Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Strive For '65: 1964 World Series Sub Set

Strive For '65: Joy Of A Complete Sub Set:
1964 World Series Sub Set

I am falling behind in this Strive for '65 quest of mine. It is looking like I will not complete it in time. However, at the beginning of August (Friday 01 Aug 2014) I received a package from a member at TCZ for the Summer Secret Santa trade thing they had. It is one of those gift exchange things where you are given another members wants/needs and you send them a package anonymously. Along with 4 Washington Nationals cards my Santa sent 17 cards from the 1965 Topps Baseball set. This lot of almost 50 year old card goodness yielded not only the remaining card (#41 White Sox Rookie Stars: Bruce Howard and Marv Staehle) to finish my first Joy of a Completed Page for the set, but also the final key card (#
134 1964 World Series Game 3: Mantle's Clutch HR
) to the 1964 World Series Subset.

Here is the World Series Subset fronts and backs by themselves. I won't babble on about the individual cards as I will probably do that when I complete the two pages that they are a part of.

1965 Topps Baseball 1964 World Series Sub-Set Cards 132-139
(Fronts and Backs)
Note card 138 on the back has a red mark through the card number. I would eventually like to upgrade that card but it is not as big a priority as trying to complete the dang set is.

Strive for '65 Set Total 194/598 (196/600)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Strive For '65: Joy of the First Complete Page 5

The Joy Of A Complete Page: 1965 Topps First Edition
(Page 5: Cards 37 - 45)

Thanks to a "Secret Santa in July" Package I received on Friday 01 August 2014 my Strive for '65 project gained 17 cards and I completed my first full page for the set. There are still four pages that don't have any cards at all, but page number 5 (Cards 37-45) is now complete. It also provided the final World Series card for that subset (I have a post for that subset scheduled for tomorrow) and OH the creative wrapping was a photocopy of a 1965 Topps Baseball wrapper. One of these days I'd love to get a real wrapper but this copy from a website acts as the cover for my 1965 Topps Baseball Binder.

CARD 37: Fred Gladding Tigers.

CARD 38: Jim King Senators. 
Jim was with Washington from 1961-1967

CARD 39: Gerry Arrigo Twins. 
Gerry was with the Twins from 1961-1964 he was then traded to the Reds. 

CARD 40: Frank Howard Dodgers.
Frank was traded to Washington in 1965 and was part of the 1972 Inaugural Texas Rangers team. 

CARD 41: White Sox 1965 Rookie Stars:
Bruce Howard (No Relation to Frank) and Marv Staehle.
 Bruce went on to join the Senators in 1968. Marv would join the Montreal Expos in 1969 - 1970

CARD 42: Earl Wilson Red Sox.

CARD 43: Mike Shannon Cardinals. 

CARD 44: Wade Blasingame Braves.

CARD 45: Roy McMillan Mets.

Current set total: 194/598 (196/600) 32.8%

Since I am a Washington Baseball fan I note any connections to Washington Baseball (Senators, Nationals, Expos, Twins, Rangers etc...)