Saturday, January 16, 2016

Strive For '65 Status: January 2016

Mid January 2016

I figure if I start doing weekly  more frequent updates for this set build goal it will push me to be more active in pursuing it. It will also remind readers that I am desperately trying to complete this vintage set.

Currently the count sits at 222/598 (224/600) 37.5% The first count being the unique card count and the count in the parentheses is the count with the two variant cards. Checklist cards as it turns out.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from sportlots including some 1965 Topps Baseball. The '65 Topps cards were about half of the order 20some out of 40some. The conditions range from GOOD on up to EX/NM. Hopefully the lower graded ones don't have much writing on them if any. I didn't see any notations of markings. I hate ordering vintage cards blind (especially if I have to get checklists) which is why I was avoiding ordering any from sportlots in the first place. The prices for the '65s ranged from .24¢ to $3.50 with most averaging somewhere between .50¢ to about $1.00 In the batch I knocked out a few of the team cards. Still need a few teams like The Reds and Yankees.

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  1. Best set of the 60's in my opinion!

    Apparently a lot of bloggers agree...