Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trading Thursday: Experiment Number One

Experiment Number One

I'm going to try to have a semi-regular installment of "Trading Thursday" where I post some cards I have available for trade/sale and sometimes just plain giveaway. I sort of started it last week with my listing of the CFL cards I need to offload. This is still sort of an experiment. All cards listed will be for trade and/or sale. All sale prices will be the delivered price I won't bother with pesky shipping charges.

I usually like trading one-for-one for the same sport but will trade for other sports on my want/needs lists. When dealing with Hits it is 1 hit-for-1 hit, or if one trader isn't trading a hit it is at least 2 base and/or inserts-for-1 hit.

Here is what I am putting up right now:

HOCKEY:  For Hockey Nut PuckHeads
Prefer trading for Capitals base,inserts or autos. NO Relics or Game/Event Used.

2006 Flair Showcase Stitches:
 Radek Bonk Canadiens GU all red
 Trade for Capitals
or Sale: $5.00

 2006 Flair Showcase Stitches:
Tony Amonte Flames GU all-white
  Trade for Capitals
or Sale: $5.00

2011 Topps Marquee Baseball: Monumental Markings
MM-APA Angel Pagan Mets Auto on-card  blue sharpie
# 168/570
 SALE ONLY: $10 or best offer

Previous Offerings
Previous posts/offers are listed here.
CFL Trading: 9 team lots + 1 lot of misprint cards averaging 11 cards per lot. At time of posting all team lots are available for trade or $5.00 per lot.

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