Thursday, December 31, 2020

Niche PC 002: Playing The Name Game Football Style

Niche PC 002: Playing The Name Game Football Style
Kurt Warner
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Every once in a while I will pick up cards for the oddball section of my PC. Specifically the Niche section of the collection. I have already briefly mentioned the categories of my Niches. Should I continue with this series, as I hope I will, the Niche Collections link above gives the general briefing of my Niche categories. The "Last Niche PC Post" link will be a link to the previous "episode" post of the series.

So for this semi quick and dirty end of the year post a few days ago I decided to go with showing off a small lot of cards I got from Sportlots of one of my longtime PC football players that happens to also be a Name Niche player plus a few other cards I had of him. Even before I decided to go with the Name Niche hunting/sourcing I collected this player because he played on a fave team and also because he had an excellent career.

As the subtitle says the featured player is Kurt Warner a Quarterback who had a fantastic career in the NFL. Kurt was originally drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1994 but was released before the season began he was competing with Bret Favre, Mark Brunell, and Ty Detmer. The Next year he got his pro football career started in the Arena Football League with the Iowa Barnstormers. In Dec 1997 he signed a futures contract with the St. Louis Rams and for the 1998 season played for the NFL Europe team Amsterdam Admirals and spent the regular NFL 1998 season as the Rams 3rd String QB.

OK enough back story here are some Warner cards to show:

Now here are a few in more detail:

2012 Topps Quarterback Immortals QI-KW Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

2001 Fleer Authority Football 53 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

2001 Upper Deck Victory 280 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

2001 Fleer Tradition 67 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

2001 Topps Stadium Club 60 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

2001 Topps133 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

2001 Upper Deck Vintage 139 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

2000 Topps Season Opener 176 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams

So there we have it. Oh wait The St. Louis Rams had another QB named Kirk actually Kirk this time not just the close Kurt. So here is one of the cards I have of the other Kirk Ram QB Kirk Farmer:

2003 Bowman Football 228 Kirk Farmer St. Louis Rams

Schwoooh that took some time to do with the new way to add photos to posts. Hard to do multiple photos in any sort of order or when uploading. They don't do the same thing where your uploading from the computer holds some of the photos you haven't added to the posts yet.


  1. Kirk Farmer must not have made much of an impact, because I don't remember him at all!

  2. I'll keep you in mind when I stumble across Kirk, Kurt, Curt, Curtis, Kirkpatrick, Kirkland cards from this point moving forward. Happy New Year's Kirk!