Thursday, February 29, 2024

Project Purge: COMC and Other Fun

COMC Submission
The Four Major Sports Groups
Updated: 29 FEB 2024

A little background: I've been on COMC (Check Out My Cards) since 2009. Over the years I've sold 67 cards there averaging 4 to 5 cards/year. That first year I sold 9 cards for a total of $24.90, the most I've sold in a year was 10 cards in 2015 for $4.45. Last year I sold 6 cards for a total of $6.55, this year so far I've sold my yearly average of 4 cards for only $1.45 total. One was a flipper card I bought from the site to test flipping (along with another card that I still have listed there). It took a little less than 3 years and I only made about 12 cents or less off of it. 

 I have bought a bunch of cards there as well. Interestingly enough I noticed that when I paid with a credit card vs paying with the site credit, the details of my order including the cards I bought are not included in my purchase/shipping history on the site. 

Now onto the regularly scheduled post content:
I recently shipped 364 cards to COMC to add to the 150 cards I have there for sale already. It is only the second time I've sent stuff there to sell. The estimated processing finish date is in May. This batch of cards covered the four major US sports Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey. It included some chrome/refractor type cards a few Hockey relics, maybe an auto card or two. Half of the cards were basketball or at least a third. I used two small card boxes and put them in a larger box that was about the size of a medium USPS flat rate box of old. There were also some Topps Baseball dupes that I had from  the years 1978 to 1980 (50 cards maybe?). Some of the cards I sent were still on my collection page over at TCDB. I tried to delete them from there as I was preparing the lot of cards to send. Soon I will be adding more cards to my trade list over at TCDB. I also plan on semi-regularly submitting cards to COMC, not lots as large as this last one. I don't want to spend a fortune everytime I submit cards. I Just have to keep track of my credit balance over there to cover submission costs.

I checked the population of some CCG cards over at COMC. Specifically from 1995 Cardz Hyborian Gates. Years ago I had bought a large starter deck/box and some packs because I liked the art work. Never played the game, but planned on collecting the card set. I don't play any of those card games. For ages I thought I would save a handful of them that I really liked the art work on and try to sell the rest as a lot via Ebay, in looking at what is already at COMC I noticed there were only 16 of the cards (from 4 sellers). I think that will be the next batch of cards to send to COMC. "Com Cee" as some Youtube vloggers call it. I just call it "checkoutmycards". Com-Cee sounds strange to me, like a communications network company. 

Over at TCDB my trade list there is my collection titled "Traders and/or For Sale".


  1. Gotta love TCDb! That's the site I visit most when I'm online.

    Just a friendly suggestion here--unless I somehow missed it, you should always mention your COMC user name when writing about COMC. I'm a longtime COMC customer but it also wasn't obvious to me how to find a specific seller on COMC who isn't one of their "hot" sellers.

    1. bb thanks,
      For me my COMC ID is the same as most of my card names "CaptKirk42".

  2. I've never shipped any cards to COMC... but I've thought about it a lot. Just like I've thought about trading on TCDB a lot. Maybe one day I'll do both.

  3. I don't sell cards so don't have much on that end. I gave up trading on TCDB. Too many rude people.