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Blog Group Box Break: Box 6 Part 2

Blog Group Box Break:
Basketball Box 6 - Part 2
(Packs 6-10)
2013-14 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball Jumbo Box
10 Packs – 50 cards per pack
2 Autographs and 1 Memorabilia Card

Pack 6:
24 Matt Barnes Clippers (Mike)
115 Dirk Nowitzki Mavericks (Brian)
268 Kentavious Caldwell-Pope RC Pistons
70 Tim Duncan Spurs (Brian)
260 Jose Calderon Mavericks (Brian)
50 Cory Joseph Spurs (Brian)
76 Marcin Gortat Suns
55 Kemba Walker Bobcats
231 Brandon Bass Celtics (Mike)
131 Donilo Gallinari Nuggets
254 Metta World Peace Knicks (Billy)
237 Wesley Johnson Lakers (Brian)
63 Reggie Jackson Thunder (Billy)
189 Jerrett Jack Cavaliers (Chad)
183 Chris Copeland Pacers
65 Kevin Garnett Nets (Billy)
167 Alexey Shved Timberwolves (Mike)
85 Kirk Hinrich Bulls (Mike)
88 Kendrick Perkins Thunder (Billy)
1 Al Horford Hawks
128 Ryan Anderson Pelicans (Chad)
17 Marc Gasol Grizzlies
130 Isaiah Thomas Kings
255 Al-Farouq Aminu Pelicans (Chad)
258 Jason Maxiell Magic
109 Draymond Green Warriors (Billy)
111 Nene Wizards (Kirk)
296 Jamaal Franklin RC Grizzlies
Action Shots 5 Ty Lawson Nuggets
Action Shots 18 Mike Conley Grizzlies
Hoops Dreams 24 Kawhi Leonard Spurs (Brian)
Hoops Dreams 21 Brian Roberts Pelicans (Chad)
Board Members 19 Omer Asik Rockets
Board Members 4 Al Horford Hawks
Class 2002 Action 11 Amar’e Stoudemire Suns
Class 2000 Action 13 Jamal Crawford Bulls (Mike)
HOF Heroes 8 Julius Erving 76ers
HOF Heroes 1 Isaiah Thomas Pistons
Courtside 8 Paul Pierce Nets (Billy)
Courtside 1 Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian)
Spark Plugs 12 Jimmy Butler Bulls (Mike)
Spark Plugs 20 Quincy Pondexter Grizzlies
42 Zach Randolph Grizzlies Gold Parallel
164 Kyle Lowry Raptors Gold Parallel (Mike)
276 Ray McCallum RC Kings Gold Parallel
146 Wesley Matthews Trail Blazers Gold Parallel (Brian)
193 Elton Brand Hawks Gold Parallel
105 Kyrie Irving Cavaliers Red Back (Chad)
69 Lance Stephenson Pacers Red Back
35 Deron Williams Nets Red Back (Billy)

Pack 7:
242 Nate Robinson Nuggets
226 Monta Ellis Mavericks (Brian)
245 Byron Mulens Clippers (Mike)
36 Channing Frye Suns
202 Tiago Splitter Spurs (Brian)
25 Jordan Crawford Celtics (Mike)
219 Brendan Haywood Bobcats
40 Gary Neal Bucks
281 Gorgui Dieng RC Timberwolves (Mike)
95 Anderson Varejao Cavaliers (Mike)
64 Orlando Johnson Pacers
15 Jason Terry Nets (Billy)
71 Jimmy Butler Bulls (Mike)
274 Shabazz Muhammad RC Timberwolves (Mike)
280 Tony Snell RC Bulls (Mike)
59 Paul George Pacers
7 Steve Blake Lakers (Brian)
267 Ben McLemore RC Kings
212 Andris Biedrins Jazz
100 Marcus Thornton Kings
153 Brian Roberts Pelicans (Chad)
48 Arron Afflalo Magic
16 Thaddeus Young 76ers
134 Harrison Barnes Warriors (Billy)
42 Zach Randolph Grizzlies
164 Kyle Lowry Raptors (Mike)
276 Ray McCallum RC Kings
Signatures 83 Mickael Pietrus Raptors on-sticker auto Blue Sharpie (Mike)
Action Shots 19 Damian Lillard Trail Blazers (Brian)
Action Shots 4 Manu Ginobili Spurs (Brian)
Hoops Dreams 17 Draymond Green Warriors (Billy)
Hoops Dreams 8 Bradley Beal Wizards (Kirk)
Board Members 3 DeMarcus Cousins Kings
Board Members 7 Blake Griffin Clippers (Mike)
Class 1993 Action 20 Sam Cassell Rockets
Class 1991 Action 22 Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets
HOF Heroes 18 Joe Dumars Pistons
HOF Heroes 25 Gary Payton SuperSonics (Billy)
Courtside 18 Marc Gasol Grizzlies
Courtside 25 Jeremy Lin Rockets
Spark Plugs 15 Manu Ginobili Spurs (Brian)
Spark Plugs 6 Wilson Chandler Nuggets
136 Victor Claver Trail Blazers Gold Parallel (Brian)
54 Louis Williams Hawks Gold Parallel
171 Enes Kanter Jazz Gold Parallel
201 Martell Webster Wizards Gold Parallel (Kirk)
23 Nikola Vucevic Magic Gold Parallel
108 Tyson Chandler Knicks Red Back (Billy)
177 Chris Andersen Heat Red Back (Chad)
185 Chris Paul Clippers Red Back (Mike)

That is our 2nd Auto of the Box this one goes to Mike. It is also our 2nd Hit of the box 1 Hit to go the Memorabilia Hit.

Pack 8:
229 Rajon Rondo Celtics (Mike)
12 Darrell Arthur Nuggets
107 John Henson Bucks
291 Isaiah Canaan RC Rockets
265 Alex Len RC Suns
236 Brandon Jennings Pistons
144 Rodney Stuckey Pistons
249 Devin Harris Mavericks (Brian)
285 Reggie Bullock RC Clippers (Mike)
81 Joakim Noah Bulls (Mike)
78 Nick Collison Thunder (Billy)
269 Trey Burke RC Jazz
82 Udonis Haslem Heat (Chad)
224 Andrea Bargnani Knicks (Billy)
188 Nick Young Lakers (Brian)
38 Thabo Sefolosha Thunder (Billy)
105 Kyrie Irving Cavaliers (Chad)
69 Lance Stephenson Pacers
35 Deron Williams Nets (Billy)
253 Jerryd Bayless Grizzlies
139 Andrew Bogut Warriors (Billy)
13 Evan Turner 76ers
240 Mo Williams Trail Blazers (Brian)
277 Dennis Schroeder RC Hawks
238 Marvin Williams Jazz
112 Luc Mbah A Moute Kings
181 Tyreke Evans Pelicans (Chad)
58 Maurice Harkless Magic
Action Shots 22 DeMar DeRozan Raptors (Mike)
Action Shots 24 Larry Sanders Bucks
Hoops Dreams 9 Lance Stephenson Pacers
Hoops Dreams 19 Norris Cole Heat (Chad)
Board Members 6 Marc Gasol Grizzlies
Board Members 17 Greg Monroe Pistons
Class 1999 Action 14 Shawn Marion Suns
Class 2003 Action 10 LeBron James Cavaliers (Chad)
HOF Heroes 3 Drazen Petrovic Nets (Billy)
HOF Heroes 7 Calvin Murphy Rockets
Courtside 3 Kevin Durant Thunder (Billy)
Courtside 7 Russell Westbrook Thunder (Billy)
Spark Plugs 21 Marshon Brooks Celtics (Mike)
Spark Plugs 2 Kevin Martin Timberwolves (Mike)
129 Klay Thompson Warriors Gold Parallel (Billy)
37 Tony Wroten 76ers Gold Parallel
161 Jonas Valanciunas Raptors Gold Parallel (Mike)
247 Carl Landry Kings Gold Parallel
138 Robin Lopez Trail Blazers Gold Parallel (Brian)
243 Otto Porter RC Wizards Red Back (Kirk)
77 Norris Cole Heat Red Back (Chad)
187 J.R. Smith Knicks Red Back (Billy)

Pack 9:
256 Darren Collison Clippers (Mike)
39 Caron Butler Suns
217 Boris Diaw Spurs (Brian)
41 Kris Humphries Celtics (Mike)
221 Al Jefferson Bobcats
102 Ersan Ilyasova Bucks
203 Francisco Garcia Rockets
94 James Harden Rockets
271 Michael Carter-Williams RC 76ers
66 Luis Scola Pacers
31 Brook Lopez Nets (Billy)
132 J.J. Barea Timberwolves (Mike)
108 Tyson Chandler Knicks (Billy)
177 Chris Andersen Heat (Chad)
185 Chris Paul Clippers (Mike)
72 Shane Battier Heat (Chad)
123 Amar’e Stoudemire Knicks (Billy)
9 Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian)
158 Austin Rivers Pelicans (Chad)
53 Jameer Nelson Magic
26 Jason Richardson 76ers
172 Landry Fields Raptors (Mike)
67 Mike Miller Grizzlies
166 Terrence Ross Raptors (Mike)
6 Spencer Hawes 76ers
150 Will Barton Trail Blazers (Brian)
227 Paul Millsap Hawks
145 Ty Lawson Nuggets – Artists Proof (Unclaimed To Be Randomized)
Action Shots 2 Dwyane Wade Heat (Chad)
Action Shots 9 Brandon Knight Bucks
Hoops Dreams 15 Jimmy Butler Bulls (Mike)
Hoops Dreams 6 Jared Sullinger Celtics (Mike)
Board Members 11 Reggie Evans Nets (Billy)
Board Members 13 Pau Gasol Lakers (Brian)
Class 1995 Action 18 Kevin Garnett Timberwolves (Mike)
Class 1988 Action 25 Mitch Richmond Warriors (Billy)
HOF Heroes 16 Earl Monroe Knicks (Billy)
HOF Heroes 5 Hakeem Olajuwon Rockets
Courtside 16 Paul George Pacers
Courtside 5 Dwyane Wade Heat (Chad)
Spark Plugs 4 Taj Gibson Bulls (Mike)
Spark Plugs 23 Louis Williams Hawks
156 Trevor Booker Wizards Gold Parallel (Kirk)
124 Stephen Curry Warriors Gold Parallel (Billy)
32 Tayshaun Prince Grizzlies Gold Parallel
83 Steve Novak Raptors Gold Parallel (Mike)
173 Greivis Vasquez Kings Gold Parallel
66 Luis Scola Pacers Red Back
31 Brook Lopez Nets Red Back (Billy)
132 J.J. Barea Timberwolves Red Back (Mike)

In this pack we pulled a SECOND Artist's Proof card. They only promise one. The first one was a Rookie so maybe it was a semi-hit.

Pack 10:
46 Goran Dragic Suns
220 D.J. Augustin Raptors (Mike)
218 Gerald Wallace Celtics (Mike)
264 Cody Zeller RC Bobcats
104 Carlos Delfino Bucks
214 Dwight Howard Rockets
96 Markieff Morris Suns
157 Anthony Davis Pelicans (Chad)
257 Randy Foye Nuggets
230 Samuel Dalembert Mavericks (Brian)
137 Kevin Love Timberwolves (Mike)
75 Carlos Boozer Bulls (Mike)
127 Derrick Williams Timberwolves (Mike)
263 Otto Porter RC Wizards (Kirk)
77 Norris Cole Heat (Chad)
187 J.R. Smith Knicks (Billy)
14 Jordan Hill Lakers (Brian)
33 Serge Ibaka Thunder (Billy)
101 C.J. Miles Cavaliers (Chad)
228 Arnett Moultrie 76ers
176 Quincy Acy Raptors (Mike)
191 Tony Allen Grizzlies
169 Rudy Gay Raptors (Mike)
8 Lavoy Allen 76ers
194 Dorell Wright Trail Blazers (Brian)
243 Kyle Korver Hawks
223 Brandon Rush Jazz
110 John Salmons Kings
Authentics 53 Chris Bosh Heat GU all white material (Chad)
Action Shots 21 Jimmy Butler Bulls (Mike)
Action Shots 12 Kobe Bryant Lakers (Brian)
Hoops Dreams 4 Larry Sanders Bucks
Hoops Dreams 23 Damian Lillard Trail Blazers (Brian)
Board Members 8 Tyson Chandler Knicks (Billy)
Board Members 7 Joakim Noah Bulls (Mike)
Class 1997 Action 16 Tim Duncan Spurs (Brian)
Class 2008 Action 5 Derrick Rose Bulls (Mike)
HOF Heroes 14 Oscar Robertson Royals (Kings)
HOF Heroes 10 Wes Unseld Bullets (Wizards) (Kirk)
Courtside 14 Brandon Jennings Pistons
Courtside 10 Rajon Rondo Celtics (Mike)
Spark Plugs 9 Nick Young Lakers (Brian)
Spark Plugs 19 Norris Cole Heat (Chad)
178 Jeff Teague Hawks Gold Parallel
180 Jeremy Evans Jazz Gold Parallel
211 Trevor Ariza Wizards Gold Parallel (Kirk)
143 Eric Gordon Pelicans Gold Parallel (Chad)
145 Alec Burks Jazz Gold Parallel
14 Jordan Hill Lakers Red Back (Brian)
33 Serge Ibaka Thunder Red Back (Billy)
101 C.J. Miles Cavaliers Red Back (Chad)

Phew! The last pack had our last Hit. Congrats to Chad on that Pull. Even though it is just a plain white swatch It is a beautiful card. The recap post for this monster Jumbo box will be coming shortly. Warning it is a big long one tons of pictures. Little writing.

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