Thursday, May 19, 2011

I really need to blog here more.

Back in March. I had received a package from TCC member Josh who goes by the handle jwman92 he is a super collector of NFL player Brian Leonard. There is a "giveaway" thread called The Chain there which in a nut shell there is a package of cards going around the people who signed up to be in "the chain". The package has a grouping of cards with each one representing some kind of card (GU, Auto, Insert, serial numbered parallel etc...). When someone receives the package they choose one card from the batch and replace it with a card that is similar and then send the package to the next person "link" in the chain. When it came to my turn I had a time deciding what to take so here is my decision process for The Chain. It also shows what I put into the chain. Anyway this is the card I chose from that package:

2005 Playoff Contenders
RN-2 Jason Campbell and Carlos Rogers Dual Auto.
As a bonus Josh included this card since he knows I like the Rams and collect Kurt Warner.

2000 Fleer E-X #54 Kurt Warner Rams
I'm not big on graded cards for their being so pricey, especially if you pay to get them graded. After they have been graded they are still pretty expensive. My biggest beef with them I guess is you have to store them separate from the rest of your collection. If you want to store them in boxes you need to get the slightly larger/taller ones that are designed to also handle graded cards. I also don't like the "entombed" feeling they give off. When I first saw them I thought from a preservation perspective they are cool, but then that "How do you store them?" question comes up. OK you either display them in some way or you put them in a box that is designed to hold them. I've got way too many cards to have all of them graded, plus for newer cards it is pretty ridiculous to have them graded for preservation since the cost of grading them is more than what they are worth. At one time I said to myself I would never own one, I also said that about game used cards, but I have a few of those. When you are involved with other collectors you tend to be given some stuff you don't really want. So I have learned to accept a few things I can't change.


  1. Wow, there's a Brian Leonard super-collector?

    I interviewed Leonard when he was in high school. Doesn't seem like someone who would draw a super-collector.

  2. Yep Leonard has at least one Super Collector. Don't know if there are others lurking out there somewhere. I guess so long as a player gets put on several different cards each year there can be a super collector for them. In this case I think Josh mainly chose him because he follows Rutgers and wanted to collect a Rutgers Alum.

  3. I can honestly say that the only cards I'd never keep in my collection would be any from Vick (may actually destroy them!) and John Rocker has also now joined that list thanks to his short lived playing on Survivor!