Sunday, March 9, 2014

Card Of The Whenever: Luis Matos Play Ball

2004 Upper Deck Play Ball: 101 Luis Matos Orioles

Have I said I love retro cards? I think it is because I love vintage. I didn't use to love retro cards. I recall the first time I saw the Bowman/Topps Heritage series (I think I saw the Football first at a 7-Eleven) I hated it. I thought a modern reproduction of a vintage design was unoriginal. Well now I love the Heritage series, even if they are not original. 

This card is a modern retro shout out to the 1940s Play Ball sets of cards. I don't have any original Play Ball cards, most of them are too expensive even the very poor conditioned ones. I like them now, but at one time I wasn't too keen on their plain looks. Odd because I normally like the plain and simple looks for cards.

So here is the modern 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball card for Luis Matos of the Orioles.
2004 Upper Deck Play Ball Baseball: 101 Luis Matos Orioles
(Front and Back)

I am going to need to start building this set of cards. BTW this is one of the cards I got from 2x3 Heroes Jeff, in a PWE six-pack. I told you I'd probably show some of them off individually.


  1. Never seen or heard of that set before...or maybe I have. All I know is now I need to collect it.

  2. You have a needs/have list? I know that I have some of these and I'd be glad to hook you up, Kirk, if I have any on your list. I think I have Orioles and Astros mostly. I'll have to check.

    1. Bob,
      So far this is the only card I have from this set. So my needs list for this set is whatever else is part of the base set.

    2. Kirk, send me your addy, I found the Astros tonite (4 of them) and I am thinking I have a couple of the Orioles but they are eluding me at the moment.

      commishbob AT gmail dot com

  3. I might actually have one or two of these lying around somewhere (unloved by me).

  4. I don't have any of these cards, they are too early for my collection...