Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Steven Jackson Rookie Gum Card

 For this post I was going to talk about a sub-set of Team Checklists that I had gotten fairly recently from my May Sportlots Spending Spree from their Seller's Stores (no Auctions). I used to have a huge list of cards that I was "watching" for several months and ended up purchasing 100+ cards (120 some or 140 some?) from 15-20 different sellers, averaging at roughly the 18¢ starting price. I ended up completing a few little sub-sets or making a dent in some others, plus I got a few cards for my Strive for '65 Set Build. I have enough to make a few posts on this blog and on my Curly W Cards blog. I have tons of other cards in my collection/hoard so don't worry about me not having any post content. It is more a matter of wanting to post about it and how easy it will be to do the scanning, or when I can do the scanning in relation to how close the end of the month is. Anyway I didn't feel like scanning the 20 some almost 30 cards for the post I was planning. Fortunately for my usual cutting it close to the deadline for the month I had this card available to yack about.

So here is the card I decided to talk about a 2004 Bazooka Football Rookie Card for Steven Jackson. Well one of the 100zillion Rookie Cards of his. Now days a single player has more dang RCs from just one of the dozens of sets from just one of the dozens of brands ironically made by only a handful of manufacturers than most players had total cards for their lifetime of cards back just a few decades ago.

Enough of the Yakety Yak here is the young super running back.

2004 Bazooka Football: 215 Steven Jackson RC St. Louis Rams