Monday, May 4, 2015

Blog Group Box Break: Update

I am a little behind in things for this. I've got some of the boxes opened and for some of those (not all) I have the written pack-by-pack "inventory" listing done. I haven't gotten anything scanned yet. I recorded the box openings and then did a recap video after getting the written pack-by-pack listing done. Still have to upload the videos to YouTube. I still have more boxes to open and then the inventory thing. Man that Jumbo box is a bear. For the inserts of the Jumbo box I'll just scan the ones from claimed teams. Remember that jumbo box is 500 cards total (10 packs w/ 50 cards per pack). Those packs were seeded 28 base cards (27 for the packs with a hit) followed by 14 inserts (7 styles 2 of each style), 5 gold parallels (the border is gold instead of white) and finally 3 "red" back parallels (the info is in red print instead of black). 140 inserts, 50 gold parallels 30 red parallels that is a bit much to scan ALL of it. I'll just scan the inserts from the claimed teams (the video shows all inserts and the pack-by-pack post will list all of them) plus all 3 hits for that box. I might post that box next to last, a change from my previously announced opening order. I still want to leave the Past & Present box for the last one.

Later tonight I should be able to get the first part of box 1 (2012-13 Hoops 11 packs box 1) posted or at least ready to be scheduled for tomorrow. Once back on track the pack-by-pack posts should get posted on a regular daily schedule.

Blog Group Box Break Main Post/Page.

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