Thursday, October 16, 2014

5th Blogiversary Contest!

Hey how did this happen? Today Marks the 5th Blogiversary of this Blog. Yay Me! In honor of this milestone I think I should have a contest. So I'll borrow a "Play At The Plate" from Brian's playbook. So this contest will require a little work to win on your part and on mine (I have to remember how I'm scoring the dang thing and for what). I know I usually don't ask for much but in this case it is the concept not me. I hope I haven't gotten in over my head on this thing.

Beginning with this post until the end of the contest at 4 PM (Eastern) on Friday the 24th, you will get one entry point for commenting on any post I've written on this blog. Only one comment per post will get points and try to make the comment relevant to the post subject. If you have previously commented on a post you can make a new comment, but only the new one will count toward the contest. The person who gets the most points, from comments, primping, following etc.. wins. Simple at least I hope so.

Since it is my 5th Blogiversary I will randomly pick 4 runner-ups who will receive cards from their favorite teams, and maybe some bonus stuff.

How to Enter and gain points:
  • The first part and first point is easy just comment on this post for your entry and first point. If you don't comment on this post you will not be entered in the contest. It will be easier for me to keep track of people who entered that way.
  • Become a follower. You will get one point for becoming a follower if you aren't already. If you are already a follower then you will get two points since you were already following. Loyalty sometimes pays off in the blogiverse.
  • PIMP this contest on your blog and you get 5 bonus points. Make sure you include the link to your pimp I will check them out. No link = no points. Your link can be a second comment to this post, it doesn't get extra comments points, just the Pimpage Points.
  • Send me some cards from my wants or needs lists (here and on Zistle) especially 1965 Topps Baseball to help with my "Strive for '65" goal. You can also send cards that you think I might be interested in I do also collect some Non-Sport stuff. Number of points TBD. 1965 Topps Baseball cards will score more points. To qualify for contest points a list of cards being sent needs to be sent to me before the deadline on the 24th. Try to get the cards sent to me sometime before the end of the year.
Sometime later I will make a Bonus Post for an opportunity or two for even more points.
The Prize(s):
  • An unopened box of something. possibly several boxes
  • A hanging rack-pack of 1989 Bowman Baseball - 38 count

In addition to that stuff I will try to cater the prize package to include cards of at least one of your favorite teams from the Top four American Sports (Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball).

Good Luck and let the contest comment cascade commence.

Oh it doesn't matter where you live. I can ship outside the US if need be. It will cost me more and take a little longer but it is possible just don't expect to get it before the Winter Holidays. Winners in the US I can include package tracking info.

Any questions about the contest or verification on a confusing issue regarding the contest please email me at klandersen at yahoo dot com


  1. Very cool. Already a follower. Thanks for the contest!

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    1. And I have also pimped your contest - it will be on my post that is going live at 6:00 PM EST today.

  3. I'm in and you've been pimped

  4. Cool contest, and congrats! Already following.

  5. i'm in, following and you have been pimped

  6. Nice contest. Now following.!
    Pimped at:

  7. I am in! I am a follower already. I will pimp the contest shortly.


  8. In and already a follower. Thanks!

  9. Congrats on the 5 years, way to go! I am already a follower.

  10. Let the commenting commence!!

    and, BTW, Happy Blogoversary!!

  11. Happy anniversary. Hope to read some more!

  12. Congrats and thanks for the plug! I hope you have as much fun with your contest as I did with mine!

  13. I saw your comment on my blog but only could comment here now. Lets see if I get this right.
    And congrats for the 5 years of blogging. That's is something to cheer!

  14. I'm in. I'm surprised I was not a follower before...I am now!

  15. Congrats on 5 years as a blogger Kirk. Love reading the blog. Keep up the fantastic work.