Saturday, March 22, 2014

Backlog Of... Well Just Stuff

Edit: Oh pooh I already had a post scheduled for when I originally posted this. Sorry for the edit/change in posting.

Just to let you know I have a huge backlog of stuff including tons of scanning that I want to eventually post to this blog and my Curly W Blog. The biggest part of the problem is PRO-crastination. Procrastinating on scanning, procrastinating on most aspects of organization. I even procrastinate a little when I mention my maildays on on card forums at my TCC "blog" and TCZ show and tell "mail bag" post. Oddly enough those are more up-to-date than this blog is in part due to not including scans (sometimes I do, but it is very rare). Sometimes I wait waste a day or two before mentioning what I got in the mail there, sometimes it is the sheer volume of what came that intimidates me. Then there are these blogs and they really intimidate me when I look at how much I have to catch up on. So...

That means that some of my posts about maildays in the next month or two or three might be from ancient vintage maildays. I will most likely point out that they are from sometime in the way-back past and not something that just came "the other day". Try the other day from the other day from about two years ago in some cases. Then again I might have to wait until I complete a set or sub-set to mention some of this stuff.

The wonderful thing about blogging is there is no real standard for how, what, or even when you post something. I wonder if I should have ever composed this particular post to begin with.

So yeah I have some upcoming posts about stale snail mail.

Hmmm I should show a card or two... don't think I've shown this one.

1994 Ted Williams Baseball 9 Andy Etchebarren Orioles
(Front and Back)

and How about this one?
 2009 UD Goodwin Champions Mini Black Border 215 Jimmy Rollins Phillies
Gypsy Queen Back
(Front and Back)


  1. That Etchebarren card reminds me of an idea for an offbeat collection of unibrows that I contemplated putting together a couple of months ago. I have enough now with all my Brewers stuff, but the Unibrow Union would be a fun collection, I think.

  2. I had a huge case of card blog constipation the past two weeks. Thankfully I was able to use this weekend to catch up and relieve some of the pressure.

    1. Glad you were able to get over your blog constipation, mine is a more major case and might need emergency surgery. It is more like a life-long case that has expanded in recent years/months.

    2. Well... I hope you're able to take care of it before it gets to the point of no return. Either way... go at your own pace. Nobody is going to harass you if you write about a mail day two or three months later. And if someone does... don't worry... I'll go Metamucil on them ;-)

  3. I never got much into the Goodwin sets, though I did try.

  4. That dude's got more hair in his unibrow than Rollins has on his face!!