Monday, October 28, 2013

Nachos Grande Blogger Bracket Challenge: Round 1

And so it begins... ROUND 1 of the Nachos Grande Blogger Bracket Challenge in 3-D. Now the chips (Nacho of course) are for real, the tough get tougher and the rest fall by the wayside. Eliminations are now real and I am in one of those three person brackets which means the one with the highest score moves on and the other two fall to their doom. To my left is Backstop Cards to my right is gcrl OH Great that's it I'm doomed these guys are pros (like about 90% of the competition). Oh well Its been fun. Vote for me just in case UMK?

OK now on to the C prompt:
NO NO not the "C" Prompt, the "Card" Prompt (this one):
Subject: Craig Paquette (pronounced Paw-Ket) MLB Outfielder, 1st and 3rd baseman - 10 year career 5 different teams. Seen here with his second team the Kansas City Royals. But wait this is no ordinary action shot. It appears to be some sort of pregame shirt test during batting practice shot. A jersey resilience test? A screen test for a new deodorant?

Craig's jersey/shirt looks to be some kind of mesh jersey not your ordinary polyester or cotton blend. Kevlar maybe? Is that dirt? Or is it a new fingerprint type pattern? No we'll go with the mesh theory. Look there is one hand tugging at his left sleeve. Is it his own or some awestruck fan wanting to get a piece of their favorite player? I hope it isn't a zombie, but since we know Craig played some six years and three teams after this photo session it isn't a zombie hand. Then there is the right hand coming in for a firm handshake, or maybe it is the second shirt inspector from Nike, or Under Armour? Or ANOTHER ZOMBIE? NO we ruled out the zombie theory since Craig survived this encounter. Besides zombies don't often wear watches and if they do it wouldn't be shiny anymore, unless it was recently turned. That is a debate for another post some other time some other blog. What is with all this zombie stuff?

Geez for cryin' out loud would somebody get rid of that zombie conspiracy theorist? There are NO ZOMBIES IN BASEBALL!
UM OK maybe there are a few, or were.

Ah found the back of the secret shirt test card:
On the back of the card Craig is seen at bat in his road grays so I guess we can safely say that the whole invincible mesh jersey test was a wash. Oh well I guess it was just the final game of the season and the  "Take the jersey off the players back" day. Craig you are supposed to wait till the game is over to give it away and then sign it, maybe.

Now about this Zombie thing...


  1. Zombies!

    PS: I have a brand new stack of cards that I added to all year long for my next Blogger Bracket Challenge...I'm thinking I might start that back up once my group break is complete.

  2. that's a very COOL baseball Zombie!! Apparently, "There's no DYING in baseball." either!