Saturday, February 28, 2015

Washington Wednesday: On A Saturday I must be CRAZY

OK so this probably should be a Washington Wednesday episode, but it isn't because I needed a "quick and dirty" post for the end of this month (Feb) to keep up with my minimum of one post a month. I don't seem to have scanned the back of it whenever I did scan the thing. It is blank anyway. I thought I had mentioned it at one time, maybe it was only on my trading card forum blogs I mentioned it. Oh well So on with what you really want to see:

1979-1980 Topps Hockey Mini Poster - 16 Washington Capitals Team

I got this from Ebay I think for incredibly cheap, meaning $10 or less probably more like $5 or less. These mini-posters were included folded up as an insert in the regular 1979-80 Topps Hockey Card packs I believe. It is the size of four standards cards. Mine is in pretty good condition I don't think there are any tears or holes on the crease folds. If there are they are very tiny. I'd like to get the other 15 from this set eventually but it is not a huge priority.