Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Purging Project: Basketball Team Lots ALL LOTS CLAIMED


UPDATE: 18Jan2024 4:50 PM
ALL TEAM LOTS have now been CLAIMED.

Thank you to all the TCDB members, and my blog readers who made claims for the lots. I am still waiting on a few addresses and shipping payments. A Big thank you to the TCDB member who grabbed the last 5 teams, the checklists and the remainder of the Classic lots.

In a long needed effort to purge excess stuff from my card collection and related paraphernalia. I have thought of purging things before, but times have gotten more desperate. An apartment inspection woke me up to my cluttered housekeeping of over 15 years. I decluttered lots of things and made a small dent but didn't purge any trading cards. I made the panic mistake of purging a ton of comic books (without going through what I had), magazines and even some computer floppy discs that a few weeks later I realized some of the files on some of the discs might have been important for various aspects of my life and maybe some original writings. But OH Well Stuff is Stuff.

I will soon start prepping some of my Trading Cards for purging. Way back when I used to belong to some team trader groups I had a fantasy of having one monster box filled with trade fodder for each of the four major US sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey) even though I only belonged to team trader groups for Baseball and Football. For the football group I did have a monster box filled with trade fodder for each team in the league. As I would make the monthly trades I would replenish the teams that I was out of or low on. As part of the organization I used those worthless "card savers" as divider tabs. I use a simple file folder label w/ the team nickname written on it in sharpie and put that on the top of the card saver and load that team's cards behind the card saver divider. I now have a Basketball monster box set up and ready for the cards to find a new home. I currently have most of the current teams available. I plan on Purging by team lots.

For interested parties I can send you a nice team lot of NBA cards. All I ask for in return is $6 for first 2 teams. Please add $1 for each additional team after that..  Sorry I'm only sending to USA addresses. For Basketball I have team lots of about 90% of the teams in the league. I even have some draft cards of college guys who were "free agents" and never made the NBA, a handful maybe went pro overseas. Unfortunately for me most of the cards are from the decade of the 1990s. Yes like a ton of other card collectors I have a problem with super overstock of "Junk Wax" cards. Year ranges for team lots are from 1989 to around 2007 with most teams having cards from 1990 to 1996 or 97. Not many 1992 or 93. Some brands and years will only have 1 card, some might have a dozen or more. There are duplicates and in some cases multiples some 3 or more copies. Sorry I don't have time to go back over the lots to cherry pick for specific players, brands or years. Some lots may have a super star and some may not. These lots are excellent for trade fodder if you are in a team trading group. 

I have even been toying with the idea of signing up to sell on Sportlots (been buying from there for years), but I am a bit leery about selling there. Mostly due to the high fees they charge especially if you have low sales. Plus I would have to make sure I had close to a 1,000+ cards ready to roll there to start seeing some results. I would also open my sellers account under a different user name. I'm already "captkirk" as a buyer, hmm but not "captkirk42". If I mess up as a seller there I don't want to be banned from buying there. If I were to have a huge selling day of buyers buying more cards than can fit in a PWE or small bubble mailer I don't have many small boxes or larger mailers on hand right now.. That fear is also what keeps me from adding more listings and larger items onto Ebay.

Current status of my Basketball Monster box, the card counts are approximate and for some of the teams might be off by a few cards as I added some rookies and draft cards of guys where the card doesn't mention the team they were drafted to but the player eventually went pro and I had to do a Google search to see if they ever played pro ball. 


Note: Since I only have 3 Knicks cards available right now I'll waive shipping costs and send in a PWE.

76ers 1989-2006 116 cards CLAIMED
Bucks 1990-1999 141 cards CLAIMED
Bulls 1989-2004 151 cards CLAIMED
Cavaliers 1990-2000 115 cards CLAIMED
Celtics 1989-1999 160 cards CLAIMED
Clippers 1989-2000 152 cards CLAIMED
Grizzlies 1995-2000 50 cards CLAIMED
Hawks 1990-2000 179 cards CLAIMED
Heat 1989-2007 133 cards CLAIMED
Hornets 1990-2000 106 cards CLAIMED
Jazz 1990-2006 109 cards CLAIMED
Kings 1990-2000 133 cards CLAIMED
Knicks 1991 & 1994 3 cards PWE SPECIAL CLAIMED
Lakers 1990-1999 132 cards CLAIMED
Magic 1990-1999 93 cards CLAIMED
Mavericks 1990-1999 127 cards CLAIMED
Nets 1989-2007 135 cards CLAIMED
Nuggets 1990-1999 165 cards CLAIMED
Pacers 1989-1999 126 cards CLAIMED
Pistons 1990-1998 78 cards CLAIMED
Raptors 1995-2003 51 cards CLAIMED
Rockets 1990-2007 147 cards CLAIMED
Spurs 1990-2007 161 cards CLAIMED
Suns 1989-2007 165 cards CLAIMED
Supersonics 1990-1999 133 cards CLAIMED
Timberwolves 1990-2006 163 cards CLAIMED
Trailblazers 1990-2000 72 cards CLAIMED
Warriors 1990-1999 124 cards CLAIMED
Checklists, Ads and Filler Cards 36 cards CLAIMED
College and Undrafted Players with a few college coaches 31 cards CLAIMED

1991 Classic Basketball Draft Picks 26 cards multiples CLAIMED
1992 Wild Card Basketball 1st Edition Lot of approx 233 cards with multiples not complete set. CLAIMED
1993 Classic Basketball Draft Picks Full Set 110 cards (2 sets) both sets CLAIMED. Plus I have multiples of most cards in the set but no more complete sets.  I could make about 3 or 4 partial sets and still have a few individual cards. CLAIMED

First come first serve. If interested in one of the team lots please email me klandersen at yahoo.

I am updating this post as I get requests for team lots in an effort to have it as current as possible.

Last Update: 31 Jan 2024


  1. I should do a card purge some day

    1. Matt - I've been thinking it for ages upon ages. I'm finally doing something about the reality of it. Small steps, small steps.

  2. I'm a bit late, but congratulations on getting all of these cards moved so quickly. Another blogger recently mentioned, which I've since checked out briefly. Their listing model seems to be similar to Sportlots, and from what I have gathered, even less fees. It might be worth you looking into for future unwanted items.

    1. Jon,
      Thanks for the suggestion about BSC. I started looking at it. A big stumbling block for me personally is the 72 hours shipping time. I can't guarantee getting cards out that quickly. I like having a tracking number for my packages going out (you don't have that with PWEs) and can only get to the post office on Saturdays and the rare days I have off of work. Unless I do the PWE route and it's only a few cards that can fit in a PWE with no more than 2 "forever" stamps.

    2. Looking some more at the site tonight I see that they have their own trackable PWE labels (like eBay), in which case that just means that you need to print the label out within 72 hours and that'll buy you an extra day or two to ship.