Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Slightly Oversized B'More Orange and Black Bird

Back in September for my Sportlots Spending Splurge I got this nice card, with another card from the set Walter Johnson Senators which I am mentioning on my Curly W Cards blog. This one was 70¢ (Big Train was only 50¢) I also got a Hockey card for my name niche PC. Shipping was only 68¢ for the three cards. Buying from Sportlots stores is better on shipping than for the auctions. For some reason auctions there don't combine shipping.

I had forgotten that the cards from this set were slightly larger than standard size at 3.5" x 5" about postcard size. Still nice looking cards. Only 60 cards in the set and not too expensive. I don't think there are any super hard to get cards from this. That is good since it looks like I should get more of these oversized beasts.

1984 Donruss Champions 19 Eddie Murray Orioles

EDITED: To cross-link to Curly W Cards blog for Walter Johnson card from this set.