Monday, April 21, 2014

Strive For 65: Killer In Da House!

The latest card in the Strive For '65 Set build. Fished from The Bay on one bid for just $5.95 + $2.00 shipping card #400 Harmon "Killer" Killebrew Twins. I thought this would be one of the cards I would have to spend BIG bucks on. Fortunately I managed to find one of the lower priced ones in very good condition so what is there is some off-centering and a small stain of some kind. About 10 years ago I would probably have passed on this one for either of those two reasons. I also would have passed on it if the price were $10 or more with those flaws. Recent prices range from a one bid $1.75 (+$2.32 shipping) to a graded version that went for $125 (didn't check the shipping rate on that one)

1965 Topps Baseball 400 Harmon Killebrew Twins
(Front and Back)

That brings the set build total up one to 162/599 (27.1%). This card fills one more slot in a page bringing that page total up to 2/9. Sadly I don't have a "joy of a complete page" yet on this set. The closest I have is a page with 7/9 those two cards I have in my cart over at sportlots with a bunch of other cards, only a few of which are '65s though. So far I have been playing small ball on this set, I need a couple of grand slams to reach my ultimate goal of having the set complete by Next April.


  1. Collecting vintage without being super picky about condition is a much better (and more cost efficient) way to go for sure. My modest collection of pre-1900 original Allen & Ginter cards has cards in terrible condition but I still love them.

  2. Most underrated Homerun hitter ever.

  3. Love dem Twins, specially Killer!!