Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chronicles of Fuji Contest Cut Plug

I don't normally plug other blogger's contests in part because there are usually too many floating around the Blogverse and in part because it isn't my contest, however, here is a pretty cool contest that I am entering/will have entered. Blogger Fuji of The Chronicles of Fuji is having his 3rd Annual Chronicles of Fuji Contest. The prize packages are totally awesome and include: a 15 card lot of some Kellogg's 3-D cards, 1993 Donruss HOF Heroes Set, 2012 Wax Eye Cereal Killers series 1 set, some graded football cards (OK so that one isn't as awesome in my book), and a card lot that includes some promo cards and Japanese Kitty Cards those maybe weird but the look pretty cool don't cha think?

OK so contest entrants have to work for the prize packages by following some directions and answering questions and maybe some other stuff, but I think it will be worth it or at the very least down right fun.

I'm not sure which of the prize packages I like the most. I like most of them. The graded cards I'm not a huge fan of but the other stuff looks super awesome.

So check it out and enter The Chronicles of Fuji Third Annual Contest


  1. Thanks for the plug! Not a fan of the graded cards either... sort of figured they'd be the prize nobody wants. As for the kitty cards... looks like they're the popular item at the moment.

    Best of luck & let the games begin!