Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Secret Santa 2017: Walked The Plank? NO He Homered!

HO HO HO. It's Cardsmas in January? February? Well not really but it is now that I am posting my Ill-Gotten Holiday Pirate Booty from last year's Card Exchange Apocalypse. As many of you bloggers out there know Matt from "Bob Walk The Plank" hosted a Blogger's Secret Santa Gift Exchange for the 2017 Holiday Season. Think a White Elephant Yankee Gift Exchange on PEDs or more accurately ON 2.5" x 3.5" pieces of Cardboard, and memorabilia sometimes smaller sometimes larger. Mostly sports related sometimes not.

I was a little hesitant about signing up because I am still delinquent on some cardboard trades in the trading card universe from several years ago now. A few I have made up some I have not. I have to remind myself of that occasionally in the hopes I'll speed up my recovery efforts.

I "blogged" about my Secret Santa Mail Day at my usual spots on TCC and TCZ. Those are mostly just listings of what I got with some detail, but rarely any pics. The true blogging with pics happens here. This post has extra Holiday Fat Pics.

On Saturday 23 Dec 2017 I  received my Blogger Secret Santa package to me on the same day I sent my Secret Santa package out to Greg. The small package came from Tim B. of "I love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning" blog.

He hit a multi-run Homer I'd say it was a 3 runner. Total of 38 cards at least one from each of the 4US sports food groups some PC snacks and niche noschs.

BASEBALL: 27 cards the bulk of the package 1 or 2 dupes 3 at the very most.

2008 Donruss Threads Baseball: 50 Frank Howard Washington (dupe) No problem it's Hondo one of my fave Washington Senators of All-Time.
2012 Bowman Chrome Baseball: 61 Gio Gonzalez Nationals (possible dupe)
2014 Bowman Baseball: 55 Ian Desmond Nationals Blue Parallel 074/500
2015 Topps Chrome Baseball: 56 Ian Desmond Nationals
2015 Topps Baseball: National League: NL-9 Bryce Harper Nationals
2015 Topps Baseball: First Pitch: FP-22 Lars Ulrich Musician Giants - I love the First Pitch cards. I need to double check which ones I still need to get.
2015 Topps Baseball Update: Gold Parallel: US300 Max Scherzer Nationals AS Game 1064/2015
2016 Panini Black Friday Baseball: 19 Stephen Strasburg Washington - Wow this is one of the best Non-licensed Panini Baseball cards I've seen in a while. Almost looks like a licensed card. In fact I thought it was one at first glance then I saw it was Panini and just said "Washington".
2016 Topps Baseball: Purple Parallel: 342 Jayson Werth Nationals
2016 Topps Baseball: New Era?: 1 Bryce Harper Nationals
2016 Topps Baseball: First Pitch:
FP-1 Jeff Bauman Boston Bombing Survivor Red Sox
FP-2 Jake Gyllenhaal Actor Red Sox (cameo of Jeff Bauman)
FP-4 Brady Kahle Red Sox - Kid who sold baseball card collection to help pay for his friends brain cancer treatment. Cameo of Wally The Green Monster.
FP-5 Keith Urban Musician Dodgers
FP-7 Chance The Rapper Hip-Hop "artist" White Sox
FP-9 Craig Sager Reporter Cubs
FP-10 Jojo Fletcher Bachelorette (reality personality) Dodgers
FP-12 Tom Watson Golfer Royals
FP-6 Aubrey Plaza Actress Dodgers - Love her Mostly just seen her in commercials. At times she reminds me of Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13Stitchers)
Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan in Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 15 "Instinct"
2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball: Mascots:
M-4 Wally The Green Monster Red Sox
M-13 Dinger Rockies
M-20 Fredbird Cardinals
Mascots are one of my niche PCs as is evident from my Mascot Monday series of posts.
2016 Topps Baseball: Spring Fever: SF-29 Bryce Harper Nationals
2017 Topps Stadium Club Baseball: Scoreless Streak: SS-SS Stephen Strasburg Nationals
2017 Topps Baseball: Refractor? 212 Tanner Roark Nationals
2017 Topps Baseball: Gold: 327 Danny Espinosa Nationals 1501/2017
2015 Topps Archives Baseball: WF-8 Will Ferrell Giants

BASKETBALL: 5 cards 1 sticker no dupes that I know of.

2013-14 Panini Basketball Stickers: 154 Bradley Beal Wizards
2003-04 Fleer Ultra Basketball:
33 Juan Dixon Wizards
130 Jared Jeffries Wizards
Gold Medallion: 130 Jared Jeffries Wizards die-cut curved corner
2002-03 Fleer Genuine Basketball: Names of the Game: NG 7 of 15 Michael Jordan Wizards
2001-02 Topps Basketball: Top Tandems: TT6 Michael Jordan and Richard Hamilton Wizards

FOOTBALL: 1 card not a dupe.

1971 Topps Football: Game Insert: 7 O.J. Simpson Bills

HOCKEY: 4 cards 3 possible dupes.

1993 Classic Games 4 Sport Collection: 253 Manon Rheaume Atlanta Knights
1993 Classic Games Pro Hockey Prospects: The possible dupes.
1 Manon Rheaume
2 Manon Rheaume
100 Manon Rheume
Manon Rheume one of my PC Players and sort of a niche PC as well.

So yeah this post barely makes it into the end of January to preserve my bare minimum one post a month quota.


  1. That was a great Secret Santa package! Tim put together a really nice mixture. As much as I hate to say it, the O.J. game card is probably my favorite of the bunch.

  2. So much great stuff. Love the mascots and the Ferrell... and of course the Rheaumes.