Saturday, February 17, 2024

Project Purge: Football (NFL) Team Lots

Are You Ready For Some Football?
Football (NFL) Team Lots
Published: 17 FEB 2024 Updated: 04  MAR 2024
Marx Brothers from "Horse Feathers" football scene from internet.

I am currently in the early stages of a huge collection purge or partial purge at least. I kicked things off on 16 Jan (2024) with a post for some Basketball Team Lots that I had prepared and put into a monster box. I put a post up at and then was going to post the offer up here on my blog near the end of the month, however, the response was so intense I rushed to make an updated blog post. Most of the claims came from the database no surprise there. I was a bit surprised that team sets of mostly 1990s base cards with doubles and multiples would be claimed so fast. A little more than a day and a half after the original posting time and ALL the lots were claimed. A TCDB member claimed the last 5 teams and some of the random type card lots. Needless to say his was the biggest package BOX I had to send out. About the size of a USPS med sized flat rate box.

As I did with the Basketball lots I am only shipping to USA addresses. Sorry international postage is just too expensive and there is no practicle package tracking systems.
It is time for some Football. Like the Basketball lots they are mostly base cards and some inserts. For the Basketball I didn't specify the cards were almost exclusively just common base (some of the teams have an insert or two but no "hits"), By saying most of the cards were 1990s (the "Junk Wax") years I was sort of implying the lots were all common base cards. I'm sorry if some people thought there might be more precious gems in the lots.

I had been in a Football team traders group for a long time. To get trade fodder for the group I ripped open some packs and boxes of newer product and often purchased team lots from Ebay. These Football lots may contain some autos or relic cards. No guarantees though as most teams will have neither. The year ranges are also a little larger than the 1989 to 2007 range the Basketball lots had. Some of these team lots go up to 2019 or 2020, with many teams, but not all, including 2014-2017 cards.

Not all teams in the league will be available at this time. I will try to ship things out in a timely manner but with the lessons learned from the Basketball Lots I will not try rushing everything all at once. Some people will have to wait for a little while. I also plan on shipping most lots in the small flat rate boxes. I had tried avoiding those but many of the basketball lot packages ended up costing over $10 to ship (I had only asked $6 for shipping costs) and small flat rate boxes ship for around $10.50 now.

Some team lots will include an auto card or relic card but there is no guarantee of getting either. Most team lots will just contain common base cards with maybe some inserts, but no "hits".

Most cards will be in EX condition, but not all. Spome cards may have creases and maybe some dings or ware on the corners or edges. Not as badly as many vintage cards but they still maybe noticable.

Shipping for team lots will be $11 per lot. You can request more than one team but be advised that shipping might be delayed as I search for a larger box to ship. Teams with fewer cards I might be able to ship for cheaper but that isn't guaranteed, and if requesting multiple teams it will most likely be $11 to ship anyway.

49ers 79 cards 1990-2016 - CLAIMED
Bears 30 cards 1989-2016
Bengals 168 cards 1990-2019
Bills 81 cards 1991-2016
Broncos 17 cards 1991-2016 
Browns 197 cards 1990-2019
Buccaneers 408 cards 1990-2019 - CLAIMED
Cardinals 394 cards 1990-2019 - CLAIMED
Chargers 48 cards 1990-2019
Chiefs 67 cards 1995-2019
Colts 77 cards 1992-2019
Dolphins 242 cards 1990-2019
Eagles 251 cards 1990-2019 - CLAIMED
Falcons 227 cards 1990-2019
Giants 28 cards 1990-2016
Jaguars 297 cards 1995-2019
Jets 11 cards 1992-2016
Lions 53 cards 1990-2019
Packers 53 cards 1990-2019
Panthers 121 cards 1995-2019
Patriots 72 cards 1988-2019 - CLAIMED
Raiders 228 cards 1992-2019 - CLAIMED
Saints 15 cards 1991-2016
Seahawks 266 cards 1990-2016 - CLAIMED
Steelers 17 cards 1990-2019
Texans 17 cards 2003-2016
Titans 84 cards 2000-2019


  1. I have considered doing this as well. I have so much and mine would be a huge purge. I would love just to get shipping covered lol

  2. I hope other collectors consider doing this. One of my nieces is a Vikings fan... the other is a Cowboys fan. I've been targeting lots on eBay for next year's Christmas present... but they only collect cards of guys from the past few years.

  3. It seems weird that anyone could've been upset by their basketball purchase(s) when you told everyone up front what would, and wouldn't, most likely be in there.

    1. Jon,
      Nobody complained to me. It was just me overthinking things and realizing that I had not mentioned condition or if there was a possibility of any "hits" when doing the Basketball batch.