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Updated: 30 Nov 2017

One of the things about trading that I have been bad about has been providing an accurate and updated Trade List of cards I have available for trade. Making an accurate trade list is time consuming especially when one has a huge supply of traders that also happen to be very unorganized. Also when one is unsure about the status of the cards found. Are they truly duplicates? Non-PC cards that can be traded? Or are they those few oddball common cards that are needed to finish up a set? That last question is the one the usually sticks with me and forces me to not consider a card for trade. One time I thought I had a bunch of 1976 Topps Traded Baseball duplicates to trade and had them listed on my Zistle and Trading Card Database lists. Well I kept getting trade offers on Zistle about some of those cards and couldn't find them. Eventually I found were my full set was, but I couldn't find the dupes I thought I had. It is therefore highly possible that I had traded those duplicates away and forgot I had grabbed them, Oh here is a Reds card for John, a Yankees card for Bill etc ...or I had accidentally marked the cards as duplicates when I didn't have any dupes.

En Lieu of an actual "trade list" a temporary fix I had was an occasional "Trading Thursdays" post for Thursdays now for any day and titled "CK42 Trading Post".

CK42 Trading Posts:
Walking Dead And Hoops: A lot of The Walking Dead Season 6 and 4 cards from 2015-16 Panini Complete Basketball.
A Lot of Oilers: A nice lot of Houston Oilers cards from years 1989- 1997 a few Warren Moons.
Previously Trading Thursday: A couple of pack lots. One 6 packs one 9 packs.

Trading Thursdays Posts: 
A Set And Singles: 1993-94 Classics Draft Picks Basketball
The Return?: 2015-16 Donruss Basketball from pack pulls
This One Is On Eleven: Basketball, Football and Non-Sport tall boy sized
A Fifth Of February: Mixed bag of Baseball, Basketball and Football
Experiment Number One: 3 cards total 2 hockey relics, 1 baseball auto
CFL Trading: Team lots of 2015 Upper Deck CFL Football cards

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