Friday, September 30, 2016

COTW: AAGPBL Maddy English

1994 Ted Williams Baseball 95 Maddy English AAGPBL Racine Belles
You guessed it, it is the end of the month and I didn't have anything prepared so I am rushing something out to make my self-appointed blogging quota of at least one post per month. Fortunately for this month I sill have a few images that I have uploaded to the photo album of this blog that I haven't blogged about here. I scanned this card and talked about elsewhere. I had posted this card sometime last year I think over at the TCC forum in one of those all-out contests where contestants show off cards they have that fit a certain category as picked by the contest holder/judge and then usually forum members vote on which they think is the best. I came in third over all I think. I forget what the category was, maybe female athletes, but this is one of the cards I posted. A few years back I used to use my photobucket to post pics on the forums, but I don't use "the bucket" much any more. I mainly just keep it as an alternate storage space. At that time I started using the albums from the blogger blogs since I could then easily blog about any cards I posted on the forums, or blog about something first then post on the forums.

So here we go a single card from the 1994 Ted Williams Baseball set. I may have blogged about this set before or the Ted Williams card company that made the set. If not you can Google the card company (or Bing if people Bing anymore). It is one of the seven cards from the "Women of Baseball" subset that features key players from the AAGPBL (All American Girls Professional Baseball League) the woman's league featured in the movie A League of Their Own about women's baseball during WWII.

 1994 Ted Williams Baseball 95 Maddy English AAGPBL Racine Belles
(Front and Back)