Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Death Card

I know this was a long while ago, I am trying to tidy up my collection and finally get to scanning some cards that first piled up by my computer then I had to move to a box or a shelf to clear my computer area. Anyway way back on 05 July 2011 of last year, I purchased a Non-Sport signature card from a fellow member at the TCC forums (I forget who now or how much I think it was either $10 or $12 and I'm too lazy to check old correspondence if it still exists).

2011 Family Guy Season 2 - A8 Adam Carolla Auto card

From Inkworks Family Guy Authentic Signatures Adam Carolla (Voice of Death) signed with a black sharpie (Of course in black he's Death.) I think the back of the card is cooler looking.

Family Guy Adam Carolla "Voice of Death" Auto Card (back)

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