Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sports Card Album Website

I recently discovered a collection tracking, maintaining website (via one of the card forums I frequent TCZ) called appropriately enough Sports Card Album. Actually now that I'm using it and when I saw the logo, I seem to recall a few months back seeing announcements of its coming and being in beta status. It has officially launched now, I joined up a few days after the big start-up apparently.

It's main purpose to be a way to add your cards simply and quickly online via your mobile device so it has a vertical scrolling format, which can sometimes be a bit bothersome on PC. Since it has barely been a day since I've signed up and started working with it I am still getting familiar with most of the functions. The search or limited ability to search is a little irksome, that and it appears that you can't really organized your cards the way you want to. They appear to be only in the order that you entered them, newest on top.

If you follow friends or other members on the site the default searching just shows their collections and yours, not any others. You have to go back to "all cards" to see other peoples stuff. Searching seems to be limited to player, I haven't really tried any other ways of searching.

They do have some links to some of the social media things like Twitter (they seem to be big on that, I'm not real big on Twitter), Facebook, You-Tube and Ebay but they don't have a link to Zistle yet.