Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Allen & Ginter 2010 Some packs from Target

I went to my Target and got 5 packs of Allen & Ginter 2010 and one Rack Pack of 2010 A&G. I also got one of those Extreme Value box packages from The Fairfield Company This one was the $9.99 version that had 4 packs (2007 Goudey, 2007 Upper Deck Series Two, 2007 Fleer Ultra, and 2004 UD Power UP) & 100 cards + Bonus. Well the Bonus turned out to be another pack (2004 MLB Showdown Card Game). I like the thrill of the hunt from these card boxes but I hate that they super glue the packs to the cardboard supports in the box. It makes it difficult to take the packs off the cardboard frame without bending or tearing the cards within to Hades, or you have to cut the packs which I haven't done but am thinking about doing next time. But this is not about that box this is about the 2010 ALLEN & GINTER packs I got. Since these are the retail packs of A&G there are 6 cards per pack (4 base, 1 mini and 1 "This Day In History" card), the Rack Pack is a 12 card pack.

First the five packs of 6 cards in the order the cards were pulled (front of pack to back)

Pack 1:
159 Denard Span Twins
175 Tim Lincecum Giants
133 Nelson Cruz Rangers
85 Andrew Bailey Athletics
Mini WB7 Worlds Biggest... Hot Desert...Sahara

This Day In History Card: TDH35 Josh Johnson Marlins - Explorer 1 first American Satellite launched.

Pack 2:
264 Captain Nemo Submariner (Fictional character)
106 Dustin Pedroia Red Sox
58 Colby Rasmus Cardinals
322 Gary Matthews Mets

Mini 275 Clayton Kershaw Dodgers black border

ToDay in History card: TDH42 Jorge Posada Yankees - Robert Fultons Steamboat begins first voyage.

Pack 3:
80 Will Venable Padres
41 Daniel Hudson White Sox
218 Todd Helton Rockies
334 Brett Myers

Mini: NA48 National Animals Dalmatain Croatia

Today In History: TDH22 Grady Sizemore Indians - Formal Signing of US Declaration of Independence

Thin Plain white Retail security anti-theft card.

Pack 4:
105 Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomer
160 Derrek Lee Cubs
186 Jose Reyes Mets (thorn in NATS Side)
304 Carlos Pena Rays

Mini 288 Bobby Jenks White Sox black border

Checklist four of four

TDH13 Adam Dunn Nationals (formerly there of now a White Sox) - Pilgrims on Mayflower spot land.

Pack 5 last pack:

192 Tom Knapp Target Shooting World Record Holder
213 Mark Reynolds D'Backs
278 Jeff Francoeur Mets
318 Carlos Gonzalez Rockies

Mini 317 Alex Rios White Sox A&G Back

TDH26 Francisco Rodriguez Mets - Galileo observes 3 of Jupiter's Moons for the first time.

Another rare anti-theft blank.

BONUS: 12 card Rack Pack:

Bottom half first:

3 Ryan Braun Brewers
220 Manny Ramirez Dodgers
307 Akinori Iwamura Pirates

Mini 145 Jim Thome Twins A&G Back

TDH67 Josh Beckett Red Sox - Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form The National Woman's Suffrage Association

not one but two security blanks


272 David Blaine - Holder of various world records
131 Tyler Flowers White Sox RC
299 Robinson Cano Yankees
166 Chris Tillman Orioles
101 Mark Buehrle White Sox
2 Everth Cabrera Padres
7 Ryan Howard Phillies

I was going to wait until I could post pics from A&G but I have been lazy with scanning.

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  1. Those security blanks were to ensure no one stole the #7 Ryan Howard card... some valuable stuff right there!!