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CK42 Trade Post: A Lot Of Oilers

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30 Jul 2017 (Updated 08 May 2019)
A Lot Of Oilers

New Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

This post offers cards from a defunct NFL team that relocated and then a year later changed their name completely. I'm sure somewhere there are some people who collect Houston Oilers cards.

NOTE: Many of these cards have already been traded away or ear-marked for a Titans collector that also collects the old Oilers. Check on availability.

1989 Topps Football: 96 Alonzo Highsmith
1990 Score Football: 151 Bubba McDowell (3)
1991 Pro Set Platinum Football: 42 Mike Munchak
1992 Pacific Football:
114 Bo Orlando
115 Don Maggs
1992 Pinnacle Football: 257 Lamar Lathon
1992 Pro Set Football: 509 Cody Carlson - Cool design I might chase this set someday, maybe
1992 Skybox Football: 
100 Warren Moon - Traded
169 Ernest Givins - Traded
1992 Topps Stadium Club Football:
8 Don Maggs (2)
34 David Williams (2)
55 Chris Dishman
75 Lamar Lathon
89 Greg Montgomery
120 Warren Moon (4)
152 Lorenzo White
183 Johnny Meads
218 Bruce Matthews
267 Bo Orlando (3)
1992 Wild Card Football: 88 Tony Jones 50 Stripe
1993 Hi-Pro Marketing Action Packed Football: All Madden Team 19 Bruce Matthews
1993 Fleer Football: 242 League Leader Warren Moon
1993 Skybox Football: 146 Warren Moon
1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football: Crash The Game C14 Gary Brown
1994 Fleer Football: 193 Warren Moon
1994 Topps Stadium Club Football: 472 Al Del Greco
1994 Fleer Ultra Football: 117 Cody Carlson
1995 Pinnacle Action Packed Football: Monday Night Football: 83 Steve McNair - Traded
1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Football: 226 Ernest Givins
1995 Collector's Edge Football: 79 Haywood Jeffires
1995 Skybox Impact Football:
57 Ray Childress
58 Haywood Jeffires
1995 Classic Pro Line Football: 391 Gary Brown
1997 Upper Deck Football:
199 Eddie George
200 Ronnie Harmon
202 Willie Davis
1997 Upper Deck Football:
204 Darryll Lewis
225 Michael Barrow
2017 Panini Donruss Elite Collegiate Football: 32 Earl Campbell Univ Texas Longhorns Uniform
1997 Upper Deck Football:
205 Blaine Bishop
201 Chris Sanders
1994 Fleer Game Day Football: Tall Boy: 164 Steve Jackson - Traded
1995 Fleer Flair Football: Prieview 12 Bruce Matthews - Traded

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