Friday, June 14, 2013

Dualing Hall Of Famers

This is one of these just because posts. I really need to start doing this sort of post more often especially on my other blog Curly W Cards since that one I have made fewer posts on than on here.

In 2008 Upper Deck made a very cool set of cards Baseball Heroes. It is a nice set and I like it but there are a zillion and one parallel cards. What else is new in card collecting pains?

Anyway here is a card from that set of one of my fave all-time players Cal Ripken Jr. Orioles with his Hall of Fame Classmate Tony Gwynn Padres. Both players are now oddities in the sports world for playing solely on one team their entire careers. I think I have a few duplicates of this card. I forget if I have any of the different color parallels to it.

 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 180 Call Ripken Jr. Orioles and Tony Gwynn Padres
(Front And Back)


  1. I have pcs of both guys. I wouldn't know where to put it if I had one.

  2. Love that Cal and Tony went in together, both classy guys. I think I'm starting to accumulate more post-career cards of Cal than I have from his playing days.

  3. I love that Baseball Heroes set. It was one of the first sets I completed when I re-joined the hobby after college.

  4. that's a problem with more than a few sets today, way too many parallels to chase down...