Saturday, June 21, 2014

Purge Giveaway Basketball Edition

Basketball Card Purge Giveaway
Want cards from your favorite NBA team?

I think every collector at some point has to thin out the herd at least once, and purge Purge PURGE! Well I need to get rid of a bunch of Basketball trade fodder. So I am giving away team lots except for the Washington Wizards/Bullets my Homie team I collect.

The number of cards in each lot will vary. Some teams may only have 5 or 6 cards others 50 cards or more. Most of the players are the common guys, some of the teams may have one of their superstars. Some will not have any stars just the Joe Commons.

To claim a team lot just name your team in a comment to this post. Lots will go first come first serve.

Available Teams: (as of 20 June 2014)
Atlanta Hawks
Boston Celtics
Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats/Hornets
Chicago Bulls
Cleveland Cavaliers
Dallas Mavericks
Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers
LA Clippers
LA Lakers
Vancouver/Memphis Grizzlies
Miami Heat
Milwaukee Bucks
Minnesota Timberwolves
New Jersey Nets
New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans
New York Knicks
Oklahoma City Thunder
Orlando Magic
Philadelphia Sixers
Phoenix Suns
Portland Trail Blazers
Sacramento Kings
San Antonio Spurs
Seattle SuperSonics
Toronto Raptors
Utah Jazz
Washington Wizards

You may also sign up for my new Team Lot Mailing List that I posted about yesterday. Sign-Up form is on right hand side-bar. That is a similar yet separate project, but I will combine requests from both to jump-start things. I came up with this purging idea for the basketball before I came up with the mailing list idea. Oh I should have mentioned yesterday to expect duplicates. Well I've mentioned it now, but I will try to avoid "Bipping" anyone.

I'm hoping I won't get too overwhelmed by requests. I don't want to be constantly shipping out packages. I also hope I don't have to start spending random tons of money on random tons of cards to fill packages.

If successful I will try to keep the mailing list idea open full time. If it bombs well then I'll have to find another way to purge my duplicates and unwanted (by me anyway) Non-PC cards.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll mark you down for them. Please email me your mailing address to klandersen at yahoo dot com

  2. Please add Knicks to my list of teams I sent over yesterday if I hadn't already. Thanks!

  3. Cleveland Cavaliers please.

    1. cabz05,
      If you haven't already please send your mailing address to my email klandersen at yahoo dot com

  4. I would like to claim the Chicago Bulls. I'll put my addy on the team lot mailing list message. Thanks!

  5. I submitted my information and teams through your mailing list, but I would like the Phoenix Suns. Also, if nobody requested the Sonics can I have the Seattle Sonics too? (No OKC)

  6. Howdy, found you via trading card db. Been an Atlanta Hawks fan since Dominique, so if you still have any lying around they will have a good home. I think it's awesome that you're doing this. Cheers, Matt.

  7. It feels good to both A) whittle down unwanted cards in your collection and B) make others happy with cards they want. I guess one man's trash is another man's treasure! PS: No basketball cards for me please, I have enough collections going!

  8. No thanks, I'm good... don't need no Pumpkin Pushers!!