Monday, October 29, 2012

Mascot Monday: Mr. Met


Charles M. Shultz cartoonist of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang had his blockheads and MLB has it's Ball Heads. Although New York's Mr. Met might not be the very first Ball Head in the league he seems to be the most popular Ball Headed baseball mascot (and recently voted favorite mascot of all sports) He is often in contention with The Phillie Phanatic as the most popular mascot of the entire league. Making his "physical" debut in 1964, Mr. Met was actually introduced in cartoon form in 1963 on game program covers, the team's uniform, and scorecards. Other "Ball Head" mascots that Mr. Met looks suspiciously similar to are; The Cincinnati Reds original Mr. Redlegs, the more recent Mr. Red, the current incarnation of The Braves mascot Homer The Brave as well as countless Minor League mascots.*

Mr. Met had a hiatus from around the mid 1970s before the boom of Mascots to 1994 when he was revived.

The card I picked for this installment of Mascot Monday is from Upper Deck manufactured in 2006 as part of a three card mini set aimed at Kids. The three mascots chosen to represent for this set are Mr. Met, The Phillie Phanatic and Wally the Green Monster (Red Sox). I will post about this set sometime later. Apparently it was for some kind of giveaway or Contest. Each card has a contest/prize code on the back to be enter on the special contest website. UGH really hate all this Website code stuff.

 2006 Upper Deck Collect The Mascots - MLB-3 Mr. Met Mets
(Front and Back)

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* I recently made some Ebay purchases for a boat load of Minor League Mascot cards so I will have plenty of fodder for future Mascot Monday posts.

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  1. now I've got to say, even though he's a Met, and that's not the main reason, I just don't care much for the ball head mascots!! don't know if it's the lack of creativity, the fact that there's more than one of them, or what, he's just my least favorite mascot.