Thursday, March 19, 2015

Contest Procrastination 101: We Have A Winna

Some regular readers of this blog may recall that I held an Anniversary Contest about a million years ago Internet time which is about five to six months ago in real time. YAY ME! Well finally the blog monkeys have ignored tallied all the results and picked a winner. Picked isn't the proper word since it was a landslide win identified is more like it. Since it was my 5th Anniversary I downed a fifth of Rum and randomized 3 runner ups. Wait? What? Wasn't it 4 runner-ups? Well one person made a valiant effort so I decided to award them 1st Runner Up and random the remaining three runner up spots. Now I plead The Fifth on that and Chug-A-Lug the rest of the bottle of *burp* Excuse me Rum. Just kidding about the Rum. On second thought I could have used a bottle for this.

It was a fun contest but I admit I think I was a bit intimidated by having to do all that tallying, so I don't think I'll ever do a contest of this nature again. You really need to keep up with things as they happen. Unfortunately I waited until the final day to say "I'll tally the points up later" intending to do it the next day but kept putting it off and putting it off. You know how that goes.

Before I get to the winner and runner ups here are the answers to the Bonus Questions. Of the 20some entrants only six people attempted the bonus questions. I didn't expect anybody to get Question 1 correct. That was a little cruel on my part, but there were some creative answers I should have awarded bonus points for a few of them but in retrospect those bonus points wouldn't have mattered much unless it was a huge amount of points. Question 2 had several correct responses but nobody got all five correct. A couple of people guessed a related show so I gave them an extra point for that. Questions 3 through 5 also had some correct answers. Question 4 one person got both, and only one person didn't get either show.

The Answers:
Question 1: During my college days I participated in an extra curricular activity. I also had a nickname that was associated with the activity. What was that activity and my nickname?

During my three year attempt at college I majored in BROADCASTING and was a DJ for the school's radio station. During my first on-air shift, (which was a short notice substitution for the regular jock a day or two before my first scheduled shift and I had to be given a Reader's Digest Nickel Tour on the job training session for the equipment) about half an hour into the shift I played "The Ewok Celebration" by Meco. I talked up the song with a Yoda impersonation saying "Yoda says it's time for the Ewoks" and played the entire song, it might have been the extended dance mix. Well the next day during dinner mostly in the cafeteria some of the radio station staff and management called me "Ewok". At first I was a little offended by it and slightly confused. It quickly dawned on me that they thought I was introducing myself as "The Ewok" when I was introducing the song. They continued to call me that and I used "Ewok" as my on-air handle. So the answer is: Broadcasting Radio DJ "Ewok"

Bonus: link to a video of the novelty song Ewok Celebration - Meco That is the short version that runs 3m20s (with the "rap" from the single starting at about 1m20s) there is a longer "Club Mix" that runs over 6 minutes.

Question 2: Top FIVE All-Time Fave TV shows: From a list of  many shows from the mid 1960s to today. The order doesn't always stay the same but lately (and at the time of the contest) they are: Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Quantum Leap, NCIS, Stargate SG:1.

There were some good guesses that included: JAG, Star Trek (and Star Trek Next Generation), The Big Bang Theory, The Black Adder, ALF and Monty Python's Flying Circus

Question 3: Wow the only Trading Card related question: True of False: I would pay upwards of $100 for a NM/M 2012 Topps Archives Baseball 241 Bryce Harper RC Super Short Print?

Quick Answer NO. Although it is true Harper's SSP RC card is on my want list(s) I would NOT pay $100 or more for it or any single card. Certainly not any modern card, maybe a super good conditioned vintage card that is normally worth many times that or if I were a millionaire and price was not an issue for anything. My normal top cost for any card is about $40. Preferably under $20. I have spent in the $30 range for cards I really really want that are in decent shape and this Harper card I'd almost pay $40 in a heartbeat for and I might go up to $50 for it.

Question 4: Of the following four television shows, which TWO have I seen at least an episode of and would most likely watch the entire run of? Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, 24, Lost

Answer: Lost and 24. I watched most of season one of Lost off and on, I stopped watching a few episodes after the "second" group of stranded passengers "arrived". Of the four shows I listed it would be the one I most likely would make an effort to watch the entire run of. Heck half the cast is on Hawaii Five-0 now so why not? 24 I've only watched one episode the one that was Sean Astin's last episode. I'm mixed on if I actually want to watch the series or not. Breaking Bad I actually have zero interest in seeing. A science teacher (or whatever subject Math? he taught) running a meth lab out of his trailer just doesn't do it for me. I also got sick of seeing that guys face with his toxic mask and quarantine suit all over the place and as people's avatars on group forums and in Facebook. Game of Thrones or it Thorns? Actually I saw about 5-10 minutes of an episode once, I don't recall which season, season 2 maybe? It was a nighttime scene in the woods and I recall a large tree or tree stump don't recall much else possibly it was a death scene. I don't know for some reason now-days the medieval fantasy type shows don't excite me like they did when I was a teen eons ago. I also don't want to get attached to a character only to see them killed in the next five minutes.

Question 5: Yes or NO: I own an HD Flatscreen TV?

Answer: NO. Believe it or not that is a big purchase I haven't made yet. I still have an ancient by today's standards 21" Sony that is 17 years old. I have another just as old maybe older TV. I also don't have a Blu-Ray player or a DVD-R (or DVR). I have an ancient VHS player/recorder and a DVD player or two. I'm of that old school of  "If it ain't broke don't fix it". I also DO NOT like watching TV on the dang computer/internet it isn't watching TV its watching a video on the computer.


CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Nebe Jr (Schmidt Happened!) who had the most points. The rest of you don't want to see the exact point totals. Richard had more than triple the number of points the first runner up had who had a large lead over the rest of the pack and that is Chris (Nachos Grande). Now the runner-ups: Randomly selected via three times.
2nd runner-up: Greg Zakwin (Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle)
3rd runner-up: Ana Lu (Hobby Cards Europe)
4th runner-up: Brian (Play At The Plate)

All winners please email me your mailing address and favorite team(s) of whichever sport(s)* you collect to klandersen at yahoo dot com

* The four major US sports Baseball, NFL Football, Basketball, Hockey. Sorry international fans I don't have Real Football (Soccer) cards. From what I already know about the winner's PCs and areas of collecting most of the winner's booty will be Baseball.


  1. Taken out of context, this line is very funny..."collecting most of the winner's booty". :)

    Email sent and thanks!!!

    1. Oops. So I left out a comma. I tend to do that on this blog how ungrammarly of me.

    2. I wasn't criticizing your grammar...I would never do that to anyone. I just thought it was a funny line. I hope I didn't offend you.

    3. NO offense. You are right it is funny. I didn't want to say something plain or boring like winnings or prizes.

  2. Cool contest. I think I gave it a shot a few months back.

  3. Huge fan of Dr. Who too. Thanks for the contest!

  4. So yeah, e-mail finally sent haha. Apologies, and gracias!

  5. Jeez!! can't believe I missed this post!! email will be sent shortly!!Thanks for the fun contest!! (and please keep your hands off my booty!!)