Saturday, March 14, 2015

Strive For '65: Goal not looking so good

Less than a month away til my big birthday (3 weeks from TODAY EEK!), the deadline for my Strive For '65 set build goal. I'm not going to make it. I'm only a little more than 1/3 of the way complete. Not too bad for a little over a year's worth of pursuit effort (starting with only 90some cards of an almost 600 card set), well really only a few months I did slack some during the "year" especially during the winter months. Hopefully between now and the End of the Year I can complete it. It wouldn't be the original goal which sucks, but it is better than waiting til the next big anniversary (75 years) to finally complete the dang set. I might not be around for that anniversary, who knows? So I prefer to get this set complete NOW.

It seems most of the cards I've had to get by buying them from somewhere. Not many traders or bloggers have spares of this set to go around. I got some more cards from this set from a purchase from a forum member over at Sports Card Forum (SCF). I'm sort of scratching my head over a couple of decisions I made about those. I opted to get a duplicate of one of the Senators, which I already have the complete team set for this set, and a graded copy YES GRADED copy of the Boog Powell card. I will have to free it of it's plastic prison to put it into the set binder, or snag a cheaper raw copy on Ebay for the binder.

Current Progress is 207/598 (209/600) 34.9%

For this post I was going to scan the more recently acquired cards from this set like the Powell, but I haven't scanned them yet. They are lounging around in the "to blog about sometime" queue which has been backed up for a couple of years now. I'll mention them when I complete the pages they are from if I haven't made an extra post for them before that.

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  1. May not be the goal, but adding more than 100 is nothing to sneeze at. Keep at it, you'll get there!