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Blog Group Box Break: Box 6 Part 1

Blog Group Box Break:
Basketball Box 6 - Part 1
(Packs 1-5)
2013-14 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball Jumbo Box
10 Packs – 50 cards per pack
2 Autographs and 1 Memorabilia Card

Hold on to your hats because this box is quite a ride and the posts will tend to be large and long. It is big just really really BIG that is why it is called Jumbo and it is not for the weak of heart. Like previous years of Hoops the packs have a standard seeding pattern. For these jumbo packs the pattern is 28 base cards (27 if there is a hit in the pack) followed by 2 cards each of the seven insert sets then 5 gold parallel cards and finishing off the pack with 3 red back parallels. Usually there was one Rookie parallel sometimes 2. So there will be plenty of parallels to go around. Now onto the cards:

Pack 1:
117 Larry Sanders Bucks
19 Jamal Crawford Clippers (Mike)
288 Archie Goodwin RC Suns
241 Josh Smith Pistons
60 Tony Parker Spurs (Brian)
259 Brandan Wright Mavericks (Brian)
30 Kawhi Leonard Spurs (Brian)
56 Kendall Marshall Suns
81 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Bobcats
261 Anthony Bennett RC Cavaliers (Chad)
87 Ray Allen Heat (Chad)
234 Kenyon Martin Knicks (Billy)
198 Chris Kaman Lakers (Brian)
43 Jeremy Lamb Thunder (Billy)
174 Tristan Thompson Cavaliers (Chad)
74 George Hill Pacers
45 Tornike Shengelia Nets (Billy)
152 Ricky Rubio Timberwolves (Mike)
246 Andre Iguodala Warriors (Billy)
170 Emeka Okafor Wizards (Kirk)
270 C.J. McCollum RC Trail Blazers (Brian)
3 Jrue Holiday Pelicans (Chad)
287 Rudy Gobert RC Jazz
120 Jimmer Fredette Kings
235 Jason Smith Pelicans (Chad)
209 Andrew Nicholson Magic
233 Kwame Brown 76ers
204 Tyler Hansbrough Raptors (Mike)
Action Shots 25 Paul George Pacers
Action Shots 20 Kemba Walker Bobcats
Hoops Dreams 12 John Jenkins Hawks
Hoops Dreams 2 Isaiah Thomas Kings
Board Members 23 Andre Drummond Pistons
Board Members 15 Tristan Thompson Cavaliers (Chad)
Class 2010 Action 3 Paul George Pacers
Class 2006 Action 7 LaMarcus Aldridge Trail Blazers (Brian)
HOF Heroes 11 Billy Cunningham 76ers
HOF Heroes 13 Dave DeBusschere Knicks (Billy)
Courtside 11 James Harden Rockets
Courtside 13 Ricky Rubio Timberwolves (Mike)
Spark Plugs 22 Jason Terry Nets (Billy)
Spark Plugs 24 Jarrett Jack Cavaliers (Chad)
192 Richard Jefferson Jazz Gold Parallel
292 Glen Rice Jr. RC Wizards Gold Parallel (Kirk)
148 Darius Miller Pelicans Gold Parallel (Chad)
28 Tobias Harris Magic Gold Parallel
163 Bradley Beal Wizards Gold Parallel (Kirk)
137 Kevin Love Timberwolves Red Back (Mike)
75 Carlos Boozer Bulls Red Back (Mike)
127 Derrick Williams Timberwolves Red Back (Mike)

Wow Mike Swept the Red Back Parallels this pack.

Pack 2:
275 Giannis Antetokounmpo RC Bucks
179 Marco Belinelli Spurs (Brian)
11 Avery Bradley Celtics (Mike)
297 Phil Pressey RC Celtics (Mike)
148 Ty Lawson Nuggets
250 O.J. Mayo Bucks
44 Blake Griffin Clippers (Mike)
125 Vince Carter Mavericks (Brian)
298 Peyton Siva RC Pistons
90 Danny Green Spurs (Brian)
276 Chase Budinger Timberwolves (Mike)
215 Mike Dunleavy Bulls (Mike)
294 Grant Jerrett RC Thunder (Billy)
2 Steve Nash Lakers (Brian)
266 Nerlens Noel RC 76ers
52 Dwyane Wade Heat (Chad)
93 Pablo Prigioni Knicks (Billy)
73 Kevin Durant Thunder (Billy)
156 Trevor Booker Wizards (Kirk)
124 Stephen Curry Warriors (Billy)
32 Tayshaun Prince Grizzlies
83 Steve Novak Raptors (Mike)
173 Greivis Vasquez Kings
136 Victor Claver Trail Blazers (Brian)
54 Louis Williams Hawks
171 Enes Kanter Jazz
201 Martell Webster Wizards (Kirk)
Signatures 50 Kyle O’Quinn Magic On-Sticker Auto blue sharpie (Unclaimed To Be Randomized)
Action Shots 13 LeBron James Heat (Chad)
Action Shots 3 Kevin Durant Thunder (Billy)
Hoops Dreams 16 Dion Waiters Cavaliers (Chad)
Hoops Dreams 5 Greivis Vasquez Kings
Board Members 22 Roy Hibbert Pacers
Board Members 24 Larry Sanders Bucks
Class 1990 Action 23 Gary Payton Supersonics (Thunder) (Billy)
Class 1998 Action 15 Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks (Brian)
HOF Heroes 19 Adrian Dantley Pistons
HOF Heroes 4 Clyde Drexler Trail Blazers (Brian)
Courtside 19 Kenneth Faried Nuggets
Courtside 4 Blake Griffin Clippers (Mike)
Spark Plugs 7 Alexey Shved Timberwolves (Mike)
Spark Plugs 14 Terrence Ross Raptors (Mike)
158 Austin Rivers Pelicans Gold Parallel (Chad)
53 Jameer Nelson Magic Gold Parallel
26 Jason Richardson 76ers Gold Parallel
172 Landry Fields Raptors Gold Parallel (Mike)
67 Mike Miller Grizzlies Gold Parallel
45 Tornike Shengelia Nets Red Back (Billy)
152 Ricky Rubio Timberwolves Red Back (Mike)
81 Joakim Noah Bulls Red Back (Mike)

This Pack We had our first Hit one of the 2 autos as it is unclaimed it will be randomized later. Billy Blocked Mike from sweeping the Red Backs this time.

Pack 3:
79 Patrick Beverly Rockets
151 Andre Drummond Pistons
99 Chandler Parsons Rockets
197 Gerald Henderson Bobcats
273 Kelly Olynyk RC Celtics (Mike)
141 JaVale McGee Nuggets
248 Zaza Pachulia Bucks
34 Deandre Jordan Clippers (Mike)
121 Jae Crowder Mavericks (Brian)
225 Dion Waiters Cavaliers (Chad)
300 Erik Murphy RC Bulls (Mike)
184 Andrei Kirilenko Nets (Billy)
208 Kevin Martin Timberwolves (Mike)
182 Derrick Rose Bulls (Mike)
286 Andre Roberson RC Thunder (Billy)
290 Carrick Felix RC Cavaliers (Chad)
262 Victor Oladipo RC Magic
47 Chris Bosh Heat (Chad)
23 Nikola Vucevic Magic
162 Derrick Favors Jazz
133 John Wall Wizards (Kirk)
119 Kent Bazemore Warriors (Billy)
27 Quincy Pondexter Grizzlies
20 Amir Johnson Raptors (Mike)
160 Chuck Hayes Kings
126 Nicolas Batum Trail Blazers (Brian)
5 John Jenkins Hawks
168 Gordon Hayward Jazz
Action Shots 7 Kevin Garnett Nets (Billy)
Action Shots 14 Iman Shumpert Knicks (Billy)
Hoops Dreams 18 Harrison Barnes Warriors (Billy)
Hoops Dreams 25 Perry Jones Thunder (Billy)
Board Members 21 Tim Duncan Spurs (Brian)
Board Members 12 Nikola Vucevic Magic
Class 2007 Action 6 Kevin Durant Supersonics (Billy)
Class 1996 Action 17 Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian)
HOF Heroes 23 Artis Gilmore Spurs (Brian)
HOF Heroes 15 Wilt Chamberlain Lakers (Brian)
Courtside 23 Andre Drummond Pistons
Courtside 15 Klay Thompson Warriors (Billy)
Spark Plugs 10 Jared Dudley Clippers (Mike)
Spark Plugs 16 Marcus Thornton Kings
166 Terrence Ross Raptors Gold Parallel (Mike)
6 Spencer Hawes 76ers Gold Parallel
150 Will Barton Trail Blazers Gold Parallel (Brian)
227 Paul Millsap Hawks Gold Parallel
212 Andris Biedrins Jazz Gold Parallel
79 Nick Collison Thunder Red Back (Billy)
269 Trey Burke RC Jazz Red Back
82 Udonis Haslem RC Heat Red Back (Chad)

Pack 4:
199 Ben Gordon Bobcats
118 Marcus Camby Rockets
154 Greg Monroe Pistons
84 Omer Asik Rockets
106 Damian Lillard Trail Blazers (Brian)
155 Wilson Chandler Nuggets
196 Shawn Marion Mavericks (Brian)
147 Jared Dudley Clippers (Mike)
244 Taj Gibson Bulls (Mike)
49 Roy Hibbert Pacers
4 Pau Gasol Lakers (Brian)
284 Tim Hardaway Jr. RC Knicks (Billy)
57 Joel Anthony Heat (Chad)
98 Raymond Felton Knicks (Billy)
92 Rashard Lewis Heat (Chad)
252 Andrew Bynum Cavaliers (Chad)
232 Danny Granger Pacers
200 Paul Pierce Nets (Billy)
37 Tony Wroten 76ers
161 Jonas Valanciunas Raptors (Mike)
247 Carl Landry Kings
138 Robin Lopez Trail Blazers (Brian)
178 Jeff Teague Hawks
180 Jeremy Evans Jazz
211 Trevor Ariza Wizards (Kirk)
143 Eric Gordon Pelicans (Chad)
165 Alec Burks Jazz
297 Phil Pressey RC Celtics - Artists Proof (Mike)
Action Shots 1 Jrue Holiday Pelicans (Chad)
Action Shots 11 Tyreke Evans Pelicans (Chad)
Hoops Dreams 14 Marquis Teague Bulls (Mike)
Hoops Dreams 10 Eric Bledsoe Suns 
Board Members 25 Zach Randolph Grizzlies
Board Members 20 LeBron James Heat (Chad)
Class 1994 Action 19 Jason Kidd Mavericks (Brian)
Class 2009 Action 4 Blake Griffin Clippers (Mike)
HOF Heroes 2 Bob McAdoo Lakers (Brian)
HOF Heroes 9 Dave Cowens Celtics (Mike)
Courtside 2 LeBron James Heat (Chad)
Courtside 9 Carmelo Anthony Knicks (Billy)
Spark Plugs 13 Derrick Favors Jazz
Spark Plugs 3 Ryan Anderson Pelicans (Chad)
8 Lavoy Allen 76ers Gold Parallel
194 Dorell Wright Trail Blazers Gold Parallel (Brian)
243 Kyle Korver Hawks Gold Parallel
223 Brandon Rush Jazz Gold Parallel
110 John Salmons Kings Gold Parallel
43 Jeremy Lamb Thunder Red Back (Billy)
174 Tristan Thompson Cavaliers Red Back (Chad)
74 George Hill Pacers Red Back

Pack 5:
293 Tony Mitchell RC Pistons
80 Matt Bonner Spurs (Brian)
278 Shane Larkin RC Mavericks (Brian)
149 Jonas Jerebko Pistons
86 Marcus Morris Suns
61 Ramon Sessions Bobcats
239 Courtney Lee Celtics (Mike)
135 Evan Fournier Nuggets
159 Brandon Knight Bucks
68 Russell Westbrook Thunder (Billy)
205 Earl Clark Cavaliers (Chad)
299 Ryan Kelly RC Lakers (Brian)
213 David West Pacers
142 Andray Blatche Nets (Billy)
207 Nikola Pekovic Timberwolves (Mike)
91 Luol Deng Bulls (Mike)
272 Steven Adams RC Thunder (Billy)
279 Sergey Karasev RC Cavaliers (Chad)
186 Kenneth Faried Nuggets
175 Jan Vesely Wizards (Kirk)
18 Glen Davis Magic
289 Allen Crabbe RC Trail Blazers (Brian)
122 Kevin Seraphin Wizards (Kirk)
114 David Lee Warriors (Billy)
22 Mike Conley Grizzlies
10 DeMar DeRozan Raptors (Mike)
140 DeMarcus Cousins Kings
116 LeMarcus Aldridge Trail Blazers (Brian)
Action Shots 10 Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks (Brian)
Action Shots 16 Derrick Favors Jazz
Hoops Dreams 20 Malcolm Lee Suns
Hoops Dreams 22 Tobias Harris Magic
Board Members 2 Kevin Love Timberwolves (Mike)
Board Members 9 Anderson Varejao Cavaliers (Chad)
Class 2005 Action 8 Chris Paul NO Hornets (Chad)
Class 2012 Action 1 Damian Lillard Trail Blazers (Brian)
HOF Heroes 6 Bill Walton Celtics (Mike)
HOF Heroes 17 Bernard King Bullets (Kirk)
Courtside 6 Kyrie Irving Cavaliers (Chad)
Courtside 17 Tony Parker Spurs (Brian)
Spark Plugs 5 Nate Robinson Nuggets
Spark Plugs 18 J.J. Barea Timberwolves (Mike)
100 Marcus Thornton Kings Gold Parallel
153 Brian Roberts Pelicans Gold Parallel (Chad)
48 Arron Afflalo Magic Gold Parallel
16 Thaddeus Young 76ers Gold Parallel
134 Harrison Barnes Warriors Gold Parallel (Billy)
224 Andrea Bargnani Knicks Red Back (Billy)
188 Nick Young Lakers Red Back (Brain)
38 Thabo Sefolosha Thunder Red Back (Billy)

This pack it is Brian who blocks Billy from a Red Back Sweep.

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