Monday, March 31, 2014

Joy of a Complete Team Set: 1965 Senators

OH hey a trip to my LCS over the weekend helped me with some Homie team goodies including the official Joy of a complete team set. Unfortunately I won't mention them on this regular blog, but fortunately I do yack about it on my Curly W Cards blog. The story includes this dog of a card:

and how I turned it around from this:

To this:
Yeah that is much better and Don likes it better too. See no more moss growing on his hat:

So this helps with my Strive For '65 campaign. It now stands at 157/598 (599)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Backlog Of... Well Just Stuff

Edit: Oh pooh I already had a post scheduled for when I originally posted this. Sorry for the edit/change in posting.

Just to let you know I have a huge backlog of stuff including tons of scanning that I want to eventually post to this blog and my Curly W Blog. The biggest part of the problem is PRO-crastination. Procrastinating on scanning, procrastinating on most aspects of organization. I even procrastinate a little when I mention my maildays on on card forums at my TCC "blog" and TCZ show and tell "mail bag" post. Oddly enough those are more up-to-date than this blog is in part due to not including scans (sometimes I do, but it is very rare). Sometimes I wait waste a day or two before mentioning what I got in the mail there, sometimes it is the sheer volume of what came that intimidates me. Then there are these blogs and they really intimidate me when I look at how much I have to catch up on. So...

That means that some of my posts about maildays in the next month or two or three might be from ancient vintage maildays. I will most likely point out that they are from sometime in the way-back past and not something that just came "the other day". Try the other day from the other day from about two years ago in some cases. Then again I might have to wait until I complete a set or sub-set to mention some of this stuff.

The wonderful thing about blogging is there is no real standard for how, what, or even when you post something. I wonder if I should have ever composed this particular post to begin with.

So yeah I have some upcoming posts about stale snail mail.

Hmmm I should show a card or two... don't think I've shown this one.

1994 Ted Williams Baseball 9 Andy Etchebarren Orioles
(Front and Back)

and How about this one?
 2009 UD Goodwin Champions Mini Black Border 215 Jimmy Rollins Phillies
Gypsy Queen Back
(Front and Back)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Card Of The Whenever: Brady Anderson

Brady Anderson 1995 Pinnacle Baseball

This card comes from a "junk wax" years set that I used to hate. Partly because the first time I saw the set (actually the set from the following year I think) it was a little difficult to to read the player's name in the gold foil, I think the first card or two I saw might have been worn some or poorly printed. In the case of this card it looks pretty good in real life but the name is hard to read in the scan. The team logo however looks OK in the scan but is almost impossible to see in real life. One of several reasons I hate the gold/silver foil nonsense that the card companies have been giving us for at least 30 years now. Anyway as with many other sets from these years, I now kind of like them. This card is also one of those horizontal/landscaped cards which I normally am not too keen on either, but in this case it is pretty cool because it is one of those sliding into the base niche cards that several bloggers are probably going google-eyed over.

1995 Pinnacle Baseball 188 Brady Anderson Orioles
(Front and Back)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Card of the Whenever: Tommy John 1981 Topps

1981 Topps Baseball: Tommy John
This edition of the Card of The Whenever like most of these posts I will insert at random times. Usually many weeks or possibly months in advance. This particular edition is the third I have written, but who knows in what order it will actually be posted on the blog. I came up with the nifty logo image for this series before writing this post, but by the time this post is published you will have seen the logo already and might be tired of it.

This edition's card is from 1981 Topps Baseball. The Player: Tommy John who is probably best known for the elbow surgery (ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction) that bares his name more than his actual career. Mr. John was the first baseball player to undergo the surgery in 1974 he spent the '75 season recovering. Anyway I got this card from a sportlots auction for 25¢ plus $3.14 shipping (it came from Canada with another card I have talked about on this blog previously)
1981 Topps Baseball 550 Tommy John Yankees
(Front and Back)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Card Of The Whenever: Luis Matos Play Ball

2004 Upper Deck Play Ball: 101 Luis Matos Orioles

Have I said I love retro cards? I think it is because I love vintage. I didn't use to love retro cards. I recall the first time I saw the Bowman/Topps Heritage series (I think I saw the Football first at a 7-Eleven) I hated it. I thought a modern reproduction of a vintage design was unoriginal. Well now I love the Heritage series, even if they are not original. 

This card is a modern retro shout out to the 1940s Play Ball sets of cards. I don't have any original Play Ball cards, most of them are too expensive even the very poor conditioned ones. I like them now, but at one time I wasn't too keen on their plain looks. Odd because I normally like the plain and simple looks for cards.

So here is the modern 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball card for Luis Matos of the Orioles.
2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Baseball: 101 Luis Matos Orioles
(Front and Back)

I am going to need to start building this set of cards. BTW this is one of the cards I got from 2x3 Heroes Jeff, in a PWE six-pack. I told you I'd probably show some of them off individually.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Need Cardboard Contest Pimpage

Need to get some free cardboard?
Well Andrew over at Need More Cardboard is having a contest. Check it Out Here! Tell him CaptKirk42 sent you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A 2x3 Six Pack PWE

It pays to sign up for things. Jeff at 2x3 Heroes has a mailing list you can sign up for via a special form link he calls Club PWE. If you don't mind getting base cards of your homie team in a PWE it is worth signing up for. It seems to be totally random depending on Jeff's whim and whatever he has available at the time of that whim. (I should try some sort of form thing sometime if I can figure out how to do it) Anyway it is amazing how six cards can be loaded into a PWE.

Here is the six pack I got:
2007 Bowman Heritage Baseball: 106 Felipe Lopez Nationals
2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Baseball: 101 Luis Matos Orioles
2000 Bowman Baseball: 310 Ryan Minor Orioles
2009 Topps Attax Baseball: No Number Lastings Milledge Nationals (#133 in alphabetical lists)
2011 Topps Heritage Baseball: 186 Rick Ankiel Nationals
1995 Pinnacle Baseball:  188 Brady Anderson Orioles

Thanks for the cards Jeff!

Some of these I might show individually sometime. The Nationals I'll show on my CurlyW Cards blog sometime, maybe separate, maybe as a group.

Monday, March 3, 2014

1993 Ted Williams Cards

A while back, Months and Months ago (I am backlogged with my scanning and the priorities keep changing) out of the blue I got an email from Tom at Angels In Order blog asking for my mailing address. He had some cards from the 1993 Ted Williams Baseball set that were on my want list. So about a week later I got these.

2 Rick Ferrell
3 Jim Lonborg
7 Carl Yastrzemski
25 Louis Aparicio
26 Luke Appling
30 Joe Morgan
35 Tris Speaker (I share my birthday with him 04/04)
46 Lew Burdette
48 Warren Spahn
54 Monte Irvin
58 Yogi Berra
67 Bobby Murcer
78 Richie Ashburn
72 Steve Carlton
74 Matty Alou
81 Willie Stargell
82 Al Bumbry
85 Earl Weaver
86 Lou Brock
87 James "Cool Papa" Bell
105 Josh Gibson
106 Cowan "Bubber" Hyde
107 William J. "Judy" Johnson
108 Walter "Buck" Leonard
115 Negro Leagues Checklist
121 Babe Ruth "The Babe"
122 Lou Gehrig "The Iron Horse"
124 Rogers Hornsby "Rajah"
125 Ty Cobb "The Georgia Peach"
128 Tris Speaker "The Grey Eagle"
129 Johnny Mize "The Big Cat"
130 Ted's Greatest Hitters Checklist
141 Roy Campanella
143 Boog Powell
144 Willie Mays
145 Johnny Mize
146 Monte Irvin
147 Earl Weaver
149 Jim Gilliam
150 Goin' North Checklist
160 Dawning of a Legacy Checklist: Jeff Bagwell

Tom included a simple note:
The note was on the back of some sort of stat card for an umpire:
Don Denkinger who unfortunately is best known for a blown call in a World Series. Oops.

Thanks Tom.

This mailday was form August of last year 2013. I have several other batches of cards from various maildays that I have to blog about. Some are fairly recent ones others are very old, even older than this one is/was.