Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Steven Jackson Rookie Gum Card

 For this post I was going to talk about a sub-set of Team Checklists that I had gotten fairly recently from my May Sportlots Spending Spree from their Seller's Stores (no Auctions). I used to have a huge list of cards that I was "watching" for several months and ended up purchasing 100+ cards (120 some or 140 some?) from 15-20 different sellers, averaging at roughly the 18¢ starting price. I ended up completing a few little sub-sets or making a dent in some others, plus I got a few cards for my Strive for '65 Set Build. I have enough to make a few posts on this blog and on my Curly W Cards blog. I have tons of other cards in my collection/hoard so don't worry about me not having any post content. It is more a matter of wanting to post about it and how easy it will be to do the scanning, or when I can do the scanning in relation to how close the end of the month is. Anyway I didn't feel like scanning the 20 some almost 30 cards for the post I was planning. Fortunately for my usual cutting it close to the deadline for the month I had this card available to yack about.

So here is the card I decided to talk about a 2004 Bazooka Football Rookie Card for Steven Jackson. Well one of the 100zillion Rookie Cards of his. Now days a single player has more dang RCs from just one of the dozens of sets from just one of the dozens of brands ironically made by only a handful of manufacturers than most players had total cards for their lifetime of cards back just a few decades ago.

Enough of the Yakety Yak here is the young super running back.

2004 Bazooka Football: 215 Steven Jackson RC St. Louis Rams


  1. I never saw him in the pros, but did see every game of his with Oregon State. He was pretty good during his one season there, and probably would've put up even bigger numbers had the offense been better.

  2. Back in the late 2000's... I used to grab his memorabilia and rookie cards when I could find them in bargain bins. Thought he was gonna be the next Faulk.