Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Washington Wednesday: Have A Coke And A Smile

Have A Coke And A Smile
1981 Topps Coca-Cola Washington Redskins Team Set

Mid to Late January I ordered some small sets from from Larry Fritsch Cards. Included in the order was a set I have been wanting for a while. I think I already had a card or two from this set but it is always nice to have the full thing. For 20 bucks I got the 12 card set of the 1981 Topps Coca-Cola Washington Redskins Team Set. The set consists of 11 player cards and a set title card.

No Number Set Header Title Card
1 Coy Bacon
2 Wilbur Jackson
3 Karl Lorch
4 Rich Milot
5 Art Monk
6 Mark Moseley
7 Mike Nelms
8 Lemar Parrish
9 Joe Theismann
10 Ricky Thomson
11 Joe Washington
 The back of the Art Monk card is not miscut. I just had that card too far over to the edge of my scanner and didn't notice until I was cropping the images. I didn't want to rescan it.


  1. A. Topps & Coke need to get together and produce oddball team sets again.
    B. Coy Bacon is a sweet name.
    C. Picked up this set a few years ago for specifically the Art Monk rookie.

    1. A. I agree. Even if they just did a small "all-star" set. Yeah I know the NFL calls them "ALL-PRO" or at Topps used to call them that.

      C. I'm pretty sure the Monk was the one or one of the two maybe of this set I already had. Not sure of that card's current location in my card hoard.