Wednesday, July 31, 2019

COTW: Michelle Wie RC

2014 Upper Deck SP Game Used Golf: R59 Michelle Wie

In this episode of Card Of The Whenever I go to a sport that I am not an avid fan of - Golf. The only thing about golf that I really like or enjoy about the sport is Mini Golf. Even that I haven't done in years and years. Partly because my area doesn't have any Putt-Putt mini golf courses anymore.

Back to the card. I don't recall where I got this one or for how much. I know it wouldn't be for too much. I think I got it solely because the player Michelle Wie is a golf babe. That being said this particular card doesn't show off her sexuality.

On The Trading Card Database it was hard to find this card because it is in some sort of Rookie Cards insert set called "Retro Rookies". Oh and it is marked as being a 2014 set. At the time I was looking for it on TCDB I had no idea the set had inserts let alone that it was released the year after the copyright date on the card. I'm fairly sure the set is one of those where the base cards like this one were intended to be sent to the golfers to get autographed.

Anyway here is the card for this month's quick and dirty get it posted before the month ends end of the month post.

 2014 Upper Deck: SP Game Used Golf: R59 Michelle Wie


  1. That's a cool image of Wie blasting out of a sand trap. The hype that surrounded her when she was just a teenager was impossible to live up to. Can't imagine how that may have affected her over the years. She's still won a few tournaments, though, including a major.

  2. I didn't start golfing until I was into my 30's. But I'm glad I started. It's a great way to relax with buddies. I don't do it as often as I like though. As for Wie... I totally remember the hype. I saw a photo of her in recent years. She's gorgeous!

  3. She's only 29 but she's really been fighting injuries the last couple of years. I hope she can get back on the tour next season but I wonder if she's ever going to be a front line player again.