Monday, August 31, 2020

Some 1959 Topps Baseball From Sportlots


1959 Topps Baseball from Sportlots Auctions

Another one of these quick posts. Long story short I "won" 4 auctions over at from one seller each was won at the opening bid of just 25 cents plus the shipping which totaled $4.80. With Sportlots you don't get combined shipping when it comes to the auctions. I forgot about that this time. Oh well.

Anywho I got 4 cards from 1959 Topps Baseball. I will  be talking about 3 of them here and the lone Senator over at my Curly W Cards blog.

The first two cards are from the Los Angeles Dodgers:

We have Shortstop Charlie Neal

1959 Topps Baseball: 427 Charlie Neal Los Angeles Dodgers

And Outfielder Solly Drake

1959 Topps Baseball: 406 Solly Drake Los Angeles Dodgers

Next up Pittsburgh Pirates Pitchers "Buc Hill Aces": 

1959 Topps Baseball: 428 Buc Hill Aces
Ron Kline Bob Friend Vern Law Roy Face Pittsburgh Pirates

Oh I almost forgot the seller included a couple of filler/buffer cards that were in toploaders to further protect the bought cards.

1989 Upper Deck Baseball 494 Al Nipper Chicago Cubs

1986 Donruss Baseball 133 Dick Schofield California Angels

So there we have a nice little recent package of cards one card short of a full hand, well actually 1 card more than a hand or a hand in some other variation of a card game. There are so many versions of poker I'm not sure which one(s) have a 6 card hand. Look for the Hal Griggs card over at my Curly W Cards blog.