Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trading Thursday: End Of January

End of January 2016

Not sure what will pop up this week. I do plan on updating old posts when cards get traded away or sold, or just plain gone from my collection. So far this experiment isn't getting any offers. I probably haven't shown anything that interests my two or three regular readers. I noticed I have lost some followers in recent days first it was down from 102 to 100 now it is down to 99. UGH! What did I do wrong?

I didn't press myself too much this past week or even last night (Wednesday) to get this done. So this installment isn't exciting at all. It will also not be linked as a "Previous Offerings" at the bottom. I still need to get into the habit of doing these I guess.

This Week's Offerings:
Yeah that says what it means.

I didn't grab anything specific, I still have a bit of brain freeze from the Blizzard of 2016. I didn't scan any tradebate so there is no specially featured cards for this one. I do have a bunch of Football and Basketball I could make some more recent team lots of, and I suppose I could also do some Hockey or Baseball team lots.

Previous Offerings
Previous posts/offers are listed here.

Experiment Number One: All 3 cards still available
CFL Trading: All lots still available

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