Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blog Group Box Break: Recap 2012-13 Hoops Box 3

Blog Group Box Break: Basketball
2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball 11 pack box 3

Review Recap:
55 Cards: No Hits
3 Inserts
Franchise Greats: 1 Magic Johnson Lakers (Brian)
Spark Plugs 19 Jamal Crawford Trail Blazers (Brian)
Courtside 7 John Wall Wizards (Kirk)

4 Coaches
178 Randy Wittman Coach Wizards (Kirk)
81 Tom Tribodeau Coach Bulls (Mike)
140 Scott Brooks Coach Thunder (Billy)
115 George Karl Coach Nuggets

2 Rookies
288 Moe Harkless RC 76ers
292 Bernard James RC Mavericks (Brian)

24 Teams
0 Duplicates (37 Overall)

Brian ALMOST Swept the inserts but I had a COURTSIDE steal. He did manage to own the Rookies since the only other Rookie pulled was unclaimed. Doesn't count as a sweep though.

Bonus: a small sliver cutting of a card (actually the edge of two cards) I just thought this was interesting. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Not sure if anyone would want it.

Cutting Edge debris doesn't seem to be from any cards we actually pulled. From the design you can tell it is from the same set, but which two cards exactly who knows?

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