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2015 Upper Deck CFL Football Box Break: Part 2

Here is the pack-by-pack play-by-play Box Break of 2015 Upper Deck CFL Football: Part 2.

Box Break: Opened packs starting form bottom left stack working down top to bottom, then to bottom right stack working down top to bottom, then to top left stack working down top to bottom, and finally to top right stack working down top to bottom.

Pack 1: (7 cards including only box HIT)
156 All-Stars Clarence Denmark West Division Blue Bombers
Game Jersey GJ-CK John Chick Roughriders all-green swatch
63 Matt Nichols Eskimos
31 Terrence Toliver Tiger-Cats
43 Jerome Messam Roughriders
24 Jordan Lynch Eskimos
83 Greg Ellingson Reblacks

Pack 2:
138 Jerald Brown Alouettes
White Blank Decoy
51 Devon Bailey Eskimos
94 Pierre Lavertu Stampeders
O-Pee-Chee Retro 33 Ricky Foley Argonauts
56 Samuel Giguere Alouettes
34 Terrell Sinkfield Jr. Tiger-Cats

Pack 3:
Star Rookies: 189 David Beard Eskimos
White Blank Decoy
18 Chad Owens Argonauts
93 Jeff Keeping Argonauts
3 Weston Dressler Roughriders
29 Brandon Banks Tiger-Cats (Redskins NFL)
15 Fred Stamps Alouettes

Pack 4:
103 Trsitan Jackson Roughriders
74 Danny O'Brien Redblacks
52 Chris Williams Redblacks
O-Pee-Chee Retro 46 J.C. Sherritt Eskimos
44 James Rodgers Alouettes
72 Jeremiah Johnson Redblacks

Pack 5:
Star Rookies: 184 Jeff Mathews Tiger-Cats
White Blank Decoy
10 Anthoney Allen Roughriders
42 Kendial Lawrence Eskimos
14 Vidal Hazelton Argonauts
99 Brendon LaBatte Roughriders
46 Rob Bagg Roughriders

Pack 6:
All-Stars 158 Adam Bighill West Division Lions
White Blank Decoy
77 Brett Smith Roughriders
23 Clarence Denmark Blue Bombers
6 Austin Collie Lions
47 Brad Sinopoli Redblacks
92 Chris Van Zeyl Argonauts

Pack 7:
128 John Bowman Alouettes
White Blank Decoy
67 Chad Simpson Eskimos
28 A.C. Leonard Lions
59 Nick Moore Blue Bombers
38 Johnathan Crompton Alouettes
84 Trevor Harris Argonauts

Pack 8:
All-Stars Brandon Banks East Division Tiger-Cats
White Blank Decoy
57 Kenny Stafford Eskimos
91 Tyler Holmes Argonauts
O-Pee-Chee Retro 21 Chris Williams Redblacks
25 Henry Burris Redblacks
36 Jamel Richardson Roughriders

Pack 9:
146 Greg Jones Argonauts
White Blank Decoy
33 John Beck Lions
89 Tiquan Underwood Tiger-Cats
20 Jeff Fuller Stampeders
64 Cody Hoffman Alouettes
53 Darvin Adams Blue Bombers

Pack 10:
Star Rookies: 199 Kevin Elliott Argonauts
White Blank Decoy
82 Tryell Sutton Alouettes
70 Stefan Logan Alouettes
96 Stanley Bryant Blue Bombers
37 Mossis Madu Tiger-Cats
48 Mike Reilly Eskimos

Pack 11:
124 Swayze Waters Argonauts
White Blank Decoy
61 Wallace Miles Eskimos
95 Jeff Perrett Alouettes
O-Pee-Chee Retro 11 Chris Getzlaf Roughriders
39 Manny Arceneaux Lions
68 Darian Durant Roughriders

Pack 12:
All-Stars 174 Swayze Waters East Division Argonauts
White Blank Decoy
80 Curtis Steele Argonauts
12 Nate Coehoorn Eskimos
22 Brandon Whitaker Argonauts
69 Tim Brown Stampeders
13 Travis Lulay Lions

Pack 13:
Star Rookies: 176 Alex Mateas Redblacks
White Blank Decoy
87 Julian Feoli-Gudino Blue Bombers
5 Bo Levi Mitchell Stampeders
O-Pee-Chee Retro 39 Ted Laurent Tiger-Cats
45 Matt Carter Redblacks
71 Paris Cotton Blue Bombers

Pack 14:
119 Kyries Hebert Alouettes
White Blank Decoy
98 Josh Bourke Alouettes
85 James Franklin Eskimos
41 Taj Smith Roughriders
100 Checklist cards 1-100 Zac Collaros Tiger-Cats and Jon Cornish Stampeders
19 Chevon Walker Redblacks

Pack 15:
132 Shea Emry Roughriders
White Blank Decoy
35 Cameron Marshall Blue Bombers
90 Peter Dyakowski Tiger-Cats
54 Ernest Jackson Redblacks
16 Drew Tate Stampeders
27 Andre Durie Argonauts

Pack 16:
114 Keon Raymond Stampeders
White Blank Decoy
Three miscut cards don't know card # (guessed using checklist)
?75? Anthony Parker Stampeders
?62? Rob Cote Stampeders
?9? Brian Brohm Blue Bombers
100 Checklist cards 1-100 Zac Collaros Tiger-Cats and Jon Cornish Stampeders (dupe)
19 Chevon Walker Redblacks

Pack 17:
All-Stars 162 Rob Maver West Division Stampeders
White Blank Decoy
Two Miscut cards
?78? Drew Willy Blue Bombers Miscut card
?32? Anthony Coombs Argonauts Miscut card
O-Pee-Chee Retro 2 Luke Tasker Tiger-Cats
76 Andy Fantuz Tiger-Cats
7 Adarius Bowman Eskimos

Pack 18:
140 Khalil Bass Blue Bombers
White Blank Decoy
55 Maurice Price Redblacks
88 Cory Watson Eskimos
Miscut Card
?1? Ricky Ray Argonauts Miscut card
60 Joe West Stampeders
26 Ryan Smith Roughriders

Pack 19:
Star Rookies: 193 Brendon Morgan Blue Bombers
White Blank Decoy
Two Micut Cards
90 Peter Dyakowski Tiger-Cats miscut card (dupe)
54 Ernest Jackson Redblacks miscut card
O-Pee-Chee Retro 9 Bear Woods Alouettes
99 Brendon LaBatte Roughriders (dupe)
46 Rob Bagg Roughriders

Pack 20:
134 Bryant Turner Jr. Blue Bombers
2 more miscut cards
?65? Nik Lewis Alouettes miscut card
?66? C.J. Gable Tiger-Cats miscut card
O-Pee-Chee Retro 20 Tim O'Neill Tiger-Cats
16 Drew Tate Stampeders
27 Andre Durie Argonauts

Pack 21:
Star Rookies: 187 Brandon Bridge Alouettes
White Blank Decoy
?73? Rory Kohlert Blue Bombers miscut card
?97? Jovan Olafioye Lions miscut card
?81? Eric Rogers Stampeders miscut card no number can't even see first name
45 Matt Carter Redblacks
71 Paris Cotton Blue Bombers

Pack 22:
136 Chip Cox Alouettes
White Blank Decoy
11 S.J. Green Alouettes
40 Shakir Bell Eskimos
Grey Cup Moments: GCM3 Brandon Banks Tiger-Cats
21 Zach Collaros Tiger-Cats
50 Bakari Grant Tiger-Cats

Pack 23:
Star Rookies: 181 Rakeem Cato Alouettes (right bottom corner a bit nicked)
White Blank Decoy
49 Marquay McDaniel Stampeders
2 Jon Cornish Stampeders
O-Pee-Chee Retro 6 Zach Collaros Tiger-Cats
79 Courtney Taylor Lions
8 Luke Tasker Tiger-Cats

Pack 24:
113 J.C. Sherrit Eskimos
White Blank Decoy
58 Shawn Gore Lions
4 Chris Getzlaf Roughriders
17 Andrew Harris Lions
30 Kevin Glenn Roughriders
86 Marco Iannuzzi Lions

23 White Blank Decoys: So one in each pack without a hit.

145 cards (1 extra)
Base: 134: A full set is 200 cards so you need at least 2 boxes to maybe get a full set. Due to the randomness there is no guarantee of that even.
Protrait/Vertical: 120
Landscape/Horizontal: 14
5 All Stars: Average 6 per box
7 Star Rookies: Average 6 per box
10 Duplicates

9 O-Pee-Chee Retro inserts: Average 8 per box.
1 Grey Cup Moments
1 “Hit" Game Jersey: Average is 2 per box but not guaranteed

13 Miscut cards - That is way too many. They fell mostly in the second half of the box 8 in 4 consecutive packs and then later 5 more in 2 consecutive packs.

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  1. Nice that a Brandon Banks collector got 3 of his cards in this, including the Grey Cup Moments one.