certainly not any modern card, maybe a super good conditioned vintage card that is normally worth many times that or if I were a millionaire and price was not an issue for anything. My normal top cost for any card is about $40. Preferably under $20. I have spent in the $30 range for cards I really really want that are in decent shape and this Harper card I'd almost pay $40 in a heartbeat for and I might go up to $50 for it.

Question 4: Of the following four television shows, which TWO have I seen at least an episode of and would most likely watch the entire run of? Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, 24, Lost

Answer: Lost and 24. I watched most of season one of Lost off and on, I stopped watching a few episodes after the "second" group of stranded passengers "arrived". Of the four shows I listed it would be the one I most likely would make an effort to watch the entire run of. Heck half the cast is on Hawaii Five-0 now so why not? 24 I've only watched one episode the one that was Sean Astin's last episode. I'm mixed on if I actually want to watch the series or not. Breaking Bad I actually have zero interest in seeing. A science teacher (or whatever subject Math? he taught) running a meth lab out of his trailer just doesn't do it for me. I also got sick of seeing that guys face with his toxic mask and quarantine suit all over the place and as people's avatars on group forums and in Facebook. Game of Thrones or it Thorns? Actually I saw about 5-10 minutes of an episode once, I don't recall which season, season 2 maybe? It was a nighttime scene in the woods and I recall a large tree or tree stump don't recall much else possibly it was a death scene. I don't know for some reason now-days the medieval fantasy type shows don't excite me like they did when I was a teen eons ago. I also don't want to get attached to a character only to see them killed in the next five minutes.

Question 5: Yes or NO: I own an HD Flatscreen TV?

Answer: NO. Believe it or not that is a big purchase I haven't made yet. I still have an ancient by today's standards 21" Sony that is 17 years old. I have another just as old maybe older TV. I also don't have a Blu-Ray player or a DVD-R (or DVR). I have an ancient VHS player/recorder and a DVD player or two. I'm of that old school of  "If it ain't broke don't fix it". I also DO NOT like watching TV on the dang computer/internet it isn't watching TV its watching a video on the computer.


CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Nebe Jr (Schmidt Happened!) who had the most points. The rest of you don't want to see the exact point totals. Richard had more than triple the number of points the first runner up had who had a large lead over the rest of the pack and that is Chris (Nachos Grande). Now the runner-ups: Randomly selected via random.org three times.
2nd runner-up: Greg Zakwin (Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle)
3rd runner-up: Ana Lu (Hobby Cards Europe)
4th runner-up: Brian (Play At The Plate)

All winners please email me your mailing address and favorite team(s) of whichever sport(s)* you collect to klandersen at yahoo dot com

* The four major US sports Baseball, NFL Football, Basketball, Hockey. Sorry international fans I don't have Real Football (Soccer) cards. From what I already know about the winner's PCs and areas of collecting most of the winner's booty will be Baseball.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Continuing Set Build 1974: Expos O's and Team Cards Sub-Sets

UPdated: 24 April 2015: Finished Expos and Orioles teams.

It's been over 40 years in the making and it is still "in progress", like 99% of all my set "builds" from my childhood. One of my all-time fave Baseball sets is 1974 Topps. I have made one step more toward finishing that 660 card set. Well actually there are something like 678 including some error correction variations. Maybe I'd have better luck building the O-Pee-Chee set?

The little steps that will help fill in the complete set. I have slowly been working toward and with some orders from sportlots in an effort to complete some of those little steps in the form of team sets.

So now I have an almost complete Expos team set: 29/29 (30/30 w/Team Checklist) Dang 4 player rookie cards.

No Number (15) Team Checklist
25 Ken Singleton
49 Steve Renko
73 Mike Marshall
97 Bob Bailey
121 Larry Lintz RC
146 Ron Fairly
169 Steve Rogers RC
193 Tom Walker
208 League Leaders: Leading Fireman: John Hiller Tigers and Mike Marshall Expos
217 Tim Foli
253 John Boccabella
275 Ron Hunt
297 Hal Breeden
322 Ernie McAnally
352 Bill Stoneman
377 Ron Woods
412  Chuck Taylor
437 Jim Lyttle
453 Balor Moore
468 Pepe Frias
485 Felipe Alou
508 Montreal Expos Team Card
531 Gene Mauch MGR
549 Mike Jorgensen
568 Mike Torrez
589 Boots Day
600 Rookie Infielders: Ron Cash Tigers, Jim Cox Expos, Bill Madlock Cubs, Reggie Sanders Tigers RC
603 Rookie Catchers: Barry Foote Expos, Tom Lunstedt Cubs, Charlie Moore Brewers, and Sergio Robles Oroles RC
653 Bob Stinson

Orioles team set: Almost complete 30/30 (31/31 w/team checklist)

No Number (2) Team Checklist
16 Baltimore Orioles Team Card
40 Jim Palmer
68 Grant Jackson
92 Paul Blair
109 Bobby Grich
137 Al Bumbry
160 Brooks Robinson
187 Don Baylor
206 ERA Leaders: Jim Palmer, Tom Seaver (Mets)
235 Dave McNally
259 Bob Reynolds
282 Doyle Alexander
306 Earl Weaver MGR
329 Marc Belanger
334 All-Star Third Basemen: Brooks Robinson, Ron Santo (Cubs)
353 Rich Coggins
375 Earl Williams
396 Tommie Davis
411 Frank Baker
436 Don Hood RC
460 Boog Powell
488 Andy Etchebarren
509 Jesse Jefferson
534 Eddie Watt
560 Mike Cuellar
585 Merv Rettenmond
596 Rookie Pitchers: Wayne Garland, Fred Holdsworth (Tigers), Mark Littell (Royals), Dick Pole (Red Sox) RC
603 Rookie Catchers: Barry Foote (Expos), Tom Lunstedt (Cubs), Charlie Moore (Brewers), Sergio Robles RC
606 Rookie Outfielders:  Jim Fuller, Wilbur Howard (Brewers), Tommy Smith (Indians), Otto Velez (Yankees)
348 Terry Crowley

Padres team set: (Plus 15 "Washington Padres" the Washington National League set) 25/26 (w/out Wash and w/out Team Checklist) 26/27 (w/Team Checklist but still without Wash) 40/41 (w/Wash w/out Team Checklist) (41/42 w/Wash and Team Checklist)

No Number (21) Team Checklist
32a Johnny Grubb RC (SD)
32b Johnny Grubb RC (Wash)
53a Fred Kendall (SD)
53b Fred Kendall (Wash)
77a Rich Troedson (SD)
77b Roch Troedson (Wash)
102a Bill Greif (SD)
102b Bill Greif (Wash)
125a Nate Colbert (SD)
125b Nate Colbert (Wash)
148a Dave Hilton (SD)
148b Dave Hilton (Wash)
173a Randy Jones RC (SD)
173b Randy Jones RC (Wash)
197a Vicente Romo (SD)
197b Vicente Romo (Wash)
226a San Diego Padres Team Card (SD)
226b Washington National League Team Card (Wash)
241a Glenn Beckert (SD) - Pictured in Cubs Uni
241b Glenn Beckert (Wash) - Pictured in Cubs Uni
250a Willie McCovey (SD)
250b Willie McCovey (Wash)
309a Dave Roberts (SD)
309b Dave Roberts (Wash)
364a Cito Gaston (SD)
364b Cito Gaston (Wash)
387a Rich Morales (SD)
387b Rich Morales (Wash)
406 Steve Arlin
430 Matty Alou
456 Dave Winfield RC
498 Pat Corrales
518 Darrel Thomas
535 Bob Tolan
546 Mike Corkins
572 Enzo Hernandez
599a Rookie Pitchers: Ron Doirio Phillies, Dave Freisleben Washington, Frank Riccelli Giants, Greg Shanahan Dodgers
599b Rookie Pitchers: Ron Doirio Phillies, Dave Freisleben Padres (Large Print), Frank Riccelli Giants, Greg Shanahan Dodgers
599c Rookie Pitchers: Ron Doirio Phillies, Dave Freisleben Padres (Small Print), Frank Riccelli Giants, Greg Shanahan Dodgers
628 Ivan Murrell
651 Leron Lee

With Card #599 I think I have the small print version of the Padres variation, I'm not 100% sure as it is hard to tell sometimes the difference between large and small fonts on these weird variations.

*Bonus Card (sort of) 258 Jerry Morales Cubs (Pictured in Padres Uniform) 27/28 (42/43)

Team Cards set: 24/24 (25/25 w/Wash)

16 Baltimore Orioles
36 St. Louis Cardinals
56  New York Mets
74 Minnesota Twins
94  Detroit Tigers
114 California Angels
154 Houston Astros
184 Texas Rangers
211 Chicago Cubs
226a San Diego Padres
226b Washington National League
246 Oakland Athletics
281 San Francisco Giants
314 Milwaukee Brewers
343 Kansas City Royals
363 New York Yankees
383 Philadelphia Phillies
416 Chicago White Sox
459 Cincinnati Reds
483 Atlanta Braves
508 Montreal Expos
541 Cleveland Indians
567 Boston Red Sox
626 Pittsburgh Pirates
643 Los Angeles Dodgers

Team Checklist Cards set: 24/24
These checklists like the previous year's 1973 Team Checklists are not numbered. The Fronts are similar except they have Red Borders the '73s had Blue Borders. Some I have unmarked and some marked (need to double check if I have all of them unmarked) some I have duplicates of. I'd like to have all of them unmarked someday.

(1) Atlanta Braves
(2) Baltimore Orioles
(3) Boston Red Sox
(4) California Angels
(5) Chicago Cubs
(6) Chicago White Sox
(7) Cincinnati Reds
(8) Cleveland Indians
(9) Detroit Tigers
(10) Houston Astros
(11) Kansas City Royals
(12) Los Angeles Dodgers
(13) Milwaukee Brewers
(14) Minnesota Twins
(15) Montreal Expos
(16) New York Mets
(17) New York Yankees
(18) Oakland Athletics
(19) Philadelphia Phillies
(20) Pittsburgh Pirates
(21) San Diego Padres
(22) San Francisco Giants
(23) St. Louis Cardinals
(24) Texas Rangers

Next baby steps complete the "Ex-Senators", Twins and Rangers Team sets:

Twins Team Set: 20/32 (21/33 w/Team Checklist)

No Number (14) Team Checklist
26 Bill Campbell RC
50 Rod Carew
74 Minnesota Twins Team Card
98 Bert Blyleven
122 Jim Holt
143 Dick Woodson
168 Danny Thompson
190 Tony Oliva
201 Batting Leaders: Rod Care Twins, Pete Rose Reds
232 Steve Brye
249 George Mitterwald
271 Bill Hands
296 Ray Corbin
321 Steve Braun
333 All Star Second Basemen: Rod Carew Twins, Joe Morgan Reds
366 Larry Hisle
388 Phil Roof
400 Harmon Killebrew
421 Dan Fife RC
447 Frank Quillici MGR
469 Joe Decker
481 Jerry Terrell RC
503 Eric Soderholm
527 Bobby Darwin
547 Glenn Borgmann
573 Mike Adams RC
592 Ed Bane RC
602 Rookie Pitchers: Glenn Abbott Athletics, Rick Henninger Rangers, Craig Swan Mets, Dan Yossler Twins
605 Rookie Pitchers: Vic Albury Twins, Ken Frailing White Sox, Kevin Kobel Brewers, Frank Tanana Angels
613 Dan Mozon
636 Dave Goltz
659 Joe Liz

Rangers Team Set:20/29 (21/30 w/Team Checklist)

No Number (24) Team Checklist
11 Jim Bibby
39 Ken Suarez
63 Bill Sudakis
87 Fergie Jenkins
89 Jackie Brown
107 Alex Johnson
133 David Clyde RC
184 Texas Rangers Team Card
196 Jim Fergosi
223 Jeff Burroughs
242 Bill Gogolewski
268 Tom Grieve
294 Steve Faucault RC
318 Jim Merritt
355 Dave Nelson
379 Billy Martin MGR
401 Elliott Maddox
425 Pete Broberg
446 Len Randle
466 Dick Billings
511 Toby Harrah
539 Lloyd Allen
558 Bill Fahey
580 Jim Spencer
597 Rookie Shortstops: Dave Chalk Angels, John Gamble Tigers, Pete Mackanin Rangers, Manny Trillo Athletics
602 Rookie Pitchers: Glenn Abbott Athletics, Rick Henninger Rangers, Craig Swan Mets, Dan Yossler Twins
618 Jim Mason
639 Joe Lovitto
657 Jim Shellenback

Checklists: 2/5
126 Cards 1-132
263 Cards 133-264
273 Cards 265-396
414 Cards 397-528
637 Cards 529-660

When I finally COMPLETE these teams I think I will show them off. Til then I am just showing the samples from above. While scanning the cards for this post I noticed some previously unseen or forgotten paper loss damage to my Brooksie card back:

 Not only is there enough loss that you can't read his first few HR and RBI stats but the top of AVG column top is hanging on to dear life.

Over all for the complete set I am at 61% almost 62% complete.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Strive For '65: Goal not looking so good

Less than a month away til my big birthday (3 weeks from TODAY EEK!), the deadline for my Strive For '65 set build goal. I'm not going to make it. I'm only a little more than 1/3 of the way complete. Not too bad for a little over a year's worth of pursuit effort (starting with only 90some cards of an almost 600 card set), well really only a few months I did slack some during the "year" especially during the winter months. Hopefully between now and the End of the Year I can complete it. It wouldn't be the original goal which sucks, but it is better than waiting til the next big anniversary (75 years) to finally complete the dang set. I might not be around for that anniversary, who knows? So I prefer to get this set complete NOW.

It seems most of the cards I've had to get by buying them from somewhere. Not many traders or bloggers have spares of this set to go around. I got some more cards from this set from a purchase from a forum member over at Sports Card Forum (SCF). I'm sort of scratching my head over a couple of decisions I made about those. I opted to get a duplicate of one of the Senators, which I already have the complete team set for this set, and a graded copy YES GRADED copy of the Boog Powell card. I will have to free it of it's plastic prison to put it into the set binder, or snag a cheaper raw copy on Ebay for the binder.

Current Progress is 207/598 (209/600) 34.9%

For this post I was going to scan the more recently acquired cards from this set like the Powell, but I haven't scanned them yet. They are lounging around in the "to blog about sometime" queue which has been backed up for a couple of years now. I'll mention them when I complete the pages they are from if I haven't made an extra post for them before that.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Card Of The Whenever: A Reprint of a Golden Oldie

1942 Play Ball 1983 Reprint Mel Ott Lifetime Giant

This randomly posted Card of The Whenever is actually a card of two whenevers as it is a reprint of a vintage card I will probably never have in anything above good condition if at all. In the mid 1970s and the early 1980s TCMA (founded in 1976) produced many throwback retro and reprint sets. This card is one of the reprints. The Player represented played for the New York Giants Baseball team, not Football sillies, his entire career and went on to manage them. You know the drill here is the card:

 1942 Play Ball 1983 Reprint 32 Mel Ott NY Giants
(Front and Back)

I am glad that this reprint is pretty true to the original design, no color borders added or colorizing of the original Black and White photo. The back is pretty much inline with the original. Of course the card stock is thinner modern bleached white cardboard and not the old style from the early '40s but you do need to be able to tell the reprint from the originals.