Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Washington Wednesday: Ice Warriors


As all the various DC sports teams finish their seasons something something something. My blogging is still majorly discombobulated because of the Blogger upgrades. I will try to muddle through but it takes all the fun out of doing it and makes me want to stop blogging completely. Maybe I should try to find another platform that is similar to the old Blogger if one exists. I think I will make (or have made) some kind of similar rant like this on my other blogs just because.

Anyway I decided this time to show off some recently acquired Hockey cards of my Homie DC Ice Warriors. Longish story short on one of the Trading Card Forums I frequent someone held a free group box break, and one of the members of the forum that signed up for the break forwarded The Washington Capitals to me from a couple of the boxes, minus any Braden Holtby cards. Fortunately for me (as the break goes) there were some cards that were not of the Goaltender. Unfortunately for my collection there were one or two Holtby cards in the break overall I did not get.

2018-19 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey

44 Evgeny Kuznetsov Washington Capitals

100 Nicklas Backstrom Washington Capitals

63 T.J. Oshie Washington Capitals

2019-20 Upper Deck SP Hockey

39 Tom Wilson Washington