Monday, April 29, 2013

Mascot Monday: Bubba Grape

Jamestown Jammers 2006 - Present

This month for Mascot Monday since I've been in a bit of a funk and need a little bit of a rally monkey, we will get our Grapes on with Bubba Grape "The Baseball Ape" of the Class A Minor League Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate The Jamestown Jammers. Reminds be a little of Grape Ape the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Ape, but not exactly and that is a different purple banana. Bubba was born on 19 June 2006. He was named as part of a fan naming contest and the winner charmed the judges with a poem. Visit the team's official page for info on them and go to the page about Bubba to read the poem.

On to the Card:
 2007 Falcon Printing and Design Jamestown Jammers - 06 Bubba Grape Mascot
(Front and Back)

Not sure if this is Bubba's Rookie Card or not, might be, who really knows with Minor League Teams?
I am always on the lookout for Mascot cards. I also accept Mascot Postcards and team issued promo cards/photos of mascots.

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  1. I have some mascot cards from Rockey the Redbird (memphis AAA) if you want a few

    not sure what years until I pull them but have a few extras

  2. please reply with your address, or you can send it via email to mzentko at ya

    I would mail this weekend, but probably best if I wait a week since I have a virus now...I would not mind sharing cards, but I am sure you don't want me to share the virus!

    thanks, markz

  3. yeah, I guess Grape Ape is already taken...