Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blog Group Box Break: Recap 2012-13 Hoops Box 1

Blog Group Box Break: Basketball
2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball 11 pack box 1

Review Recap:
55 Cards: No Hits
3 Inserts:
Rookie Impact: 4 Klay Thompson Warriors
Spark Plugs: 1 James Harden Thunder 
Franchise Greats: 19 Tim Duncan Spurs
1 League Leader
297 Serge Ibaka Thunder 2011-12 Blocks Leader
1 Coaches
73 Gregg Popovich Coach Spurs
4 Rookies
294 Quincy Miller Nuggets
278 Dion Waiters Cavaliers
293 Quincy Acy Raptors
290 Evan Fournier Nuggets 

27 Teams
0 Duplicates (9 Overall from this box and the Freebie Packs)

Oh almost forgot. For this product each pack had one of those promo ad insert things. Of course since this is a 3 year old product the offer on the insert expired, but it is fun to see the sort of stuff they were offering. The down side is it was in each and every pack at the back. It was annoyingly like those blank decoy cards or the security chip cards that get inserted every pack. I'll use them as the protective barrier bookends for the team bags to help protect the regular cards. Members can do with them what they wish, some people actually collect these sort of things. In fact Billy (yes the same Billy in this box break) posted them sometime ago at The TradingCardDataBase. I sometimes collect things like this. I will keep a set for myself and maybe keep it maybe get rid of it. Here is what they look like just for show.

 Promo insert ad cards (One Front and three different backs)

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